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  1. Overlocker suggestions?
  2. Buying a used overlocker, should I get the Pfaff or Elna?
  3. Material Girls HELP!
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  5. Sewing Machine
  6. Sewing machine patterns
  7. Sewing Machine for Beginners??
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  9. making fitted cot sheets- advice???
  10. Look at the Dress I made Isla!
  11. Making Maternity Clothes
  12. Sewing new hooks on a bra
  13. Manual for Brother Sewing machine - lost mine
  14. Welcome to Quilting, Needlework & Sewing
  15. Excited Beginner!
  16. How did I not know about this forum!
  17. basic sewing help please!
  18. help with KwikSew sizing ->aust size
  19. Name on Santa Sack
  20. Problem with tension
  21. Newbie sew-er! Patterns and ideas?
  22. Need a pattern - Can you help?
  23. Baby Legs
  24. Craft Swaps?
  25. Interested in quilting
  26. Free pattern - Trolley seat cover
  27. Where to buy flanelette?
  28. Sewing beginner... what do I need to start???
  29. SL VIPs cheap patterns
  30. Sewing with Hemp Terry
  31. Where to buy Minky?
  32. Sewing a mei tai - what kind of fabric?
  33. Horn sewing cabinets
  34. Wanted!!! pre-school sleep sheep set
  35. Sewing newbie - i did it
  36. Curtain sewing help PLEASE!
  37. Sewing Machine...nfi
  38. dressmakers melbourne
  39. Quilting
  40. Hand Quilters
  41. Fabric stores?
  42. Converting Patterns
  43. Woollen Sleeping Bag
  44. Humphreys Corner Cot panel
  45. Dimensions for wraps?
  46. Desperate for HELP Bernina Overlocker not working!!!!
  47. Does nobody sell cross stitch charts any more?
  48. renting an overlocker???
  49. does anyone have a wedding cross stich
  50. Making a quilt
  51. Making my own veil
  52. What machine do you have?
  53. Overlocker advice...help!?
  54. Making single bed doona cover
  55. Alterations in Perth
  56. Making bags
  57. Look! Look!
  58. Overlockers
  59. Cross-stichers... aida vs linen?
  60. fruit patterns
  61. Craft Rings for doll slings
  62. What stitch setting?
  63. Question about materials for summer grobags.
  64. How many cross stitchers out there?
  65. Would you be interested?
  66. Using poly thread on cotton blocks?
  67. can anyone recommend sewing machine classes in perth
  68. Rotary cutters vs scissors
  69. Online fabric stores?
  70. heat pack the size of a breast pad , can they be home made ?
  71. Sewing Machine Brands
  72. What I can I sew for bubs?
  73. something special
  74. Quilting Help - finishing my quilt
  75. What am I doing wrong?!
  76. Nice patchwork design for baby
  77. Janome dc4030
  78. Cross Stitchers - how do you keep your threads organised??
  79. What sewing machine would u recommend??
  80. Pillowcase measurements?
  81. My masterpiece!
  82. Success!
  83. Inspire Me Please...
  84. Car Capsule Liner and Cover Pattern needed.
  85. Wedding or Fertility Quilting Pattern
  86. First time quilter
  87. Quilting?? HELP!
  88. preserving material banner
  89. Dress design ideas.
  90. Where to buy Minky??
  91. cross stitch afghan
  92. I Made A Cover For My Sunbeam Toaster!
  93. Buying fabric from overseas
  94. Where does your machine live?
  95. Making a skirt
  96. Pattern for quilted pillowcase/cushion?
  97. Making bibs using PUL as backing- will it work?
  98. Quilting spray baste glue
  99. Urgent Help needed!!!
  100. Sewing classes in Melbourne
  101. My new addiction... making cloth wipes! :)
  102. DYing......you know the colour sort ROFL
  103. can someone sew me a dress?!
  104. Janome Overlocker: Model EZY Lock 304D
  105. elna overlockers?
  106. Can I teach myself?
  107. Snap Press- size 16 or 20 die set?
  108. looking for patterns (email)
  109. Serger skipping stiches
  110. Needlework Group or Meetup?
  111. Free access to vintage patterns ...
  112. Sewing machine troubleshooting - bobbin thread bunching up
  113. Janome 6500 help?
  114. Question about alterations to an outfit
  115. what embroidery machine is good?
  116. Do you own a embroidery machine?
  117. Sewing a car seat cover/protector?
  118. Help whats the differance???
  119. Does Spotlight sell sewing pattern paper?
  120. Tell me about your UFOs...
  121. Share Photos of your Needlework Here.
  122. Help Needed Cleaning Cross Stitch!
  123. Finishing off my quilt HELP!!!
  124. embroidery patterns sharing??
  125. Retro/Vintage Fabrics
  126. wedding dress
  127. Fat Quarter Projects?
  128. I've run out of excuses! What do I do now?
  129. Buying new foot pedal for sewing machine?
  130. New Overlocker - now what?
  131. Sewing batting into a blanket?
  132. Fabrics - where do you get yours?
  133. suitable patterns to learn to sew
  134. Am I nuts?
  135. Frustrated- Searching for thermal lined kids curtains-not commercial
  136. Making your own draught stopper (door snake)
  137. advice on working with organza and satin
  138. The flower girl dress so far...
  139. