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Thread: Confused about booster for AIO

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    Default Confused about booster for AIO


    Stupid question coming right up..

    I bought a BBH magic-all the other day and on the website it asked if you wanted a booster. So I said yes. But I am confused about what it's made out of? On one side it looks like other microfibre inserts that I have, but microfibre isn't supposed to go against their skin is it? On the other side of the booster it looks slightly different so would that side be made out of different material? (like what?) and is THAT the side that goes against bub?

    I'm confused..silly really

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    it could be microfleece on the other, softer side. That's ok to put agaisnt a bubs but. Does teh website explain anything?

    ETA: Website says: Each 'Boost It' is an additional 3 layers of microfibre terry cloth, topped with microfleece as per the nappy inner.

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    Chocolatecatty thankyou! I didn't even see that..

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