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Thread: Diploma of Nursing and motherhood

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    Default Diploma of Nursing and motherhood

    Just wondering if anyone is or has studied the Diploma of Nursing after they became a mum?
    How did you manage study around the kids and did you study it part time or full time?
    Did you do any further study after finishing the course or were you happy enough to stop just at the diploma level?
    was it hard finding a job once you had completed the course?
    Sorry for all the questions I think I need to get more of an idea on how other mother's juggle everything while they studied and went on placements during the course to see if as a mother of 4 I could undertake the workload myself.


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    Default Re: Diploma of Nursing and motherhood

    I studied a bachelor of nursing (3yrs full time). I was a single mum of 1 and started when DD was 6weeks old. She went to daycare and family daycare from 6weeks old. I didn't find the study hard but I had just came straight from my HSC so was still in the study mode. I found Uni so much more flexible with lots and lots of time off. The first Year I did part time but picked up full time from the next year onwards so it ended up taking me 4yrs not 4.

    As for placements I elected to stay local for everything possible. By the time I had to go away DD was 2 and 3. I also had very limited family support and paid my family daycare mum to have her for the 5days. Fortunately she had become a good friend by then so it wasn't so hard leaving DD with her. I was also on a single parent pension so had substantially subsidised Childcare costs.

    I became an Rn at 21 and went on to do midwifery at 22-23 when I was pregnant with my 2nd baby. I'm now pregnant with my 5th baby and have studied during every pregnancy/newborn stage and am currently still studying. It's certainly a lot harder now then it was 15years ago. I think it's because I now have a husband and 4 children so me time doesn't happen at all. The only time I get to do assignments now without been interrupted is to get up at 5am before the kids wake for some quiet time or do an HR or so during the day when my youngest is asleep and the older 3 are at school.

    Looking back on it I'm so glad I did it when I did. I will never be without a job. I've actually got every job I have ever applied for and have a huge range of skills for my age.

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    Default Re: Diploma of Nursing and motherhood

    I'm studying I'll be half way through at end of this semester I've been doing 3 subjects sem1 and 2 subjects sem2 I'm lucky I have a very supportive husband and they go to daycare 3days a week I do struggle with chronic disability as well but still manage distinctions and high distinctions , I study externally through USQ my kids are 3 & 4 were 1&2 when I started

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