thread: Dairy / gluten intolerance and headaches?

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    Dairy / gluten intolerance and headaches?

    I've been getting terrible headaches, mostly after pushups and sex. Yesterday I had a headache basically all day though which nurofen helped but didn't totally demolish.

    I have been getting some tests done, and nothing is coming up yet ... Vitamin D deficiency but nothing that causes headaches apparently.

    One thing that was suggested today was a dairy or gluten intolerance ...

    Dairy intolerance being raised is very interesting- I have had an intolerance to certain dairy products my entire life, UNTIL I got pregnant with DS1. During the pregnancy I craved milk terribly, and ended up giving in and drinking about a lifer a day fir the rest if the pg and being 100% A-OK, and after giving birth I kept drinking milk etc right through bf and then I got of again. I've just stopped bf and go e back in the pill in the past month. Could if be related?

    Odd, but oh well. Amazing what the body does!

    I've never had anything happen which would suggest gluten intolerance.

    But with these headaches, and the heart burn I've been getting in the last 2 days, I'm wondering ...

    Any experience? Especially with headaches??

    Back to the chiro tonight. Might try some targeted dry needling.

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    Suffered myself with migraines (proper ones - not just headaches) since i was 9.
    I was studied by a student and my diet was scrutinsed at length. There was no dietary trigger for me. But there often are with a lot of people - that's why they take food diarys very seriously. It's really a good way of working things out. Diary and citrus are common triggers. Isn't coeliacs just a blood test? Caffeine can be good for headaches - i can't explain it but the science is proven. Something about the caffeine causing your DNA not to replicate the headachy bit (google it - my explanation is rubbish)

    Lack of hydration? A study proved that for (don't quote me) 50% of people their headache was not treated by the panadol they took, but instead by the full glass of water that they took it with.

    Hormones are a chronic headache trigger. Hormones play a part for many many people. You are undoubtedly going through hormonal changes right now. Being pregnant and breastfeeding was always good for my headaches (and my skin).

    Heartburn? Dunno. Coincidence?

    Are you biting off too much at the moment? Stress, even when you don't realise it can often manifest in a headache.

    I have a girlfriend who is an Osteo. She said she often causes headaches with a first or second treatment - not until later does the headache really improve.

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    It could even be your blood pressure.

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    Blood pressure - this was my first thought, but Dr ruled it out. This is good

    Coeliacs - yes, a blood test. Took it yesterday, results in a few days I think.

    Caffeine - I wondered about this, I have cut down from way too much (ie: anything up to 14 cups a day) to 2-4 over the past 4 or so months ... could that have a delayed response, and cause headaches? I know other times I've gone cold turkey it's given me headaches, but not triggered by certain activities ... ?

    Hydration - I wondered about this too, but I'm having around 2L of water a day.

    Detox - I have been watching what I eat a lot over the past 3 weeks (12WBT) .... can you get headaches from cutting crap out of your diet?

    Hormones - will raise that with Dr if the next round of tests come back negative. Thanks

    Stress - I would be very surprised. I work in a high stress industry, and have never had stress headaches before. I am not overly stressed at the moment - the only new thing is the 12WBT which I'm not finding stressful (yet!).

    I'm going back to the chiro tonight, and will raise the above with him. He's a bit of a gun with diagnostics (which he of course gets you to check out with your GP) so maybe he can nut it out ...

    I've had a headache basically all day again today, and it's very draining ...

    Anyone have any experiences with headaches from anything specific? Gluten or dairy in particular?

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    Re: Dairy / gluten intolerance and headaches?

    It could be from cutting things out if your diet. That is, of course, my extremely UNqualified opinion! Cutting out/down on sugar, removing lots of processed foods? If you cut out something like diet coke you can get headaches...

    Not pg?

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    I've been getting migraines lately. For me, it's hormones.