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    Last week I had a dream about adopting a baby. I woke my husband up (at 230am) and asked him what he thought..."whatever' he said thinking I was sleep talking....

    Now..... I just can't let go of the idea..I have never considered adoption and now its all I think about....strange...

    Anyway..I have been looking online...googling like crazy as I have absolutely no idea where to start or what to look for and I'm feeling alittle emotional. All these babies and beautiful children overseas needing love...Its heartbreaking. I have decided in my head that yes...we are going to adopt...eventually (Im currently 31 weeks pregnant) but where from will we adopt and how ?

    Ideally, I would like to adopt a child from overseas who is in need. My husband agrees- we have alot of love to give and we want to give it...but to a child from where?

    Has anyone been on this journey before and can give me alittle look into what to expect, where to go etc? Any suggestions from anyone??


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    I have no information to give but just want to say, what a lucky child you will adopt - they will be much loved! Good luck with it all

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