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  1. Any VBAC Veterans out there?
  2. What does VBAC mean
  3. vbac - is anyone else trying?
  4. VBAC / EBAC Discussion
  5. VBAC questions
  6. Natural Breech Birth
  7. Breech & Posterior Babies + Having a Vaginal Breech Birth
  8. Does breech = automatic c/s?
  9. natural birth after c section
  10. VBAC / EBAC Discussion #2
  11. VBAC question
  12. Birth After Caesarean Study
  13. VBA2C
  14. A new DVD out for VBAC'ers
  15. vaginal breech birth & changing OB's
  16. VBAC Care - Ob or Midwife?
  17. natural after ceaser???
  18. Birth After Caesarean Support Group QLD
  19. VBAC / EBAC Discussion #3
  20. Natural birth after caesarean??
  21. Breech Baby at 34 weeks
  22. vbac - anyone with personal experience?
  23. I'm going to try for a VBAC!!!
  24. Those who have had a successful VBAC...
  25. c sections and the posibilities for a natural birth after?
  26. VBAC / EBAC Discussion #4
  27. HBA3C montage - Get your tissues out...!!!
  28. having vag birth after c-section with big baby!
  29. VBAC (10pd 1 oz) Need advice
  30. Anyone had VBA2c's??
  31. VBAC after 2 c/s?
  32. VBAC & Twins
  33. Prem C-sect.. then full term VBAC???
  34. Has anyone laboured (VBAC#2) with degenerative disc disease?
  35. It's getting closer!!!
  36. Help keep me motivated with VBAC
  37. Highly probable for another c/s really want VBAC
  38. Awesome news
  39. Recommended VBAC Books & Resources
  40. Investigations Stage - VBA2C
  41. only 9 weeks to go and scared
  42. risks for C risks for VBA2C's
  43. questions with vbac
  44. VBAC after EMERGENCY C/S???
  45. how does VBAC work?
  46. TVS could reduce umbilical cord prolapse during breech term delivery
  47. vbaC2 VERY important to me
  48. Husband Not supporting VBAC
  49. To VBAC or not to VBAC
  50. New encouraging VBAC/rupture studies published 2007
  51. Study: Vaginal birth after 2nd & 3rd c/s
  52. Positive Stories of VBAC
  53. Anyone planning a HBAC??
  54. Vba2c and diabetes
  55. Yoga for preparing for a VBAC?
  56. Welcome to VBAC, HBAC and Vaginal Breech Birth
  57. Home vs Hospital
  58. post date VBAC!
  59. Slow dilation
  60. VBA3C...am I dreaming???
  61. Anyone have Silent Knife for sale?
  62. Not happy Jan....
  63. Surprise fear!!
  64. hmm worried VBAC?
  65. Carrie got her VBAC!!
  66. no VBAC :(
  67. Some good reasons for wanting a VBAC over another c-section
  68. All or nothing, your thoughts?
  69. Raspberry Leaf Tablets?
  70. really positive midwife app, she was very supportive of my VABC
  71. sex after c-section?
  72. your all amazing
  73. Why no hospital VBAC classes?
  74. RLT and successful VBAC??
  75. VBAC, no first time labour - any success stories?
  76. perthies talk me into going to king edward!!
  77. Inducement not allowed if trying for a VBAC???
  78. VBAC question when overweight
  79. Is my scar behaving, or is it just muscular pain
  80. breech birth please help
  81. Q's about VBAC's
  82. Time restricted for VBAC
  83. can I help my baby to engage????
  84. C sect scar sore,a nd swollen?
  85. staying home in labor - a good idea?
  86. VBAC Information Sessions (QLD)!!!!!
  87. VBAC Big babies?
  88. VBAC - You can do it!
  89. I did it!! VBAC2
  90. How many VBAC'ers here on BB?
  91. VBAC possible for me?
  92. Best hospital in Melbourne for a chance at VBAC???
  93. VBAC with anterior placenta?
  94. Strep B and waters breaking
  95. natural products to help ripen
  96. VBAC Experiences?
  97. Important Vbac Question
  98. Would you risk having a VBAC home birth?
  99. considering C section - Very long!
