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  1. Putting your pets on raw foods for a longer life...
  2. Welcome to Pets General Discussion
  3. Ethical Pet Shops
  4. Ideas on how to introduce beloved family dog to new baby?
  5. Cats - gotta sleep where they gotta sleep
  6. Is My Bunny Rabbit Pregnant ??
  7. A silly question here ... but!
  8. Horse Owners/Experienced riders - HELP
  9. Dog's Water Bowl- Possible Drowning Hazard...
  10. How do i stop my cat clawing the lounge suite?
  11. Washing dogs
  12. Where do you buy your worming tablets/flea medications?
  13. really concerned...please help.
  14. If your pet was a celebrity
  15. She keeps biting the kitten
  16. Baby ****atiels for a Bdai pressie
  17. Horrid neighbour
  18. Kitty Litter
  19. How do I get rid of the cat pee smell???
  20. Dog recommendation URGENT please
  21. Cat's tail
  22. Desperate for a great dane pup !!
  23. ducks? what other options
  24. Anyone else have crabs????
  25. Is my dog just STUPID?
  26. Dog squeaks and foams at mouth when out in the car.....
  27. Pining dog - any suggestions?
  28. Cat-sit for a week, Morayfield QLD??
  29. Borrow a cat carrier in Caboolture/Redcliffe area?
  30. Balls that last?
  31. Low allergen cat
  32. 3 puppies
  33. She is such a great mum
  34. Our poor cat .
  35. My cat is pregnant too!
  36. Dog in disgrace
  37. Itchy Dog
  38. Training
  39. Hungry puppy?
  40. Cat Carrier's - Melbourne - Needing a bit of help
  41. Your best puppy training tips?
  42. How did your cat cope with bubs arrival?
  43. Help me name my Jungle Python hatchling!
  44. How many dogs can we have?
  45. Giving the cat eye cream.
  46. Eating on their own?
  47. Please help...we love him but don't know what to do.
  48. Eclampsia
  49. How much would you pay for a puppy?
  50. Help me name our chickens!!
  51. Budgies & Caneries - together in a cage ok?
  52. Bull Terrior/Pig Dogs!
  53. Separation anxiety - Both ME and my puppy
  54. Finding training difficult
  55. I'm about to kill them!!
  56. Mythbusters for pets
  57. My poor cat
  58. Spitz breed - anyone else?
  59. Two chickens here!
  60. UREGENT dog cross breed question
  61. How to choose... Labrador, German Sheppard, Golden Retriever?
  62. Lets clarify the bulldog/pitbull/bull terrier situation.
  63. BBQ's and Labradors don't mix!!!
  64. Chook with a broken leg?
  65. Chook with a broken leg?
  66. Help me name my Pomeranian puppy!
  67. Aunt's 13 week old kitten has cat flu... & I've agreed to look after it this weekend
  68. Turtles...
  69. My Weird Cat
  70. How do i stop my cat from doing this?
  71. I think my dog has a grass seed stuck in between her toe!
  72. My cat keeps peeing where he shouldn't and I can't get the smell out.
  73. Help needed to name a female "see and eye" puppy
  74. Guniea pigs anyone
  75. Hating my cats and feeling really guilty about it
  76. Talk to me about chooks
  77. House training an older dog?
  78. picking up a new Kitten today!
  79. Anaemic kitten?
  80. Sick Rat - help and advice?
  81. Digging Dog
  82. What strange things do your pets like to eat??
  83. Better to keep two cats or re-home one?
  84. Pet re-homing advice
  85. How do i stop problem barking & stealing food?
  86. Dog not eating!Help!
  87. So sick of poo!
  88. My cat has poo problems
  89. Is cat food bad for my dog?
  90. Does he need a dog jacket? Any vets or people with expereince in this???
  91. Please help us find Ruby
  92. who has rabbits?
  93. help me name our bunny!
  94. Our dog is coughing/vomitting up foam
  95. kitten wanted in adelaide
  96. Ragdoll Cats
  97. How do I re-home my cat?
  98. Cat vaccinations
  99. Your furbabies' wardrobe?
  100. My Dog Advertisement...
  101. URGENT: any vets online? Problem with my dog
  102. Getting rid of cat urine smell anyone???
  103. A cool chook pen out of Ikea furniture!
  104. Help! Lost dog in our garden, what do we do?
  105. Stray Cats .. Freedom or Council Cage ??
  106. Yeast Ear Infection in Dogs
  107. Cats behaviour when you're pregnant?
  108. Cat rubbing cheek - open sore
  109. Breeding
  110. Are cats easy??
  111. is pussy cat on heat?
