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Thread: What is uni like?

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    Default What is uni like?

    Hi, I'm looking at going to uni next year to do my bachelor Ed (early childhood). I just want to see if any one can share their experiences? I'd like to know: what is uni like, how does the workload compare to dip./adv dip? How much time do you spend AT the uni? What is the field experience and how often do you do it? Are you/did you study full time or part time?
    Thanks in advance

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    Exciting times!!

    I have been to 3 uni for 3 different courses and all vary.

    My bachelor was full time and was all face to face and I was there 4-5 days a week depending on the year with some very long days 0800-1800 1 day a week for a year!!! I had practicals each semester of each year starting of as 3 days in 1st semester 1st year up to 5 week block in final semester 3rd year.
    I was straight out of high school and lived on campus and had the time of my life!

    2nd was Post grad i did full time and I had 2 full days a week 0900-1700 at uni and 2 days of clinical placements a week for a year, and was also working 2 days a week as well.

    3rd time another post grad I did part time this time and had 3 compulsory days at starts of each semester in 1st year and then there was 4 tutes during each semester that were not compulsory, all the work was online all the reading and posting on forum were online and had to be very disaplined to do the work. I also had to do placemenst which I did 1 a week for full semester each time, other people did blocks was dependant on what you could do, I had 2 small children in CC so I could attend placements and did lots of very late nights studying and reading and writing.

    Anything is possible if you set your mind to it!! Good luck

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    Really depends on the Uni and the course. Not just the B.Ed, as the age of the child studied will take things into consideration.

    When I looked at going into teaching, the different local Unis (I looked at 4, although only 2 were viable travel-wise) offered very different courses: the timing of the training and the placements differed, as well as the assessments and assessment criteria. And this was from two Unis that were literally over the road from each other!

    My B.Sc was a full-time course, I did 9am-6pm, about 4-5 hours of lectures a day, the odd lab, mostly reading and self study. Then when I did chemistry, it was full time 10-3, but we did 10-3. Then I did about 2 hours every evening on top of that, reading and assignments. Teaching was full on, 8-4 and packed, this was both at Uni and in the various schools. Plus all the work at home planning lessons, marking and writing my own assignments and researching for those. Pretty much four days in a school, one day in Uni for the school year - that's the school year, not the Uni year! (We started the same time as the schools but finished about 2 weeks before they did, with their holidays, whereas Uni starts later, finishes earlier and has different holiday times.)

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    Default Re: What is uni like?

    its dependant on the uni, but Im doing my masters in primary education. my week is:
    M DH takes kdis to playgroup/swimming lesson. 9-3 I work (download 2 hr lecture and listen to it on a run)
    T DS home/DD kindy so i do shopping and a big cook up (usually a curry or slowcooker meal) and do 2-3 hrs of reading while I eat lunch/DS sleeps
    W on campus 9-3 every second week, alternate weeks I go to the gym, do 2ish hours study and the housework
    T on campus 9-3 every second week, alternate weeks I do 4ish hours study, plus any assignments and the housework
    F on campus 1week a month. DD at kindy till 12 and DS home so study 1-2 hours and review lectures
    S Gym, lunch in town with kids then work 6-12
    S rest and prep for the next week
    So full time study, plus I have 2 weeks of prac first semester, so make up my work hours over uni break.

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    Default Re: What is uni like?

    I did a BEd at Griifith Uni in Brisvegas (finished in 2001, so a long time ago now), but my experience:

    Full time uni was 12 contact hours a week - 3 hrs per subject. You were supposed to put in another 2 hrs at home 'studying' for every hour spent at uni - thus the full time thing. We had prac from second semester - two week blocks each semester plus one day a week until final year, which was four weeks. I also did a 6 week internship to finish. I found the 12 hours per week was 'conveniently' spread over 3-4 days per week, with a typical day being a 2 hour lecture, a 2 hour break then a 1 hour tutorial.

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