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Thread: Crohn's disease - what to serve for lunch?

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    Default Crohn's disease - what to serve for lunch?

    I am having my Aunt over for lunch and she has just been diagnosed with Crohn's disease. What could I serve for lunch do you think? Something low fat, low sugar, low carb?

    I was thinking a salad with cut meats/prawns? Or is that completely wrong?

    Any advice welcome!

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    Ask her. If she has just been diagnosed she will also be at a loss. She will be greatful you are being so thoughtful. Maybe she will have some recipes or ideas that she has been given that you can try.

    Like anything new it will take her some time to get her head around what she can and cannot have and if family members are willing to help it makes it easier when you have family functions.

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    My step-brother has Chrohn's disease.
    Basically his diet is a low residue diet ie anything that doesn't have much fibre and too much fat. Carbs are fine.
    Once your aunt has had time to adjust to her diagnosis she will probably have a better idea about what her trigger foods are so you can cook accordingly.

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