  100. ECV
  101. How many VBAC's can you have?
  102. Parter not supporting HBAC-I can't find Water VBAC friendly Ob on Gold Coas :(
  103. Ob's being stand off-ish
  104. i am having a vag breech birth
  105. My growth scan for VBAC
  106. having a down day :(
  107. Aggghhh! VBAC or maternal-assisted c-section
  108. How long did you wait between pregnancies for your VBAC
  109. Am I being selfish to want a VBAC when no one else does?
  110. Anyone had a VBA2C in Perth?
  111. Birth After Caesarean - Your Options in WA - March 28
  112. VBAC with twins
  113. Strep B & VBAC
  114. Induction after caesarean??????
  115. VBAC is it possible with incisional hernia
  116. Bring It On!!!!!
  117. vbac vs c/s , im stuck with a decision ...wdid???
  118. VBA3C- interviewing obs before being pregnant?
  119. Henci Goer's VBAC article
  120. Sex After VB- Help!
  121. Sarah's Cheering Squad
  122. Quick Q - how long to wait b/w pregnancies..
  123. Thinking WAY ahead here...
  124. stretch and sweep today waters to be broken on wednesday
  125. Vbac that did go wrong!
  126. Unsure on what decision to make
  127. Does this mean I may not get my VBAC?
  128. NYT Article about health insurance and prior caesars (US)
  129. VBAC in Melbourne
  130. Vbac or CSEC???? what to do???
  131. VBA2C's ?? Is it possible ??
  132. Share your Story
  133. Silent Knife?
  134. Posterior Placents and VBAC Q ??
  135. VBAC
  136. Could I face another c-section?
  137. Am I VBAC candidate??
  138. % of risk after a successful VBAC
  139. More VBAC questions and doubts..plus a vent....
  140. VBA2C - Brisbane
  141. New Vbac Workshop Perth
  142. Me again.... VBAC questions to ask hospital.....
  143. Go Mel Go!!
  144. internal classical c section
  145. vba3c-wanting to hear of success stories
  146. Advice or ideas, anything????
  147. A revelation - why my mum isn't happy about my attempt at VBAC
  148. refusal of care
  149. Advice and Tips...
  150. Positive Messages For Mel's VBAC
  151. vbac advice pls
  152. Questions to ask Ob about previous CS with the aim to VBA2C??
  153. Is it true? (tmi)
  154. questions about vbac stuff ...
  155. VBA2C less than a year after last cesarean
  156. Question about a second VBAC??
  157. I'm new and an hoping for VBA2C at King Edward in December
  158. VBAC and Big baby???? Possible???
  159. VBAC with chronic hypertension
  160. Need some information???
  161. Q`s to ask the OB tomorrow at Mercy *VBAC hopeful*
  162. VBA2C trainee MW or doula... Possible???
  163. Go Tan!! Postive messages for her VBAC!!
  164. VBAC mums in Perth meet up???
  165. Help me work through last minute questions and heebie jeebies!!....
  166. I can have a VBAC if....
  167. Weird Questions
  168. What can you have for the pain?
  169. labour duration....?
  170. For those that have had a VBAC
  171. Planned v emergency
  172. VBAC study - help me work out why?....
  173. Have you used pink kit 4 VBAC?
  174. Calling womyn wanting to give BIRTH after having a caesarean!!!!!
  175. Silent knife
  176. No active birth for VBAC?
  177. Terrified about my VBAC
  178. Any vbac after failed induction stories?
  179. Acupuncture effective for Breech presentation
  180. My Dear Friend Got a VBAC!
  181. Second labour but nearly 11 years since the last
  182. Can you have a VBAC with twins?
  183. VBAC after Inverted T incision C-section
  184. medical events that would warrant a CS
  185. community attitudes
  186. Hopeful VBAC2.....however....
  187. Birth Choices Feedback Please
  188. bilateral extension inferiorly on both angles
  189. how fast/slow is a uterine rupture?
