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Thread: Monkey Doodlez - Micro, Bamboo or Original?

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    Default Monkey Doodlez - Micro, Bamboo or Original?

    I have always purchased Baby Beehinds AIO's and have loved them, but after having a look at a few sites today, thought I might try something different. My eye has been caught by the Monkey Doodlez - but not sure which to go for! DS isn't an overly heavy wetter. There doesn't seem to be too much on here about MD's. Does anyone use them and love/hate them? I have heard you have to wash them a fair few times for absorbancy.

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    I have both the originals and micro.

    They work pretty good on Miss M - quite a big sizing too - she is still in the smalls at nearly 4 months, and has a while to go before she is out of them too.

    I don't think she is a huge wetter though (well compared to her fire engine hose brother!) cos I tried him in MD's and they didn't work for him. Got leaks. I think its a pressure thing with boys too... it comes out faster than the girls trickle.. lol (gee what a conversation..)


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