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Thread: Welcome - please introduce yourself!

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    Default Welcome - please introduce yourself!

    Welcome to the BellyBelly adoption, permanent care and fostering forum! If you are thinking about or currently undertaking adoption, permanent care, or fostering, and have any questions or would like to share your experiences, please post your messages here!

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    Default Adopting in the future!


    My name is Jeanette and my husband and I plan to adopt. We are going to TTC naturally next month, and that will be my last pregnancy.
    When it comes time to have another baby we are going to adopt. We have made this decision as I have had a miscarriage and a stillbirth in the past and we hope we never have to experience that again. My health is quite damaged from the last pregnancy and so I really think my body can't cope with much more. So we are hoping the next pregnancy goes well and then in c ouple of years we will adopt a second child.
    I'd love to hear other people's adoption stories.


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    Hi....I am PG at the moment, but for most of my life, I only wanted to adopt. I never wanted to have my own children....mainly because of health complications that meant that getting PG could be dangerous for me. So I can understand Jeanette....the only reason I am PG is DH and my health has improved. DH really wants one of his own, but before then we were actually looking into adopting an overseas child, because the process was supposed to be easier, but it closed earlier this year in QLD.... We have friends with overseas adopted children and they are such a joy! They are getting their little boy 'Luke' in a few months from Taiwan. They already have a little girl from Taiwan. SO heres to hoping the PG will continue to progress well, otherwise we will definately try to adopt soon!


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