  190. second hand pink kit or silent knife
  191. Risks for VBA3C Vs 4th Csect
  192. Artificial Rupture of Membranes for VBACer`s?
  193. vbac in birthing centre
  194. Grrrr! VBAC in waiting ** vent **
  195. Midwife Caseload options at Sunshine Hospital
  196. Being refused a VBAC for suspected large baby
  197. Unbiased Articles etc
  198. Back to basics :-)
  199. weasel words in the literature
  200. very supportive hospital but......
  201. VBA2Cx2!!!
  202. Probs with hospital policies.
  203. Home birth after caesarean information?
  204. VBAC after very early C-section?
  205. What was your Labour length if VBAC?
  206. When to 'prepare'?
  207. Epi for VBAC
  208. VBAC experiences at Royal Womens, Brisbane
  209. If my waters break what shall I do?!
  210. looking for VBAC2 stories from Melbourne
  211. VBAC experiences at Logan Hospital, Qld
  212. Where you scared to have a VBAC, but did it anyway?
  213. Were you scared to have a VBAC, but did it anyway?
  214. Just wondering
  215. C section/VBAC - Wont know till 36 weeks
  216. Hossy as soon a labour starts for VBAC? Why?
  217. Looks like no VBAC for me... very upset.
  218. Ways to better your body for VBAC?
  219. Great vbac and breech success story
  220. Time taken for emergancy c/s
  221. Who has tried a VBA2C?
  222. scared of not going into labour
  223. Anyone done a hypnobirthing class in Victoria - recommendations?
  224. Does anyone have any VBAC book that they would like to lend out/sell?
  225. Help! Big decision to make re VBAC
  226. Wanting VBAC but might be C/S question
  227. Anyone had a breech baby, vbac and a breech baby (both c-sections?)
  228. My only VBAC fear
  229. VBAC Classes in Brisbane??
  230. Uterine rupture during VBAC?
  231. Breech Vaginal Birth after Caesarean/s
  232. Is it possible to have a VBAC in a Birth Centre?
  233. VBAC - WCH Adel?
  234. Partner concerned about size of baby with VBAC2...anyone birth a big baby (over 8lb)?
  235. VBAC after twins
  236. Breech VB
  237. Inducing VBAC? also VBAC at Gold Coast Hospital stories?
  238. How long between your csection and vbac?
  239. Will I still be high risk with subsequent labours?
  240. monitoring with vbac
  241. beautiful Twin homebirth VBA3C
  242. Deciding to VBAC at FMC
  243. Help me get my VBAC
  244. Vbac2?
  245. VBAC, Overdue and accupunture
  246. Does anyone have a Hypnobirthing CD they would like to lend/sell me?
  247. Not Helpful - A little support would be nice...
  248. I did it!! VBA2C at Sunshine Hossie!!
  249. Can you have Syntocin for 3rd Stage if VBACing?
  250. VBAC- Water 'type' birth......?
  251. my VBA2C story
  252. My VBA2C story at the Mater - escaped automatic c-section @ Logan hosp!
  253. I'm in a spin - Help!
  254. can u
  255. To vbac or not to vbac? that is the question...
  256. Not all Obs are bad...
  257. 35wks - Transverse - chances of VBAC?
  258. Anyone heard of this before?
  259. My VBA2C in a private hospital with a private OB and an Independant Midwife!!
  260. how long to wait to concieve post C/S?
  261. VBAC...EBAC... how do you make that decision...?
  262. WANTED: Private midwife to support me with VBA2C
  263. Please tell me about your VBAC experiences positive and negative :)
  264. Vbac with a cervical suture
  265. Silent Knife
  266. VBA2C X 2 and a whopper!!
  267. Potential for VBAC - surprised!
  268. Inducing after C Section
  269. Is a Vba3c possibly at Nambour Public??
  270. Gutted - been denied a VBA2C
  271. 1 in 20 are they good odds??
