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  1. Nursing/Midwifery students (or wannabes LOL)....
  2. study Midwifery externally??
  3. Anyone out there studying
  4. Online Study
  5. open universities Australia
  6. Risks of External Midwifery Training Interstate
  7. Who's applying for uni next year?
  8. Thomson Education/Study at home
  9. Why am I DOING this???
  10. external uni??
  11. Has anyone studied Editing/ Publishing?
  12. Motivation Thread
  13. Good Choice??
  14. Masters and a 1 year old
  15. Welcome to Adult Education
  16. Uni Applicants 2008
  17. Uni Students 2008
  18. Anyone else going through PhD thesis hell?
  19. Changing schools.
  20. Will it work Full Time Study & a baby?
  21. Anyone waiting on Febuary intake results?
  22. Any women in trades out there?
  23. Anyone used Cengage Education? (Formerly Thomson education)
  24. EeeeKKKK Res School tomorrow....GULP
  25. Should I, Could I?
  26. Those who have studied with small kids......
  27. Anyone doing BMid externally through UniSA???
  28. What if I don't fit behind the desks at uni?!?!??!!
  29. i want to study but . . .
  30. What uni/college are you studying at?
  31. Open Access College SA?
  32. Can Midwifery be taught?
  33. Formating Word 2003 documents - help needed!
  34. I need some advice about a change in careers
  35. DH not supportive unless it is his way
  36. I need info/contacts for Doula training courses...
  37. Bonnie Babes Grief Counselling Training Courses 2008
  38. Mid-semester... how's everyone going??
  39. OMG!!! I got a Distinction on my first Uni Assignment!!
  40. I want to be a...
  41. getting into uni - mature age
  42. Studying with young child
  43. Calling all doulas who studied online...
  44. i feel dumb i need help
  45. Q's about the bachelor Of Midwifery Undergraduate degree
  46. wondering if any of you could help me yet again ??
  47. Wanting to study midwifery but unsure of avenues - HELP!
  48. Feel like I'm hitting a wall...
  49. Anyone doing PhD or doctorate with a bub?
  50. Back to School!
  51. Any other Doula's currently studying with Childbirth Int?
  52. Anyone doing B Mid at ACU (Brisbane)?
  53. Midwifery students
  54. Entry to Bachelor of Midwifery - help please
  55. Anyone Done A Short Course Through A CAE?
  56. anyone applied for bachelor midwifery as a mature age student?
  57. Please help me choose a uni in SA!
  58. distance education?
  59. Applying for certificate IV in nursing for 2009
  60. Biomechanics! Help from anyone please...someone medical??
  61. Who's applying for uni?
  62. Midwifery at ACU
  63. Griffith University BMid 2010 hopefuls
  64. Sunshine Coast University...any students ??
  65. Anyone studying Nutrition?
  66. Thinking of Going Back to Uni - Q...
  67. Letter of Motivation for University
  68. Going to Uni with a baby? Is it possible?
  69. Letter of Recommendation - I have to write it myself!!
  70. Application for Uni - Order of Docs
  71. TAFE courses and babies!??
  72. Help - Any ideas???
  73. Study burn out tips??
  74. I got in!!!
  75. Anatomy and Physiology - Q for medical people?
  76. I want to study but it all seems so hard
  77. This shouldn't be so hard - stoopid Pi Form (VTAC)
  78. STOOPID me!!!
  79. Lawyer Needed for Appeal against Graduation Decision
  80. Wanting to go to uni - 4 kids - good idea?
  81. Need to submit this tonight; what do you think?
  82. Courses for improving written English
  83. Yay for me
  84. Am I dreaming???
  85. Griffith B of Mid
  86. ~Serenity~
  87. Midwifry, can you study at home??
  88. arrrrr can't get motivated
  89. Trying to get a thesis written over Christmas/Summer
  90. Considering Uni in 2010
  91. UniSA or Flinders for B. Nursing?
  92. what do i need?
  93. Going back to school after long time
  94. Anyone at either ACU or Uni of QLD Studying Midwifery?
  95. Any ACU brisbane students ?
  96. Working with animals?? Where to start?
  97. Started Birth Doula study
  98. Well... I GOT IN!!!! but...
  99. year 2 community services cert IV - here i come!
  100. Oh no!
  101. Question re B Midwifery
  102. Considering going to uni - but didn't finish yr.12
  103. Becoming a Doula
  104. So glad I waited...
  105. anyone starting CQU Bachelor Learning Management?
  106. need help getting wording on ethics sentence
  107. HOW do you study??
  108. Anyone studied Cert IV ATP
  109. Is it too late to defer?
  110. Anyone done/doing Post Grad Mid?
  111. Which one is better
  112. 2000-2009- how to describe decade? 2000s?
