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  1. washing cloth nappies.
  2. Prewashing nappies
  3. How to wash modern cloth nappies?
  4. clothies and front loaders
  5. Laundering/lanolising wool soakers
  6. Smelly MCNs - getting the smell out
  7. Mould on cotton prefold
  8. Welcome to the Nappy Care, Washing & Maintenance Forum
  9. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. Stains and Smells
  11. Washing detergent
  12. hard terry flats
  13. Dry pailing when away
  14. Too much research has left me VERY confused...
  15. Stiff Nappies
  16. White nappies??
  17. newborn poo stains
  18. Help! Cherry stains!
  19. Barrier creams and MCNs?
  20. Washing cloth wipes
  21. Storing and washing
  22. ..strip washes!
  23. Replacing elastic
  24. New machine has ruined elastic in BumGenius's
  25. Stinky Bamboo Flats!!
  26. First poo on cloth!!!! advice needed.
  27. no sew cloth wipes
  28. Do you rinse off the poo?
  29. Anyone tried boiling them?
  30. What powder do you use?
  31. de-fluffing machine !!!
  32. Poo stains and no sun!!
  33. Really dumb question but - can I wash nappies together?
  34. Dettol Rinse
  35. No sun, is all hope lost?
  36. they're still losing colour!!!!!!
  37. coloured terrys and lint?
  38. Which Washing Machine?
  39. Creams....
  40. Cleaning Wool Cover
  41. clean but smells?? - stripwash
  42. Nappies being destroyed by washing machine
  43. Little squirt question
  44. Toxic Wee
  45. Anything similar to a Little Squirt?
  46. Sudocream on MCN??
  47. anyone tried borax with MCN?
  48. The first wash?
  49. Washing machine broken!
  50. Does any one use 1 tbls of Bicarb in the bath for nappy rash?
  51. dumb question..soaking flats...
  52. Washing powder with softener
  53. SoapNuts
  54. Arghhh!! HELP HELP PLEASE!!!
  55. Washing Powder...
  56. Little Squirt and bum rash creams
  57. About to pre-wash my MCN... HELP!!!
  58. New to MCN's - need help!
  59. MCNs and grey water recycling
  60. A cleaning question
  61. How much lansinoh for wool covers?
  62. Ironing
  63. What's your washing regime?
  64. what washing machine do you have/recommend
  65. Pasta Sauce on PUL cover
  66. Worth Fixing?
  67. Pink Problem
  68. Panadol Stains
  69. Washing and caring for MCNs....
  70. can I wash nappies with clothes?
  71. I want to use cloth wipes
  72. IB Elastic driving me crazzzyy
  73. Unshrinking Woolies - HELP
  74. Sensitive skin
  75. Hemp pre wash
  76. Nappies on the line......
  77. Do I need to soak flats??
  78. Pocket nappy prewash...
  79. Dry inbetween prewashes??
  80. What do I do with cloth nappies?
  81. not as soft anymore
  82. sudocrem and MCNs?
  83. nappy PUL layer gone weird - is this nappy dead?
  84. Help! My MCNs are still showing poo stains after washing them!
  85. Help with a stain issue please
  86. how do you get yours dry...
  87. How to reduce nappy bucket odour??
  88. Velcro getting stuck in wash!
  89. Detergent *long*
  90. HELP!!!!
  91. haute traditional pockets
  92. Brauer cream and MCNs
  93. Stinky AIOs
  94. Washing in cold water? Is this madness?!!
  95. Would you use dettol?
  96. anyone made your own 'little squirt'?
  97. Front Loader - Poo Question!
  98. Terry flats and bum rash cream??????
  99. Stinky nappies
  100. Whats Your Routine?
  101. IMPORTANT News about Bamboo Care
  102. ooopsie! Please help...
  103. Little squirt problem - please help!
  104. dymadon/neurofen stains?
  105. Nappy liners!
  106. Can I add essential oil to spray lanolin?
  107. Wool BBH cover put in with napisan??!!
  108. Itti Inserts - drying??
  109. No sun in apartment!
  110. Replacing elastic?? Ittis?
  111. Jurlique Barrier Cream
  112. BBH repelling water
  113. moldy nappies??
  114. HELP!! i accidently shrunk my new wool cover
  115. Help. Bepanthen on my cloth nappy. How to remove?
  116. Washing Machine Survey-help me find a washing machine that washes nappies effectively
  117. Has anyone else had trouble washing nappies in an ASKO Water Saving Washing Machine?
  118. Pawpaw cream?
  119. Sticky stuff on PUL cover
  120. home made washing powder for MCN's...?
  121. Washing NEW nappies?
  122. Help! Absolute crisis washing nappies
  123. DF thinks his way is best, I think my way is best- WDYT?
  124. How to get poo stains out?
  125. Liner for the nappy bin?
  126. Did I ruin my new nappies?
  127. strip wash for a front loader
  128. vinegar & bicarb soda
  129. washing new pre-folds
  130. Is a liner required with Baby bee botty butter?
  131. New elastic for old mcn?
  132. Sudo cream in MCN
  133. [HELP] zero residue detergent ?
  134. removing stains
  135. Powder amounts and canesten Q.
  136. What to do with cloth nappies when their time is over??
  137. Eucalyptus, lavender and tea-tree oil
  138. Mildew spots on bumgenius
  139. Lux soap flakes
  140. Pink staining on my MCNs?
  141. Strip wash qu.
  142. PUL is leaking?
  143. My AIOs smell like a wet dog
  144. you'd think i'd know the answers after so long... washing cloth nappies
  145. Saturated nappies, nappie liners and smell! Please help; )
  146. Best washing powder for cloth nappies
  147. microfibre smell
  148. How would you wash second hand nappies before you you them?
  149. All poo is not created equal, help!
  150. BBH wool cover- first wash
  151. Can you make BBH fold ups soft again?
  152. raw silk liners
  153. quick tips for dryers
  154. dirt collected on microfleece/suede
  155. revitalising newborn stash?
  156. Help! Save my stash!!
  157. Ok, so not actually nappies.....