  272. Been offered VBAC attempt no 4 still in shock!! feedback required.
  273. What do I need to do first
  274. VBA3C-what to do first.
  275. My choices - Repeat CS or Induced VBAC, I don't know what to do.
  276. VBA2C Article
  277. vbac hospital guidelines/policy - choosing to forgo some
  278. VBAC in Perth
  279. I need help convincing DH VBAC is a good idea
  280. Dr Seems Fine with VBAC
  281. VBAC at the Mercy Hospital for Women (Heidelberg)
  282. VBAC
  283. What if noone supports a VBAC attempt?
  284. Best VBAC hospitals in NSW?
  285. Questions to ask?
  286. Going over due date for VBAC
  287. VBAC in melbourne... where did you go?
  288. De-breif of traumatic birth at Hospital today - what should I ask?
  289. A bit of a silly question....
  290. VBAC Inspiration
  291. anyone heard of this??
  292. just something of interest...
  293. Would you take advice from a failed VBACer?
  294. Did you have a VBAC with a private OB?
  295. Feeling dejected about my VBAC
  296. Best hospital for VBAC in VIC
  297. VBAC and Diabetes
  298. VBACS and what I may have to watch out for.
  299. positive c/s should I try VBAC?
  300. Love to hear your positive Breech Stories
  301. VBAC / EBAC Discussion #5
  302. everyone trying to talk me out of VBAC
  303. Scared Ill Rupture...
  304. Am I setting myself up to rupture next time?
  305. Positive VBAC stories please :)
  306. Attempting vbac....11 weeks to go
  307. Getting over rupture risk - how did you do it?
  308. Large baby - sucessful VBAC??
  309. Would you induce for VBAC?
  310. VBA3C wanted....
  311. "oh, now I understand...."
  312. Prepared for VBAC and accepting C/S???
  313. VBA2C and inverted t incision - is it too risky?
  314. Not feeling supported for VBAC
  315. BB VBAC Facebook Group - YAH!
  316. how far off do you think labour could be? advice/reassurance sought
  317. Hopeful VBA3C when the time is right
  318. Giving birth subsequent to VBAC
  319. David Simon's fees??
  320. Where did you buy Silent Knife?
  321. Dr. Stuart Fischbein: VBAC (YouTube Clip)
  322. Transverse Lie - trying to VBAC
  323. VBAC Statistics?
  324. I'm feeling good about my VBAC
  325. Article: VBAC women forced to freebirth
  326. VBAC... oh so dangerous... ;)
  327. VBAC 17mths between babies
  328. Tips for VBAC
  329. Abby Epstein had a VBAC (the director of The business of being born)
  330. Ignorant comment (LONG)
  331. ARM & Vbac - what to expect?
  332. Where did you have your VBAC?
  333. best chance? PUBLIC/PRIVATE????
  334. I feel like my chances of a VBAC are sliding away!!
  335. Supportive/unsupportive OB do they try to scare you out of VBAC attempt?
  336. hopes of vbac fading fast!
  337. Wish me luck
  338. Pain at scar during pregnancy?
  339. Tell me I'm not crazy for wanting a VBAC...
  340. Letter from hospital, why trial of labour isn't supported.
  341. Anybody had VBA3C.....
  342. Music Gurus Wanted - Soundtrack for VBAC
  343. accupucture in melbourne for turning breech baby
  344. Questions about first birth to help with second
  345. Best OB for VBAC in Melb
  346. VBAC in SA
  347. Copy of silent knife
  348. What are my chances of VBAC after one Caeser? Advice and stories PLEASE..!
  349. pregnant with twins!... is it possible to have a VBAC???
  350. Queensland Hospital VBAC's?