  113. Nursing at UQ/QUT?
  114. why do i feel like dirt?
  115. have decided
  116. Child Care Options For Uni Students
  117. Adult Courses at Centre for Continuing Education (or language anywhere)
  118. little C or big C
  119. BIG changes to NEIS coming in July...
  120. Need some advise...
  121. Online/further education recommendations
  122. Southern Cross University
  123. Has anyone done the TPP at USQ?
  124. enrolled nursing
  125. how crap is this
  126. Please help me with my assignment!! Healthy eating survey.
  127. Anyone studying/studied Psychology?
  128. Midwifery @ Uni
  129. has anyone sat the STAT testing??? ( SA )
  130. Beauty Therapy Courses
  131. Qualifications to be a ultrasound technician
  132. Study with young children
  133. Personal Competencies assessment
  134. Summer school
  135. Anyone studying with Open University Australia?
  136. DD wants to be a Midwife, TER scores, Deakin or ACU?
  137. Has anyone studied Criminology?
  138. Help!
  139. I want a creative career change - can it be done?
  140. young uni mums melb s/e
  141. Cert III Children's Services
  142. applying to study 2010
  143. Pathology collection?
  144. Help with Maths question
  145. wanting to become a midwife... where to start?
  146. To those of u who studied childrens services?
  147. GU Bachelor of Mid 2010
  148. Anyone else studying Law?
  149. What to do
  150. How long after birth should I wait to study?
  151. Has anyone studied Naturopathy?
  152. Want to work in Women/Child Safety.... Advice?
  153. Yay! I passed my Masters
  154. Full time study Questions
  155. Can anyone give me a heads up in math?
  156. What to study?
  157. Study, work and being a mum!
  158. Becoming a Social worker...
  159. midwifery course perth?
  160. I want to be a midwife, but no idea where to start, or even if I can :(
  161. Well I have done it!! Nursing here I come!
  162. Anyone at CDU?
  163. Doing nursing at tafe next year, just need some pointers lol?
  164. Accounting.
  165. Bach of Mid ACU Brisbane
  166. Am i crazy?
  167. I really want to g back to study. So many things I want to do!!
  168. Do you think she'll go for it?
  169. Open Universities/UniSA plus a few more Q's!
  170. Studying 2010 chat thead..........
  171. I've finished my Cert III in Fitness!!!
  172. Murdoch University- Perth
  173. WIST bridging program CQUni
  174. Its not cheating
  175. I really don't know what to do......
  176. LSAT question
  177. Moodle - CQU
  178. 1st Day at Uni
  179. Road safety and mums
  180. thinking of withdrawing from uni....
  181. Should I transfer or withdraw completely?
  182. Nursing??
  183. Studying from home with a bub
  184. What's your study day routine?
  185. Anyone study/ have H.R qualifications?
  186. Credit average at what mark?
  187. TAFE entry requirements confusing me?
  188. I need some ideas...
  189. Is there any type of fee help?
  190. My clinical placement
  191. My clinical placement
  192. I am desperate for help with a law question for my assignment
  193. Opinions please
  194. what are you studying?
  195. direct entry into midwifery?
  196. PCA Course
  197. Which course?
  198. Kindergarten Teaching?
  199. Photography Courses
  200. Help from Midwives needed please
  201. Anyone have access to journal- Practical Neurology?
  202. when is the right time to start a doula course?
  203. Cengage Courses- what do you think about it?
  204. Nursing/Midwifery
  205. Education Support
  206. Has anyone studied at southbank institute of technology?
  207. Do you study at a desk?
  208. So how Did everyone go?!?!?
  209. cert 3 in childrens services Q's
  210. Converting PDF to word document
  211. What, when & how?
  212. Studying Child Care, options, opinions
  213. Midwifery or aged care!
  214. Help from any Teachers out there
  215. Anyone recently sat the STAT test???
  216. VTAC - can anyone help me understand?
  217. So what happens from here?
  218. Youth work- Cert IV
  219. Vtac Application question claiming your courses
  220. So is this a positive sign?
  221. Annoyed.....
  222. Can you apply for a course at Uni before doing a STAT?
  223. Anyone doing their Masters????
  224. Nursing question
  225. Non specific religion chaplaincy
  226. Anyone studied 1st year NUrsing at Griffith and then trasnferred to UQ + got credit?
  227. Help/advice!! Don't know how it all works!
  228. Distance learning...
  229. Becoming a Teacher?
  230. Does anyone know the RPL process?
  231. centerlink help?
