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Thread: Complaint about training provider

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    Default Complaint about training provider

    I'm after some advice form you lovely ladies.

    I'm currently doing a beauty diploma with a private (well recognised) training provider.
    I'm slowly but surely becoming more and more frustrated with the way they work and for the amount of money I am paying for this course, you'd think that it would be better.

    So here is what is annoying me.

    1. As part of the course I need to do 5 x 1wk practical workshops. I have completed 2 of these so far. They usually run them in the school holidays with the next lot being in January. I have called and emailed a number of times to find out if/when the next workshop will be in January as I need to book leave from work for that time. We are less than 2 months out and they still have not finalised the dates for this, leaving me little time to have leave approved and be able to finish my course.

    2. I submitted assignments back on the 3rd Sept. I have received results for all bar 2 of the assignments. Again, I have called and emailed on a number of occasions to find out if they have been marked and why I haven't got results for these yet. Again, no answer....

    3. The lack of communication from the provider is doing my head in. They don't reply to emails and when you call you always get an answering machine.

    4. The one time that I did manage to ask a trainer a question, they had no idea of the answer themselves (and admitted this) and couldn't understand why it was in the assignment.

    I really want to make a complaint but am thinking that I should wait until after the course as I don't want to be targeted and failed because I spoke up about things I wasn't happy with. Maybe i'm being really petty, but I think that it's completely not right the lack of communication, the lack of respect for students and ability to provide information.

    WDYTISD? Wait until I finish the course (Hopefully in july if I can get leave booked in for these workshops - and that will really only depend on if they send dates out in the next week) or speak to the principal now?

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    I would speak to the Principal now regarding the lack of communication, letting them know you need to know in advance when the workshop is scheduled so you can take leave and organise childcare. Also let them know you are anxious about your results going along the line of ' I haven't go them back so does this mean I have failed"?
    You can come across as concerned saying you really want to pass the course etc but cannot just drop everything at the last minute as I imagine others are probably in the same situation

    Then when you finished, passed and got your certificate then complain.

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    They should have a student coordinator available that you can talk to. I would mention your concerns to them (in writing also) so they have he opportunity to rectify them. They should also have given you a student handbook which details the complaint process.

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