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    Ok, so it's a bit late now, (I have an exam in 2 1/2 hours) but for future reference, how to you prepare for exams?
    Do you have a study schedule? A process? What helps you?
    Turns out that at 40 I'm every bit as immature as I was at 18 and am really struggling with the motivation to study even though I engage with the topics.
    I feel like I'm not absorbing anything, even though when I go over my notes it all makes sense .
    Just have to hope I've learned enough by osmosis to get me though.

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    I did all my study in the day prior to the exam....if I could, I would totally concentrate on the one subject and read over the notes entirely, the course notes, lecture notes and my own notes, and I would do this at least 5 times to make sure that they sank in. It must have worked because I passed with High Distinctions on all my exams!

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    Study the day before, but realistically I know that if I don't already know it by the time I get to exams, then I'm not going to know it, if that makes sense. I think you will know more than you give yourself credit for.

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