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Thread: Dark rings under eyes - could it be diet?

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    Default Dark rings under eyes - could it be diet?

    I notice that DD1 (3.5yrs) has constant dark rings under her eyes which vary in intensity and sometimes redness at different times of the day.

    They are certainly worse if she is tired, but not all the time. Apart from this, I cannot for the life of me come up with a reasonable explanation for them. She certainly did not have them as an infant or a toddler. I guess they have been present for the past year or so. I know that they can be herieditery (although I suspect that may be a symptom of an underlying condition in a familial line ) and Google has given me a few other suspicions, but, none of them seem to relate to my DD.

    I am beginning to lean towards diet and intolerances as the culprit. I just don't know where to start as the whole diet thing is such a multilayered, overwhelming confusion to me! Especially when the eyes and some other mild things which have my radars up are the only signs there may be an issue.

    Maybe I am over-reacting, I imagine that many other children with more serious allergies or intolerances make their way through life. It is just that I have noticed it and I really feel that there may be something to it. *mother's intutition*?

    Does anyone have any experience with such a symptom??

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    Argh, just realised that I put this post in a recipe section

    I was too busy looking at the thread title and forgot to check the proper headings. I am going to post this properly so please forgive me and ignore this thread!

    Here is my new thread if anyone has anything brilliant to advise!! lol

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