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  1. Increasing Breast Milk Production
  2. ABA sugestions for the more common breastfeeding problems.
  3. Hand Expressing & Storing EBM.
  4. Medications & Breastfeeding.
  5. Lactation tablets: Motilium/Domperidone
  6. Motilium - how long?
  7. lactose overload??
  8. Lactation Consultant Locators & Recommendations
  9. Determined to bf after breast reduction & 2 c/s
  10. When is the breast empty?
  11. Can you take cold & flu tablets when breastfeeding?
  12. Breastfeeding Lactose intolerant /cow's milk protein intolerant bubba???
  13. Bottle refusal
  14. Thrush - Diflucan & Gentian Violet
  15. Breastfeeding and saunas.
  16. Thrush - how long to recover
  17. Fast Milk Flow / Breast Refusal
  18. why are nipple shields not recommended?
  19. Att: full-time pumpers!!
  20. Blister on bubs lip after each feed!
  21. Breast Refusal-Exhausted all idea's
  22. HELP!! What does early thrush on nipples look like?
  23. Itchy Nipples
  24. Gastro & BF
  25. Bubs refusing all bfeeds today
  26. Welcome to Breastfeeding Problems & Support
  27. Cracked nipple and thrush - what to fix first?
  28. BF with Sebaceous Cyst
  29. Supply deminishing...
  30. Panadeine Forte & Breastfeeding...
  31. Confused - demand feed / scheduled feeding
  32. Metamucil while breast feeding?
  33. Can I use ice cube trays to freeze breast milk?
  34. Newborn not latching on.
  35. Help, how do I stop breastfeeding
  36. Blocked milk duct - help?
  37. Mastitis HELP
  38. White spot on nipple?
  39. Suddenly tender nipples..?related to ovulation??
  40. Breastfeeding and meal replacment
  41. white bottom lip
  42. Constant feeding - Im knackered and feeling like giving up :(
  43. Oral Gel on Nipples?
  44. Another bub not gaining weight
  45. Breast Refusal
  46. Weaning off nipple shields - HELP!
  47. Nipples too sore, can't bf, getting depressed
  48. Nipple pimple thingies
  49. 4 weeks of sore breasts.. ive tired it all!!
  50. laxatives when breastfeeding
  51. Is it possible to return to BF
  52. Milk coming out of bub's nose
  53. Topping up with formula
  54. BF Baby refusing Bottle - Any ideas?
  55. how to avoid engorged breasts if bub is sleeping through the night??
  56. BF in public
  57. green poo
  58. Warts on areola
  59. Health nurse says need more formula
  60. Breastfeeding Articles on BellyBelly
  61. "Insufficient glandular tissue" The one BF problem that cannot be overcome
  62. Help with blister on nipple
  63. Hungry 5 month old DD?
  64. Swollen Ouchy Boobs!!
  65. Caffeine and breast milk
  66. car bottle warmer
  67. Advice pls - Nipple pain not getting any better
  68. Another green poo question
  69. Nausea while b/f?
  70. Is it too late to start?
  71. Blocked Nipple Duct
  72. Baby won't nurse unless hungry?
  73. How do I drop a night feed or two??
  74. slow / no let down
  75. relactating??
  76. Squirming and fidgeting at the breast
  77. Kicking and screaming while feeding...
  78. Tandem feeding & colostrum
  79. Stopped sleeping through the night!!!
  80. Need Advice please 6 week old
  81. Our Tandem Feeding Journey
  82. problem with wrists/hands
  83. WHO chart link please
  84. Coloxyl & Senna - Is it safe?
  85. HELP - not enough milk!!!
  86. Coffee & Breastfeeding
  87. Gastro and Breastfeeding
  88. How did you get your breastfed bub to sleep through the night?
  89. Dairy free diet (for breastfeeding)
  90. Being honest.. I dont enjoy it at all.. Is this normal???
  91. Is 5 weeks too late to start?
  92. Mastitis/Abscess
  93. Fussing and Tugging
  94. help- breastfeeding and maxolon
  95. milk supply after long night sleeps
  96. Feeling upset from negativity towards my choice to toddler bf and tandem feed
  97. Bra recommendations needed for big boobs
  98. Niplette? Flatish Nipples!
  99. Newborn spitting up and hiccups
  100. How do I know if my baby is getting enough breast milk?
  101. trouble positioning & attaching - big BB's & short arms!
  102. Breastfeeding & Mirena IUD
  103. Is it possible to overfeed a b/f baby?
  104. Can not get rid of THRUSH
  105. Expressing Breast Milk
  106. Need some help - urgent-ish - flat nipples, nipple shield question
  107. comfort sucking + use of dummy?
  108. Staph infection not candida
  109. Occasional shooting pain in one breast - what is it?? I don't know ..
  110. White spot on one nipple
  111. What is Aktivite
  112. effects of using ovestin cream and bfing???
