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thread: My kids in care

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    Thats amazing!!! what a long journey for you all. im sad that it has taken its tole on you eldest. you sound so positive and a great mummy!! well done you!

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    Re: My kids in care

    It has been a very long time but after a 9 1/2 month battle, I got my youngest Son home. I also went on to have a daughter and was monitored by child protection in case I got PND again. I did but I handled it a lot better and my kids are happily at home
    Also, it turns out, they needed me stable for 6+ months as it was written down as ?BPD (questioning if I have borderline personality disorder) in my files from a hospital I spent a couple days in when I was waiting for space in the Mother Baby Unit and they didn't know I had a baby and thought I was having an episode as I needed to pump my milk for him (when I got to the hospital I was barely alive as I crashed in the Ambulance during transfer so paperwork was not up to date yet and it took a couple days for that to happen) and was never actually diagnosed with BPD as they changed it to "Depression and Anxiety in the Postpartum Period" or something like that but child protection took the "?BPD" as me actually having BPD and believed that it meant I would never be able to provide my children with a stable home. I have since gotten them to write in that I do not have BPD after I got letters from my GP and Psychs.
    That is behind us now (thank goodness), leaving me with more added to my PTSD but we are all home safe and sound and even married now with a stable home for my children, myself and my wonderful husband.

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    Re: My kids in care

    im so glad you had a happy ending and your bubbas are home where they belong.

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