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  1. Welcome to Parenting De-Briefing
  2. Christy's De-Brief..positive update
  3. Regret Complaining about my mother in front of my children
  4. Sherie's parenting de-brief
  5. Lucy's 3 under 3 parenting debrief.......
  6. Simone's Parenting Debrief
  7. Need some advice - Nothing is working
  8. Bec's debrief
  9. Stacy's De-Briefing
  10. I just want to let off some steam.
  11. Escape Artists
  12. Slummy Mummy - Love it
  13. Things you wish they told you before you had baby!
  14. aaagghh Yasin
  15. Why am I this way?
  16. At the end of my tether
  17. Rebecca's debrief
  18. How do i answer this??
  19. Does your husband or partner help you?
  20. Groundhog Night....I'm going insane.
  21. Free to Good Home
  22. When is there time for ME?????
  23. I need help
  24. High Expectations!
  25. OMG! My DS give me a mouthful!
  26. Letting off some more steam
  27. Am I getting anywhere?? - VENT!
  28. Looking for help....
  29. just a huge vent
  30. Is your mothering repeating your mothering?
  31. Why did I have to yell??
  32. The wrong parent at home!
  33. Mean Mummies?
  34. Stay at home mums
  35. Thats IT, I can't take it anymore
  36. Argh! Help! What is wrong with her???
  37. Opinions please...
  38. Not coping with my life!
  39. No respite until next year.....
  40. Just need to de-brief
  41. Am I horrid or right on standing my ground
  42. Just so tired and frustrated. Need to vent.
  43. Chained to a wheel
  44. 3 Children - All Close???
  45. What have I done!?
  46. Breastfeeding de-brief
  47. feeling down and need to get it out..
  48. Sad
  49. Too tough for me...
  50. Does it ever go?????
  51. Woweeee we did it!!!!!
  52. My toddler is really stressing me out
  53. How old?
  54. Frustrated...
  55. I'm sick of sharing!!!
  56. When things just don't workout the way you thought they would
  57. Fears of something happening to my child
  58. Why did i agree to a sleep over
  59. Yes, it IS too much to ask...
  60. How do you explain bigottry to children?
  61. My vent
  62. Thank you!
  63. Some men dont deserve to be dads
  64. Who else has a 9yr old boy that does....
  65. DH about to hit the wall... and I'm feeling disillusioned
  66. Are you more strict with your younger kids?
  67. Appropriate toys for 2.5 yr old girl
  68. Some people dont deserve to be parent UPDATE
  69. Grrrrrrr
  70. i need some coping strategies...
  71. Plse help - Sleeping issue for 3 year old
  72. Clingy 2 y/o and being pregnant
  73. Worried about DH, how did we get here?
  74. Feeling blah, but should I admit it?
  75. Tell me your worst Mummy day
  76. Can't deal with my 4yo anymore
  77. computer software
  78. Welcome to the bad mother club!
  79. Smug & Crap
  80. I just joined the "bad mother club"
  81. Please don't judge me - just need a place to vent
  82. teething baby free to a good home
  83. No more baby club
  84. 10 years ago my little man was growing
  85. Feeling a little empty
  86. 9yo wont or cant share.. doing my head in
  87. How i have managed to royally screw up motherhood
  88. Night 353 and I'm about to expire....
  89. i need help:(
  90. I Cant cope anymore!!!!
  91. ARGHHH! So so so ANGRY
  92. I think I made the wrong choice............
  93. Not my finest Mummy moment.
  94. I just saw blue
  95. Tantrums almost daily
  96. I'm so ashamed of myself
  97. How am I going to do this?
  98. Epic fail
  99. I smacked him :(
  100. I'm at breaking point :(
  101. 6 year old still throwing tantrums!!!
  102. Will I ever like her?? **DISTRESSING**
  103. angry and at times scary 3 yr old
  104. How do I grieve no more kids?
  105. Do you ever have a break?
  106. Health insurance and braces
  107. 4 yr olds self image - Plse help
  108. Bath time for bunny...
  109. I lost it and freaked out~!
  110. So apparently I'm a pirate
  111. I am feeling awful...
  112. Worst Mother in the World award - won by ME today :(
  113. I did it...I exploded
  114. I cant stop thinking about what could have happened....
  115. Sometimes I get sick of being "needed".
  116. By day I'm cool, calm and collected... By night I'm the screaming banshee
  117. Heeeellllpppppp!!!!
  118. I'm so over fighting at nap time!
  119. I've lost patience.
  120. Life after baby
  121. No sick days for mummy! How do you cope?
  122. When 1,2,3 no longer works on your 4yo, what then?
  123. 7 year old answering back. Discipline help, please!!!
  124. Nearly every day is bad
  125. Wish I could press rewind on this afternoon...
  126. Warning! Keep them within arm's reach!
  127. So devastating *contains upsetting information*
  128. DF is mucking it all up!
  129. Feeling like a failure :( * sorry long*
  130. Head:wall:sigh:cry
  131. losing my patience
  132. Feeling so sad for DD..
  133. How the eff am I going to do this??
  134. Why am I the lucky one...
  135. Not my finest 3.5 hours of parenting...
  136. She is driving me up the wall!!!
  137. self harming 2 year old
  138. Mummy fail!
  139. My turn to debrief.. feeling guilty
  140. Urgh! Can I delete the last week please?
  141. Putting in for early retirement...
  142. I completely lost it.
  143. Argh she's driving me nuts!!
  144. Parents give yourself a big hug this Christmas, NOBODY'S Perfect!
  145. Not functioning.
  146. Letting go of the guilt
  147. help
  148. Not coping today and no idea how I'll cope with two
  149. Everyone says they grow up too fast......Am I not enjoying my daughter enough?
  150. [advice] dealing with DD...
  151. Mummy Guilt Culture - Protecting or Patronising
  152. Separation anxiety and stressed preppy.
  153. I sucked today
  154. [VENT] How does your DH roll?
  155. Just b/c you "helped" at MIL's house does NOT means you can abuse me now!
  156. Screaming bad mummy :(
  157. in DD2's own words...
  158. [advice] what do do with bullying at playgrounds
  159. so damn sick of this!
  160. [Vent] Need a break from being mum
  161. Hitting and throwing - I'm at the end of my rope.
  162. My 3yr old and things he does. WWYD?
  163. i feel like i am being manipulated what would u do?
  164. Taking steps to find out if DS2's challenging behaviour is "normal"
  165. There is no joy
  166. Parenting and 6yr olds
  167. I don't like being a school mum
  168. Just need a break (vent)
  169. I want to cry
  170. Exhausted and stuck in a rut!
  171. when does it get better?
  172. Playground Etiquette