Could This Condom Help You Get Pregnant – For A Fraction Of The Cost Of IVF?

Could This Condom Help You Get Pregnant - For A Fraction Of The Cost Of IVF?

You’re probably used to relying on condoms to prevent pregnancy, but now many couples are turning to a condom in the hope of falling pregnant.

The condom, named The Stork, is said to have helped hundreds of couples conceive.

The Stork costs just £100 and the manufacturer claims it has a 20 percent success rate, which is comparable with the success rate of IVF, at a fraction of the cost.

Since the product’s launch in 2014, over a hundred couples have come forward to sing its praises.

Much cheaper than In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), The Stork relies on a simpler method to achieve conception. The low tech and affordable process is called intracervical insemination (ICI).

The Stork is officially said to be responsible for 150 babies, though the real number is thought to be even higher.

How Does The Stork Work?

The Stork is a single-use device which offers its users privacy at home, whilst increasing their chances of getting pregnant. It is used around the time of ovulation.

The Stork works by collecting semen in a cap at the end of a condom, which is worn during sex.

An applicator is then used to give the sperm a fighting chance at reaching the egg.

The semen-filled cap is inserted up to the cervix using an applicator.

This cap is then left inside the woman for between four and six hours to increase the chance of the sperm fertilising the egg.

The cap is reportedly easy to use. Once inserted, women can go about their day as normal.

After four to six hours, the cap can be removed and disposed of.

The Stork is ideal for couples who are struggling to conceive but perhaps aren’t ready to take the leap of talking to fertility doctors.

Where Can I Buy One?

The Stork is available to buy from pharmacies from the UK, US and Australia.

The Stork website features a number of success stories, including this one from Australia:

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you to The Stork. I am happy to announce I am 12 weeks pregnant. The Stork has made our dream of having a child a reality. We couldn’t be more excited. Its taken us nearly 3 years and for it to actually happen it’s a miracle. We fell pregnant on the first go!!! Thank you again! We couldn’t be more happy with your product.”

Have you tried The Stork and, if so, did it work for you?

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You can find out more about The Stork on their website.

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