  112. My Precious Rabbit Went to Heaven
  113. We got our first eggs!
  114. Dog Poo?
  115. Help - Dog Behavior
  116. Help! Puppy toilet training!
  117. Bit freaked after dogs' cane toad encounter ... should I be?
  118. Dog Shampoo???
  119. Cat runs
  120. I have been adopted by a rooster....
  121. How can I keep my dog's foot dry?
  122. Anyone know about microchipping?
  123. Preventing mastitis
  124. Rats in the chook house
  125. Shivering
  126. Lol we have a GREEN dog!
  127. Can I do this? Is this mean?
  128. PLEASE she's just had 2 pups, I need advice
  129. Ducks!
  130. Expressing my dog
  131. How Do I Stop This?
  132. Help! paralysis ticks
  133. s/d feline hills food - dog ate it
  134. Need everyone in this forums help!!!!
  135. Dog-sitting - dog not eating...
  136. My baby is at the VET ~worried~
  137. I have new babies!
  138. Feline Aids :(
  139. BA For My Dog? LOL
  140. Fleas and new puppies!
  141. Gimme your best...
  142. A Polish Chicken Seems To Have Wandered Into Our Life.
  143. My dog keeps attacking my puppy
  144. Rental properties and pets
  145. We have to say goodbye
  146. Need to rehome a 6mo black kitty from Werribbee
  147. Suitable pet for a 2yr old?
  148. Bureaucracy Sucks!
  149. ? eye problem in doggy
  150. Collecting samples
  151. My kitty cat is due soon, and she cant find a nest.....
  152. Help! My fish tank is green!
  153. Would you tell an old lady to stop letting her dog roam free off lead during walks?
  154. How do I find a breeder?
  155. What is the "Limited Register"?
  156. Any vets out there that can help...scabs on my dog
  157. eclectus parrot
  158. dogs driving me mad!!
  159. Giving away two Angel fish -central coast nsw
  160. Kitten Adoption
  161. Help I need to rehome my labrador!
  162. Found another baby!!!
  163. Can ear mites go from pet to human's?
  164. Moving question about cats
  165. Stop my dog licking DS who is allergic
  166. Dog Jumping fences!! Anyone used invisible fence?
  167. Anyone breed ****atiels?
  168. Why isn't the flea stuff working??
  169. Help! Neighbours Cat killing my plants!
  170. Your Experience pls - kitten (not cat) and little ones
  171. What do i do?
  172. I am a registered BREEDER!
  173. Vets!! I forgot how expensive they are!!
  174. How to get rid of fleas in the home with a 1yr old around
  175. Why do you have a pet cat?
  176. distraught
  177. Need volunteers in NSW
  178. Can a cat get Alzheimers?
  179. Make your own dog food?
  180. What on earth is she doing to her kitten???
  181. Gosh I feel like such an idiot
  182. cats - spider play
  183. Budgie treats?
  184. Tell me about Paralysis Ticks
  185. Dog from the pound/ RSPCA??
  186. New cat- what do I need?
  187. A callout to all BB cat lovers - we need your help :)
  188. Stolen horse
  189. Why is my cat going to toilet in the bathtub?
  190. What does your old dog do??
  191. How often do you get your dog vaccinated?
  192. How often should kittens...
  193. My beautiful darling stinky...
  194. will our cat suffocate our baby?
  195. HELP!!! what do i do?
  196. I think my dog has an allergy
  197. BEAGLES - gimme all you know
  198. Going for a check up!
  199. I just bought my dog a treadmill..
  200. bird lice??
  201. What rights do we have? - Regarding dog fines/pound fines etc
  202. How do I make sure my cat doesn't hurt my DS?
  203. Environmental Enrichment
  204. How do I stop a kitten weeing everywhere?
  205. Stopping DD from bullying mum's dog
  206. Adoption service for retiring elderly
  207. Our poor Cavoodle is all backed up
  208. Lady dog bits
  209. Heartbroken :(
  210. I can't believe she's gone
  211. How long do cats live?
  212. Feeding/saving green tree frogs?
  213. Seriously considering getting a couple of chooks
  214. adopting a cat question
  215. Question about housetraining puppies?
  216. My pooch is going deaf
  217. Untrained Chuihuahas! Long. Plus vent.
  218. how to keep a baby budgie warm? Please help.
  219. Labour vibes needed
  220. Pets, Protein, Dry Food and Disease: What Is Shortening Your Pet's Life?
  221. Great site for info on pet wellness, behaviour and health
  222. British Short Hair Cats?
  223. I'm a grandma!!! ;)
  224. Just dont know
  225. Ragdoll cats
  226. HELP!! My puppy's sick!
  227. naughty puppy and im all out of ideas
  228. Just saw the most beautiful thing
  229. how do i
  230. Ktten Food
  231. R.I.P Beautiful Gus - xoxo
  232. About had it with them & their dog!
  233. Sorry for the gross detail
  234. what do you use?
  235. please help me and my dog!
