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  1. Study: VBA2C (after 2 caesareans)
  2. Article: Vaginal Birth Not Linked to Urinary Incontinence
  3. Article: Caesarean Sections Continue To Rise
  4. Article: A Rising Tide of Water Births
  5. Article: More mums prefer to induce birth
  6. Article: 'Coached' pushing offers little benefit
  7. Article: Delaying cord clamping reduces anemia
  8. Article: Midwife-led births seen as safe and cheap
  9. Article: Imminent death of a centre gives birth to controversy
  10. Article: More Women Should Have Babies at Home (UK government)
  11. Article: Research shows delayed clamping reduces brain bleeds; infections
  12. Article: Repeat C-Sections Raise Risk of Maternal Morbidity
  13. Article: Too Many Caesars
  14. Article: Epidurals increase instrumental use by 40%
  15. Articles: Australia wide Obstetrician shortage
  16. Article: Timing of cord clamping
  17. Article: Risks Fail to Deter Caesarean Births
  18. Article: After First Cesarean, Risks Increase in Next Pregnancy
  19. Mothers Not Just 'Too Posh To Push'
  20. Article: Extreme Birth
  21. Birth & The Autism Epidemic - (Inc. Australian Study)
  22. Obstetricians Unite Against Waterbirth
  23. Article: Cerebral Palsy linked to viral infection at birth
  24. Aeroplane breech delivery!!
  25. Study: Caesareans increase risk of placenta praevia & abruption
  26. Two articles from Age re: c/s inc. comment from Lionel Steinberg
  27. Article: Another Study Supporting Delayed Cord Clamping
  28. Doctors Fail To Discuss Options To Caesareans
  29. Article: Caesarean risk higher when labour induced
  30. Article: At-risk babies monitored in womb
  31. Update on Doula problems in Ireland
  32. Article: Bad Advice Puts Babies At Risk
  33. an article about obs
  34. Article: Breastfeeding Debate
  35. Elective Caesarean births put babies at three times the risk of dying
  36. Article: Risk in Cutting Umbilical Cord Too Early
  37. Chemicals Turning Unborn Boys Into Girls
  38. Protesters seek better midwife services
  39. Midwives abused after ACA story
  40. Parents-to-be choosing cheaper option
  41. More Women Dying: The Caesarean Epidemic
  42. Curvier spines aid pregnant women
  43. Swab left inside caesarean woman
  44. The Assault on Normal Birth: The Ob Disinformation Campaign by Henci Goer
  45. NY Times: And the Doula Makes Four
  46. Think you are too small? Then see this (birth images/nudity)
  47. Slow Parenting
  48. Integration of doulas into a hospital setting
  49. Birth YouTube Clip - A Must For EVERY Pregnant Woman!!!!
  50. Do Parents Matter
  51. Article by Monica Dux: It's A Woman's Right To Choose How She Births
  52. Why Obstetrics is one of the least evidence based, studied form of medicine
  53. Study: Risk of Stillbirth Week by Week (late third trimester)
  54. Fish can't see water: the need to humanize birth in Australia by Marsden Wagner
  55. New Research Shows Why Every Week of Pregnancy Counts
  56. Clips from a birth documentary, spoken by doctors only. Great info - check it out!
  57. 1974 Maternity Ward Pamphlet for New Mothers
  58. Beautiful Birth video
  59. Face of Birth movie...
  60. If you watched 'The Business of Being Born' and loved it... (question!)
  61. Cervical Scar Tissue - a big issue that no-one is talking about
  62. When and How to Push: Providing the Most Current Information About Second-Stage Labor
  63. Your First Night of Labour - or, how not to sabotage a perfectly good birth
  64. Fear and childbirth- article from The Age
  65. News Of The Week: Scientists Discover What Triggers Labour
  66. Welcome to Birth Information and Education - Articles and Clips
  67. The Business of Being Born: Full Documentary NOW On YouTube - A MUST WATCH!
  68. article- Confinement period
  69. Finding a balance between obstetric technology and human biology
  70. Outcomes of Routine Episiotomy: A Systematic Review (2005 article)
  71. Surprise Twin Homebirth
  72. Calmbirth practice
  73. what do you eat/ drink in labor?
  74. Ina May Birth Story Movie
  75. MC Movie Nights - Melbourne