Birthy and Natural Health People – Do You Want MORE Clients? A Busier, More Effective Website?

I know how frustrating it can be – if you’re a birth junkie, you live and breathe birth and love what you do. You’re a caring, wonderful person…. and yet you struggle to consistently secure clients or get the exposure you need or want. I know that all you want to do is get the message across to everyone you possibly can, about what you do and the many benefits of independent birth education, hiring a doula or midwife, natural medicine and more – and you want to work with more clients. Or perhaps you are a student doula and feel overwhelmed trying to get everything started and clients into your door. I really do hear you!

But… So Many Doulas and Other Health Related Workers Are Making Serious Business Mistakes That Are Costing Them MANY Clients!

It’s a huge problem in this industry – many birth people are making mistakes with their websites and marketing, and their back pocket is suffering for it! Every day when I am working on the marketing side of my business, I see where doulas could be getting MUCH better results – but you don’t know what you don’t know, right? Even when I tried googling some doulas names, their very own websites didn’t show up in the top results, or at all! Some have a website where the information is arranged so poorly that it like being in a maze to find what you are looking for – even contact information! Some don’t have a website at all, which can be business suicide these days, unless you have a very good, extensive word of mouth referral network.

How will you get found if people are looking for YOU and your website isn’t google or customer friendly?

You love birth, so it makes sense to become great at birth, by reading up, studying, attending conferences, learning more… but like many other business owners (especially in the birth industry), learning about business is not a priority or of interest. Even if only for the reason that you feel clueless or that it’s not your strength. If you’re like me, at some point, you may have even been frowned upon for making birth a business, because some of the minority believe that it’s wrong to make money out of birth. I bet they are the ones not making much money at all – and what is the good in that? Giving so much but struggling to live? We know that 99% of pregnant couples are paying a hospital and doctor, and we also know that their experience is unlikely to be as they hoped or planned. I know I would rather pay well above and over what a doula costs to have a brilliant experience than to save my pennies and have a disappointing, upsetting experience.

But back to the topic – in general, many people with skills decide to start a business, but all they do is create themselves a job, ending up broke, stressed and wondering why things aren’t working out in their business like they hoped. They don’t realise that they started a business and they need to focus on that if they want the business to survive – we all know the rates of business survival are very poor and unforgiving, especially over those first few years.

There Is Good News – You Can Turn This Around So Fast!

YES – there are SO many things you can do to greatly increase your chances of website visitors, enquiries and clients. No matter where you are in the world, thanks to the beauty of the internet, Skype and email, I can help and teach you how, and it’s SO easy. I will save you what took me 11 years to learn, minus the mistakes, which are often VERY costly…

Want A Bit Of Proof What I Could Tell You Works?

If you don’t know BellyBelly very well, or are unsure if I really do know how to get people to websites then here’s big proof for you – if the fact that BellyBelly has over 3.8 MILLION pageviews per month and over 130,000 Facebook fans isn’t enough. This snippet below is one of the articles I wrote about pregnancy symptoms. What do the numbers mean? It means that almost 40,000 people have viewed that article on BellyBelly. Isn’t that neat?

BellyBelly Article Oct 2011

How about if I told you it was in just ONE month – October 2011 in fact!

And… how about if I told you that in January 2014, that number has grown to over 220,000.

Wouldn’t you like that many views on your website each month, let alone one page of it? Think that would help you get a few extra clients? Of course it would!

Before you think you can’t possibly do anything of this scale, let me tell you something about being successful in business and/or as a doula.

  • Its not about schooling or education – I only completed high school and studied to become a doula in 2005 after having two babies!
  • Its not about money. I started BellyBelly with my babies around me and I was not working and did not plan a business. I started the site as a simple idea to support others, and well, it kinda grew. In a huge way. So I had to make it a business in order for it to work, here I am, 10 years later.
  • Its not about being in the right place at the right time – as I mentioned, I had babies and wasn’t employed in any form. When I was pregnant with my first, I quit my job as an IT recruitment consultant – not birth related at all.

Its all about believing its possible for you and going for it. Because thats what I did. I had an idea, I enjoyed it and I saw what a difference I was making – so I found a way to make my business grow. I attended (and still attend) many seminars on business and marketing and now I am ready to share 9 years of experience, what works and what doesn’t, and my secrets on how you can thrive as a doula. The vast majority of what I will teach you will cost nothing to implement. However if you feel that you are that allergic to technology then I am here to help implement changes for you.

What Will It Cost?

Normally, what I teach easily costs thousands of dollars if you were to hire someone from a professional company – someone who probably has never heard of a doula in their life too and will need to spend some billed time researching the topic.

I’m not asking for thousands of dollars, and I am not clueless about birth, doulas and what you are trying to achieve by working as one. I live and breathe birth just like you do. I know what you do back to front.

On the business side of things, I want to know your goals, to help you and work with you so you understand exactly what it is that you need to do to be successful on the business front as a doula. Because lets face it, with more clients, you can have more money and you can help more people.

>>> Please note that because I have a bub, I can only offer a very limited number of sessions at specific times, mostly on weekends. I am only taking on very few clients until my bub is older, so if you’re keen, don’t hesitate if you want to get started ASAP. If you are overseas, I am in the +10 timezone. <<<

For $195 per session, I will spend a whole hour with you, discussing with you what you want to achieve and improve on, and help you with what you need – your website, marketing, getting more clients – whatever you need. I will analyse your current website and marketing materials and make recommendations on ways you can improve on your current results.

You can have a one off session, or I can keep working with you for as long as you like, as a business mentor, someone to bounce ideas off and ask questions.

Because I genuinely want to help this profession grow, not only are you going to get a bargain price for this kind of work, but you’re going to create MANY more opportunities for clients – you’ll probably even need to knock them back. Can you imagine having to do that?!

If you are time poor or refer to yourself as a technophobe, you may prefer that I just come in and fix up your website for you. Ask me about my SEO package. You can email me at

So… what’s THAT worth to you?

My Guarantee To You – Your Money Back PLUS!

If you think that you’ve not gained anything from my session(s) with you, I am offering a 100% money back guarantee PLUS $50 for wasting your time. If you aren’t happy after your session, let me know and i will give you back all that you’ve paid and then some. I’m that sure I can add value to your business.

Don’t Yet Have a Website?

Even better – that means you can start out right from the beginning, without having to fix it all up later! There are lots of things you need to know before you start. So if you don’t have a website, I can help get you set up and optimised better than existing sites. Check out my special offer for building websites that are optimised from the start, here.

If you’re in this situation, you have the most to gain. A website is essential in business – and now even that isn’t good enough anymore. You need to know how to get results from it, with ‘white hat’ methods – tricks that Google approves of and wont black list you for. There are so-called SEO professionals out there who use ‘black hat’ methods – Google does not like these sites.

Not a Doula But Interested In Getting Help?

If you’re in another profession and keen to work with me then you are welcome to apply, however first preference will be given to birth workers – just like other doulas, I am keen to support this industry as best I can.

Book Your Session Now!

If you’re ready to book your session with me, click to make a payment below and then shoot me an email with your details and what times suit you, so we can tee up a time! Looking forward to working with lots of pro-active doulas!

QUESTIONS? Email me at

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