Forever Bumps Belly Casting

Remember Your Baby Bump Forever!

Watching your body change throughout the stages of pregnancy comes around maybe once or even a few times in your life – and goes almost as quick as it came.

The amazing sensations of the first kicks and little hiccups is something only a pregnant women will know and can never be described to its real feelings. After the birth of our beautiful little ones the only memory we have are the photos – and perhaps some stretch marks!

Belly casting during pregnancy is a beautiful way to remember your gorgeous baby belly, where no body flaws can be seen – only the beautiful baby bump you once fondly stroked and rubbed every day.

Even though I didn’t have a ‘comfortable’ pregnancy and admit that I did have my fair share of winging and whining, once it was all over I began to miss my belly! Luckily, I had a belly cast done at 35 weeks and it was the BEST thing I did during pregnancy. I look at my cast everyday and remember my little man was inside there!

The Casting Process

It will take approximately 60 minutes including drying time to complete. For your comfort, the casting is done on a professional massage table (with the table head up) so you can put your feet up and have good back support – you can also put your head back and rest while you dry.

You don’t have to bring anything special to the session but it’s a great idea to bring a pair of daggy loose pants and undies to wear during the casting (you can change and shower on location) in case the plaster gets messy. Don’t wear your best clothes!

The belly and your breasts are included in the casting (unless you specify otherwise), and you can also include yours or your partners hands or arms in the cast. Bandaids are available if you do not want nipples to show in the cast. Personally I think they offer a great effect, but its completely up to you!

Your breasts and belly will be covered in a shea and coco creme to stop the plaster sticking to your skin.

Once the cast is removed, there are shower facilities available (full bathroom) or you may prefer to use a towel if you want to rush home afterwards. If you choose to have a shower, I offer all clients a shower pack with organic body wash and other items to cleanse your skin so you can leave as fresh as you came in!

Decorating the Cast

When the cast is complete you can decorate it as you would like. Perhaps something that resembles yourself, your baby, your family, your emotions during pregnancy or anything else that comes to mind. You can get professional artists to decorate the cast or you can make your own creation.

I chose to decorate my cast myself – I have my son’s hands and feet printed on the cast, as well as my mother’s hand prints on either side. This represents both my baby and my mother, who held my stomach and breathed with me through the labour contractions, from start to the very end. To me it was a great way to remember my mother by my side, holding me through the biggest stage of my life.

Why Forever Bumps Casts Are Better

The two most important things in creating a cast is for the cast to be smooth and strong.

The plaster I use for casting is the number 1 medical grade plaster gauze on the market. It dries very smooth and is very strong.

The materials used are environmentally friendly with a minimal reliance on plastics and synthetics. I use pure and natural casting cremes to be kind to your skin.

Collecting the Cast

The cast will be left in the centre for 1 week to ensure its completely dry and to allow for additional work including attaching the hanging wire (if requested), sanding and coating before your cast is ready to take home and paint. The cast will be securely stored in a box which will be used to send them home in. Please ensure safe transport home.


A belly casting session costs $160 and includes some extras like a bottle of cold water, a wash pack and more. We can also arrange a photographic journal of the casting event!

Working Hours

I regularly cast on Saturdays at 10:30am-2:30pm in the BellyBelly Pregnancy Centre.

If I am fully booked out and you are close to your due date and don’t want to miss out, please contact me at my email address below to make alternative times on those days for you.

Book your appointment with Lauren now by clicking here!

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