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    I have a pretty hefty cat allergy. I'm okay if you have a cat inside, as long as it doesn't get patted or whatever in front of me, and as long as I can sit somewhere where there isn't cat fur. So ALL of my friends know this. I make it a known fact to people that I am friends with that have cats. Tonight I drop in on a friend for a cuppa. I was at a party plan party literally one street away from where she lives, so I left that early to go visit her. I know she has a cat and she knows of my allergy. So I sit at the kitchen table and while I drink my cuppa she picks up her cat and puts it on her lap and starts patting it, after she has been telling her kids to take the cat elsewhere with them. Here I now sit just over an hour later with eyes hanging out of my head, itchy as hell and a runny nose time for find the medication.

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    Grrr how annoying!! Hope you feel better soon xoxo

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    I'd say she had a memory lapse and forgot. Sorry you're feeling yuck.

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    Astrolady, my niece have cat allergies as well, they say fur,dander and saliva can also cause allergies.. take antihistamine. are you taking meds now?

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