  113. Long Term Comp Feeding - How do you prepare yourself
  114. Baby chiro/osteo check???
  115. Weight loss and breastfeeding....
  116. Let down and flow too strong for 2 week old baby - lots of wind! Help!
  117. Fenugreek Dose
  118. Weaning off Domperidone
  119. Has anyone tried sage tea for oversupply?
  120. Relactating
  121. Need some advice & support!! New breastfeeding mother....
  122. "Has your milk come in??"
  123. Breastfeeding & Silent Reflux.... need some info please
  124. Long Term High Dosage Motilium Users....
  125. It hurts!!
  126. HELP - 5 month old BF baby not gaining weight - long post.
  127. Painful stinging sensation
  128. Painful cyst in nipple
  129. Baby vomits after breastfeeding
  130. Long term nipple shield use?
  131. Vasospasm & Raynaud's Phenomenon (blanching of the nipple)
  132. Need advice/ support on work options & breastfeeding
  133. 2 week old only gained 35g in 12 days - so stressed
  134. Feed, Scream, Burp, Repeat...
  135. Lactation Cookies Recipe - Increase Breastmilk Supply
  136. Many breastfeeding problems are due to latching - here's lots of clips!
  137. How often should I be expressing?
  138. Educate me - nipple shields?
  139. So we're on the boob but...
  140. Is this too much of a loss?
  141. Her little top teeth are leaving a mark! Slightly ouchy! What to do?
  142. Is no day sleeps related to Trim milk?!
  143. A safe amount of wine?
  144. 12 month old wants bottle not booby
  145. Slow letdown
  146. New Lazy Latch and Fussing at Boob
  147. Question for Barb
  148. how long and how many feeds for 3 month old?
  149. Question For Barb & Anyone Else Who Can Help!
  150. Starting to Freak out... Returning to work soon
  151. Biting/kicking/pinching help please??
  152. oh dear.....poor mummy!
  153. What's normal?
  154. Need support to keep going
  155. Something is wrong with Lefty! Ouch! Mastitis??
  156. 9 week old and reduced feeding time - is this normal
  157. Dealing with low(er) weight gains mentally .....
  158. How much should I give?
  159. We did it!!!
  160. 6mo still feeding 2 hourly?
  161. Dropping day feeds?
  162. Oversupply???? Looking for advice please...
  163. Does B/F make you tired?
  164. No poo for 4 days...normal?
  165. OMG - a tooth!
  166. I gave in....
  167. Expressed amount reducing
  168. Breastfeeding Basics: Your Newborn Baby's Stomach Days 1-10
  169. Looking at night weaning to get more sleep....advice please
  170. Changed feeding pattern again !!
  171. I need help with a newborn falling asleep everytime she is feeding
  172. Ok, so I've read the info (re low supply)...but not sure what to think??
  173. Please help - baby who won't drink enough!
  174. blocked duct- how long will it take to clear?
  175. Feeding ALL DAY!!
  176. Okay to follow his lead?
  177. Being pressured to give up breastfeeding - HELP
  178. Vitamins and safety when b/feeding?
  179. failsafe diet and breastfeeding
  180. I feel so guilty about wanting to wean Ds at 12mths.........
  181. Sore below nipple - what could it be?
  182. Questions about pre-expressing and storing colostrum...BARB?
  183. How Much Milk Is Normal?
  184. help with ideas for expressing at outdoor event
  185. Is she weening? *cry*
  186. nearly all night feeding (5-6mth old)
  187. Green stringy poo in baby on exclusive EMB
  188. Just checking I am doing the right thing... temporary oversupply
  189. 16 day old constantly cluster feeding!
  190. Feeding while treating nipple thrush
  191. DH wants me to give DD formula at night :((
  192. Grazing me with front teeth
  193. I'm so tired of being bitten!!! 1yr old biting me HARD!
  194. Attachment problems - help!!!
  195. Location consultant recommendation
  196. Barb help/support - 'you may have to give up breastfeeding for your own health'
  197. When will feeding be regular/follow a pattern?
  198. Friend having trouble with breast refusal 5w.o.
  199. My Whole Boob is Sore..
  200. Barb - LC Recommendation please
  201. Breastfeeding and taking Lecithin from the very start?
  202. blocked milk ducts??? and a really sore nipple
  203. Will more day feeds = less night feeds?
  204. Just need a bit of support/vent!
  205. Ouch! Cracks and needing help!
  206. Donating Breastmilk
  207. help needed for a friend..
  208. Relactation, or possible tandem feeding, by non-bio parent
  209. HELP! Biting.
  210. Mainly feeding on left breast and attachment problems
  211. Blocked Milk Duct?
  212. Prolactin
  213. sore on areola due to teeth
  214. could this be lack of supply?
  215. demand feeding-too much/often??
  216. supply issue or just because its hot? Barb??
  217. 4 week old not hungry
  218. Considering giving up breastfeeding for my own physical/emotional health
  219. He keeps opening his mouth while feeding
  220. Bit confused as to what is going on?
  221. Mastitis - sooo painful - any tips?
  222. Any suggestions for increasing milk supply?
  223. My bad diet and BF
  224. 5 week old - 2 hourly daytime feeds? Is this a growth spurt?
