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Thread: Bumware AIO's

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    Default Bumware AIO's

    Has anyone tried these? I saw them on cotton bottoms and they have good reviews. I noticed the are a little more $$ than alot of others $30 ea I think. Was wondering if they are as good as the price suggests.
    TIA, Shell

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    i have a bumwear pocket OSFA that i like. does the job

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    There is Bumwear - which is from WAHM in singapore and bum-ware which is from the US.

    bumwear make the hand batik and plain coloured OSFA pockets, nappy pants, fitteds, covers etc and Bum-ware make an extreme AIO.

    Love my bumwear - it is our staple nappy but have never really heard of bum-ware before???

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