Ipod Touch – Making Your Child’s Ipod Touch Safer To Use

If your child has an Ipod Touch, you may want to know how to keep it as safe as possible by preventing your child from accessing inappropriate content. If the Ipod Touch can connect to a wifi connection, it can access anything on the web – unless you activate restrictions which are available on the device itself.

Thankfully, Apple makes it nice and easy by offering parental controls and restrictions with their products (not just the Ipod Touch) so you can do your bit to minimise the inappropriate content your child has access to. Of course, nothing is bulletproof and kids can find ways around things, just as they did back in the magazine days. The way to completely avoid inappropriate content online is to not allow your child to have internet/wifi access, or to physically supervise your child if they do want internet access on their device from time to time.

Here’s how you put restrictions into place on the Ipod Touch.

Accessing Parental Controls On Ipod

If you go into your child’s ipod, you can find parental controls here:


You will see an option to enable or disable restrictions on the Ipod Touch. The restrictions section is password protected, so you can set your own password for it, which you should keep hidden.

How Do I Restrict Content Or Applications?

In the restrictions menu, you’ll see that there are plenty of things you can disable and restrict, as well as rating levels that you’re happy for your child to have access to. This includes:

  • Music with the explicit lyrics rating
  • TV show ratings (PG, MA, MA15+ etc)
  • The ability to add or remove applications
  • Preventing applications accessing photos or location data
  • The ability to disable safari (internet browsing)
  • Disable FaceTime, camera use and more

Personally, I do allow my children to be able to access wifi, as they are able to play games together through the router, send messages to family and FaceTime their dad, who lives interstate. But recently I decided to disable Safari due to a friend showing our boys what they can access via their Ipod Touch – and I was not impressed. Its bound to happen eventually, but they are not old enough to see such inappropriate materials. If they need the internet for homework, it gets done on a computer in the lounge room.

How Else Can I Keep My Child Safe From Inappropriate Internet Content?

Other ways you can restrict websites or content:

  • Directly through your router. Newer routers have better parental control settings than older ones. Please check with the manufacturers instructions to see if you can enforce restrictions or controls on your home router.
  • External protection. To go one step further, OpenDNS offers parental control services and is another way to filter out most of the garbage on ALL devices. You set it up with your router and it will cover any device that connects to it. They have two free options to block out adult content or a VIP option which is very affordable. You’ll probably also find that your pages load faster too, when using OpenDNS.
  • Appropriate placement. Its important to have the family computer in a high traffic area, facing in a direction where people can see what is going on – not hidden away where its easy to get away with seeing inappropriate material.
  • Check what parental controls software programs offer. You might be surprised if you research what is already available to keep your kids safer. If you own a Mac or Macbook, you can locate parental controls through the system preferences options. YouTube also has a setting for restricting content for younger viewers.

It is also important to make sure you talk to your child (when appropriate age wise) to let them know that this is not appropriate for them to view, nor is it the right way to learn about sex, because it is unrealistic. Sadly I have heard stories from women who have such unrealistic expectations and pressures placed on them during sex, due to their partners thinking that what they see online is ‘normal’ and what women do… not to mention addictions tearing apart relationships.

It is so important to be able to discuss these things in an open and comfortable manner with your children, so they feel safe asking you questions – which may be really hard for them to do.



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