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Thread: Fashionbaby on eBay

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    Default Fashionbaby on eBay

    Has anyone heard of or used the fashionbaby aio's. I saw them on ebay, they're super cheap which is a worry, but you never know!

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    I haven't tried them (or even looked at them until now) but after looking at them I would be worried for the fact that it looks like its a microfibre insert that sits next to your babies bum.

    No way in hell would I ever do that - the material makes the skin off my fingers go all dry and flaky - and thats just touching them briefly to stuff pockets! I'd email to confirm what material the inserts are made out of.

    Plus - there looks as if there would be a massive opportunity for wing droop - the snaps on the wings are so close together and so close to the edge that I'd be very worried about the ability to not droop.

    JMO of course.

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    Duuno anything about Fashionbaby, but you normally get what you pay for - if its a cheap price its not a decent nappy.

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    I got some cheapies on ebay. I don't expect them to last long & they don't have much absorbancy, but they are handy. They have a flannelette inner.
    I don't like microfibre either. I try to avoid using it.
    You could give them a go, I just wouldn't rely on them or get too many incase they are no good.

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    Default eeek...

    for less than $10 a pop, I personally wouldn't waste the money. I'd rather pay double or triple that for a nappy that I know will last double or triple the time.

    The problem with them coming straight from China is that you don't know if they meet with Aussie standards... and with no Aussie middle man to ensure quality, it's a bit of a gamble... albeit a cheap one!

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