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Thread: Pikapu Brand Nappies

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    Default Pikapu Brand Nappies

    I was wondering if anyone uses or has used this brand of AIO? If you have, could I get a review?

    In fact, I wish each brand had its own review thread, so we didn't have to go through all the threads to find out other parent's recommendations or experiences. What are the chances of that happening... ?


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    I'm sure this won't help you now Yeddi as it's about 9 months after your post. I just bought a Pikapu and have used it a few times now. No leaks which is great. I need it done up to the tightest setting for my 6kg bub, except for the rise snaps. I don't find it the most attractive looking nappy but my DP thinks it courses for horses. The velcro has grabbed onto the nappy and pulled at the outside of the cover a few times during washing so it has pulled a bit despite putting the velcro onto the washing tabs.

    I would by another one as it fitting and functioning fine but it's not as cute as some of the other nappies I have.

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