  232. Anyone studying nursing at CQU? I need a copy of a course profile
  233. Waiting game
  234. I need to do something with my life....
  235. Tips for learning a new language? Which one?
  236. Advanced Diploma in Children's Services
  237. Talk to me about nursing...
  238. Anyone else studying/studied education at uni?
  239. CCB
  240. Fees...
  241. Is there a Student Midwife thread?
  242. Anyone else starting BNursing externally through CQU this year?
  243. I got in!!!
  244. 2011 VTAC Offers...
  245. Anyone want to give me some feedback for an arts assignment?
  246. Becoming a Mothercraft Nurse or MCHN
  247. I need help to decide what to do :(
  248. I got in to uni to do my Masters in SW, but been 13 yrs since study
  249. Lactation Consultant
  250. My mind is being torn 2 ways
  251. Uni Offers are coming out!!
  252. So where did you get your text books from??
  253. Who has done Cert IV in Human Resources at TAFE?
  254. Uni offers...... Warning disturbing content
  255. Nursing student and being vaccinated for placements?
  256. Studying Chinese (Mandarin)
  257. Text Books!
  258. Loosing the 'freedom' of being a SAHM when going back to uni.....
  259. Argh what am I supposed to do???
  260. Teachers, I need your help!
  261. How do you do it ladies? Being a mummy and uni student! I just dunno what to do?
  262. A few weeks in......how is everyone finding it?
  263. thinking of starting uni
  264. cert III in children's services
  265. Tomorrow at uni
  266. I'm over this!
  267. Art courses
  268. Would you correct your lecturer?
  269. UAI from many years ago
  270. Tell me about online courses
  271. Why did you pick your field?
  272. Lecturer driving me bonkers!
  273. Tell Me I'm Crazy
  274. Help getting into nursing
  275. I just enrolled to study :D
  276. Advanced Diploma, children's services?
  277. Major in sociology
  278. Tafe & Centrelink question
  279. studying business admin....
  280. Possible student searching for midwives to share their experiences
  281. External study, experiences please.
  282. Children services
  283. FT midwifery study with a toddler and no family support
  284. Diploma Children's [email protected]
  285. Primary School Teaching - Tell Me About It
  286. So I have decided I want to be a midwife!!! Some questions for those studying or have
  287. SAHM studing university course externally - tips and advice?
  288. Who's the best person to speak to re. HECS type stuff
  289. Teachers Aide
  290. Part-time Study with a Newborn
  291. Joining the ranks...
  292. Has anyone studied through USQ?
  293. Admin course questions
  294. Cert IV Massage Therapy Distance through ACNT
  295. ~I need swift kick~
  296. How are all the students doing?
  297. Just wanted to see what were all studying!
  298. Guess I'm technically a student again
  299. a million questions for uni student mummas!
  300. Anyone here studing BMid through Southern Cross Uni Tweed?
  301. Ahhhh Freak out!!!
  302. What does 'flexible program' mean?
  303. where is the best place to sell Tafe text books?
  304. My motivation to study is gone.
  305. So its been a while since school
  306. Be honest.
  307. Strugglinnnngggg... :(
  308. Calling all nurses/midwives
  309. I can not write this essay
  310. HD in my first midwifery essay
  311. Biting off more than I can chew??
  312. Essay Tips
  313. Uni + pregnant....... EXAMS
  314. ECU - grad diploma of education early childhood
  315. Anyone doing the Senior External Exam in 2012?
  316. Going back to school YAY i think
  317. 20 year plan
  318. First year almost over..........a bit of reflection......
  319. I think I might be crazy...
  320. Anybody doing Mid at ACU Brisbane?
  321. Selection criteria for my placement :o
  322. Off campus study - science
  323. Griffith university midwifery students - help!
  324. Grad positions
  325. My last day!
  326. Can anybody help me with TERs, GPAs and OP scores?
  327. I am hopeless at basic maths!
  328. results time again
  329. Anyone studied enrolled nursing online??
  330. How did you decide what you wanted to be when you grew up?
  331. Open edu
  332. I want to study from home. Where to start?
  333. Results are in!
  334. Any one else doing Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (Psychology)?
  335. I got my results early!!!
  336. I got an interview! Now I need some help please :D
  337. OMG I got into ACU next year woooo hooooo Anyone doing midwifery at acu?
  338. Studying individual subjects
  339. Any Uni of Wollongong students?
  340. Teacher's Aide/Integration Aide - Which course is best?
  341. help choosing electives
  342. And so it begins again!
  343. The Photography Institute?
  344. Anyone studying fitness via correspondence?
  345. Text books
  346. About to start studying by distance.
  347. Masters: How Much Study Time Per Unit?
  348. Nursing vs Family Day care
  349. Tafe fees
  350. All kinds of anxious (mainly a vent but advice welcome)