  225. Toughening up nipples???
  226. Could this affect my supply?
  227. Continue taking Motillium? Barb / MR
  228. Change in attatchment?
  229. Blisters on my nipples! Ouch!!
  230. No rooting reflex?
  231. blocked duct-struggling to drain-nausea
  232. Extreme cluster feeding at night.. exhausted mummy needs advice.
  233. 16 day old sleeping 10hrs at night....is that ok???
  234. Breastfeeding and Yeast Infections
  235. BF with a toddler to entertain - how did you do it?
  236. EBM and teat flow?
  237. Is this normal?
  238. Problems digesting milk??
  239. My allergies and bfing
  240. Night sleep and supply question
  241. Unusual sleep?
  242. 8m finally taking bottle, continue BF???
  243. He has just stopped feeding well
  244. weaned almost three year old asks for BFs daily, what to do?
  245. I have a third nipple
  246. Painful nipple
  247. Want to breastfeed next time
  248. I just don't *want* to
  249. 12 months old and he's just damaged my nipple!!!
  250. Help - Total Breast Refusal @ 8/5mths
  251. can stress stop my milk? and what can i do?
  252. Not feeding for long enough?
  253. Is this normal at this stage?
  254. How do you bf your baby?
  255. Oversupply - how much is too much?
  256. Nipple Confusion
  257. Sick, Stressed, Dehydrated... Milk supply diminishing.. what can i do???
  258. drying up my milk...
  259. Minimum number of breast feeds?
  260. Help! Feel like giving up
  261. how long do i feed for?
  262. So sore!
  263. How often did your newborn feed ?
  264. Brest Feeding - Some Issues I encountered and how I overcame them
  265. No Appetite??
  266. Lacation Consultant rec for Randwick NSW
  267. Breast Refusal on one side - 13 month old
  268. White Spot on Nipple
  269. Appetite after immunisations
  270. What more can I do?
  271. Breast feeding and Periods
  272. Tandem feeding - your experiences?
  273. Not enjoying this
  274. Is this breast refusal?
  275. Breastfeeding + potential allergies?
  276. Is he weaning already??
  277. Breastfeeding help?
  278. seriously struggling :(
  279. Oversupply in one breast - what to do?
  280. In need of help
  281. Help Me Get Breastfeeding Right The Second Time Around
  282. Extremely painful feeding
  283. Complete Opposites. Help?
  284. Medication for increasing milk supply
  285. unused EBM
  286. 6 Month Old refusing breast, milk supply diminishing quickly ~ advice needed
  287. Help Me Please!
  288. not enjoying it as much this time round - bit of a vent!
  289. Time zone changes
  290. Anyone Hired Their Own Lactation Consultant For Hospital & Home Visits?
  291. All she wants is me to feed her when I am home!
  292. medication that inhibits prolactin and supply
  293. So frustrated that I'm here again......
  294. Biting - it really hurts!
  295. Mastitis and Augmentin ABs - how many days
  296. Feeling Devastated
  297. Really need help i am at a loss
  298. Baby taking my milk too fast and choking!
  299. Bleeding nipples!!
  300. Why a sudden dislike of one side?
  301. Feel like a failure..... :o(
  302. Forgot my EBM
  303. keep getting blocked duct in same place
  304. Need advice - Won't open his mouth, just chomps
  305. Feeling sad about being unsupported
  306. Severe letdown pains when not feeding
  307. Slowing down milk?
  308. mastitis, painful nipples, in agony :(
  309. Whats my 16month old doing? can we fix it?
  310. What should a 9/10month old feeding pattern be?
  311. Some advice on what to do - Continue to breastfeed?
  312. Breast pads ....Which ones?
  313. Anxiety and Let Down Reflex
  314. Flat nipples first time, what can I do to prepare
  315. Breastfeeding and Panadol
  316. Could this be thrush?
  317. What could this be?
  318. upping level of EBM in bottles for CC & SAHD
  319. Large breasts ...bubs slipping off
  320. sore nipples from comfort sucking
  321. milk production slowing on one side?
  322. Building supply back up?
  323. How long does this go on for!!
  324. Sore right breast
  325. very demanding toddler,tantrums and breastfeeds
  326. a few questions - going back to work
  327. Work, CC, EBM, Water, Solids, Cow's milk - it's doing my head in
  328. painful b/fing told 2 see paed speech pathologist
  329. So where do I go from here?
  330. How to combat breast refusal?
  331. Thrush
  332. Help - bitting and refusal
  333. Few problems..
  334. Night waking again
  335. I have a confession
  336. Foods to avoid?
  337. Feeling sad, lost,guilty and lots of other emotions.....
  338. throwing out the formula measure
  339. Completely Desperate!
  340. Vomiting after coughing
  341. I think it might be time to Wean :-(
  342. ease a cold whilst breastfeeding?
  343. Sad, diff TTC and I am BF, do I need to wean?
  344. How to increasing milk supply while pregnant?
  345. need some help for my sister/nephew with breastfeeding issues
  346. night weaning but not total weaning
  347. OUCH...... So sore....
  348. What on earth have I done!
  349. Not sure whats happening but need some help
  350. low weight gain in BF bub? suggestions