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    Hi All,
    I've been studying for a bachelor of counselling part time for, like, a million years.
    I need to find placement for 2016 - 200 hours in total including 40 face to face counselling and 10 of supervision and it's breaking my brain.
    I don't want to work with youth, I want to be somewhere where I can learn as much as possible and work with whatever comes.
    I live in the northern suburbs and would like to work around drop offs and pick ups if I can but I have two semesters over which to get it done
    So far the places I've approached have alliances with certain institutions and I'm feeling really unsupported by my own uni.
    Does anyone know anyone or have any ideas?
    I'd be ridiculously grateful....

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    Have you thought about asking your GP where he refers his patients to? I know that my GP refers to a private group of counsellors who work out of his surgery on certain days. I remember a couple of times that my counsellor had a student sit in, it can be really hard though.
    Your uni should be offering to help you more though, find out what places they are affiliated with and try them! If they wont help then, go to the student services and ask them to help you!

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