  236. Will my kitty be different after he's desexed?
  237. I thought beagles were supposed to be smart...
  238. Our cat Elf went missing a few days ago...
  239. Natural Flea Treatment For Puppies?
  240. Feeding a Puppy
  241. Stupid question on vac's
  242. We now have ducks!!!
  243. Feliway Cat Pheremone Spray
  244. Does your dog sleep inside?
  245. Apparently someone called the RSPCA!
  246. Dear Dog is Freezing!
  247. would you spend $2000 on a puppy?
  248. How to Repel Cats?
  249. litter box vs newspaper
  250. Our beautiful Esmae
  251. Any BB Vets about? Luxating patella question, worried.....
  252. AAAAARRRRRRRHHHHHHH he did it again!
  253. would he run away?
  254. Stopping my dog from being an idiot on the lead?
  255. Airport security puppies
  256. Help! We're being attacked in our sleep...
  257. HELP, dog with 1 floppy ear?
  258. Help me decide a prefix for future alpaca stud plz!
  259. My poor kitty cat :(
  260. My puppy doesnt like my garden
  261. I got a new horse! *Updated with sad news*
  262. My little kitten *may be upsetting*
  263. Dog snarling at 13month old :(
  264. OMG Nontuplets!!!!!! 24/6/2010
  265. Dog eating DDs shoes - I'm really, really angry!!
  266. Urgent help! Fleas
  267. Sega - my guinea pig
  268. Sleep all day, up all night... Kitty Cats
  269. Lump on dog's jaw
  270. Warning on killer puppy virus
  271. my dogs
  272. Does anyone know anything about Spoodles?
  273. Is he too young to sleep outside?
  274. Very sooky kitten
  275. Isn't this weird?
  276. Please no - not my little doggie too!!
  277. Dog eating dog doo!!! EW!!
  278. I just put the cat in time out
  279. Omg - shes missing!!!! Where is she!???
  280. 10 week old kitten WONT STOP CRYING!! DP getting mad!
  281. they..dead
  282. whats the next option?
  283. How do I make them go?
  284. FISH - suggestions!
  285. Our new boy Ned :)
  286. Any vets out there or people who have had this happen to their dog?
  287. Ok.. so my dog is a shocking guard dog
  288. How do I let her go?
  289. Stop peeing in the house!
  290. Why would she have done this now?
  291. Do other cats wink?
  292. Guinea Pigs
  293. Anyone with chooks? Our chook has a crook leg!!
  294. Would you give her up?
  295. Pet Lamb
  296. What kind of dog kennel?
  297. Poor Gloria...
  298. Toilet training a new puppy
  299. My Dog Is So Smart!
  300. Suggestions for boy dog names.
  301. Cats that need a special diet for their Urinary Tract
  302. I am a Grandmother
  303. Krazy Kelpie asking for trouble!
  304. Experienced horse people - I need help
  305. My dog is sick and the vets won't listen
  306. dog won't eat out of his new bowl!
  307. My Pups a Problem!
  308. Noooooo
  309. Kitty Litter
  310. So proud of our clever dog!
  311. I think my cat just got bitten by a snake.
  312. My dog is Jealous,ideas?
  313. Black spots on cats nose?
  314. Prob with chooks - vets / vet nurses / chook-lovers???
  315. baby bunny
  316. Cleaning cat's eyes?
  317. URGENT - Cat with giant paw
  318. please help me before i kill my dogs!
  319. My poor kitty kat!
  320. Please help! - Cat urine smell.
  321. Anyone used Dog Day Care?
  322. Unhappy cat.. What should I do?
  323. What breed is the puppy on the My Dog banner on BB?
  324. cats meet dog, ADVICE
  325. Keeping pets off the furniture
  326. Ahh!! She's eating BEES!
  327. I want to hear your thoughts please - what would you do?
  328. FLEAS!!! Advice, Please, before im totally covered in bites!
  329. Ticks
  330. Wildlife ??
  331. Frogs & Turtles
  332. Did the cat eat it? (TMI maybe...)
  333. HELP my 2 little gold fish are swimming sideways and floating :(
  334. Dog vomiting greenish/yellow liquid, Does anyone know what this could be?
  335. Awww they are in LOVE!!!!
  336. Trip to the vet or not?
  337. Neds new haircut
  338. Question about cat boarding
  339. He pants like a dog!
  340. Do you keep Chickens?.....what do i need to get started???
  341. I just kicked my cat in the head :(
  342. Anyone else celebrate their furbaby's birthday?
  343. doggy 'pink eye'
  344. My boys have fleas
  345. Introducing a pup to an older dog?
  346. My horse may have cancer
  347. Dog Clipping $$$
  348. dog vs washing.. how do i win??
  349. My kitten is peeing all over the house! Please help me!
  350. Tips for introducing my kitten to my new puppy?