thread: Becoming a Mothercraft Nurse or MCHN

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    Becoming a Mothercraft Nurse or MCHN

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows how you can become either a MCHN or Mothercraft nurse in VIC.
    I would really love to get into the midwifery post natal care area for both mums and bubs but I have no idea where to start and if there is a more direct way of going about it instead of doing div 1 nursing then midwifery then whatever else goes on top of that to become a MN or MCHN.
    I know that there was a Mothercraft nurse present in recovery to help assist me after my c-sec 6mths ago so I know they might still be floating about but not entirely sure if they are being phased out or not.
    The only other prob is is that i have 2 young children under the age of 3 so doing any course work currenlty would have to be night school or externally as we have limited babysitting options and hubby is not very keen on me popping both children into full time care unless i can get them into occasional care for 15hrs a week as it works out to be cheaper and can still get a slight rebate from the government. and I am also wanting to add one more child to our family hopefully at the end of the year or start of next year so again this might come into affect while studying.
    I know some other mothers have done the study and babies thing so maybe it could be a possiblity. its either that or i wait until the last bub is about 6mths old and try studying then!
    just need to find the right course direction!!!

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    i dont believe so, im sure you have to be a midwife first

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    Yeah, all the MCHN's I have come across in my time have all been midwives themselves. But there is an additional course they do to actually become a MCHN though, but having industry experience would be a prerequisite I imagine.

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    I don't think they do mothercraft nursing anymore. To be a child health nurse requires a post grad certificate or diploma, so you would have to have done a nursing degree first. I have no idea if the midwifery degree counts, but I couldn't see why not.

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    I found this info for you - it is for Victoria too.

    In Victoria, Maternal & Child Health Nurses are registered nurses who generally have postgraduate Midwifery qualifications, who then go on to do additional qualifications in Maternal & Child Health.
    and more information here too

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    In NSW most of the MCHN are not midwives but are all registered nurses. A friend of mine did hers and she was 1 of 3 midwives in her class of 40. I plan on doing mine one day when time permits but have already done nursing and midwifery. MCHN is next.

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    Re: Becoming a Mothercraft Nurse or MCHN

    Try this link, it has a flow chart to show what qualifications are needed.
    I'm currently studying the enrolled nurse diploma and want to go on to do the degree and eventually follow this path too, I have a 2.5 yr old, and a 10 month old, it's hard work, and it's only 3 days at tafe so far. Fitting study in when you get home with kids requires a partner who is understanding and will get the kids out from under your books for a few hours a day.
    Good luck X