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Thread: Just wondering if you prefer fitteds or AIO/Pockets?

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    Default Just wondering if you prefer fitteds or AIO/Pockets?

    Hi, just wondering what is more popular..
    Fitted nappies with a cover over top or an AIO or pocket style nappy with cover built in?


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    it really depends on the time of day!
    during the day, my personal preference is an AI2 style nappy (itti snap ins, widdlewuns, CGR, twinkle lily) - easy for everyone to use, and easy to wash and dry
    overnight, i prefer a fitted nappy with cover for the extra boostability and for the second line of defence if she has a heavy wetting night
    we have a few pockets, apart from ecobubs which we regularly use, the others are basically "spares" in the stash in case we run short of nappies at any point due to slow drying...

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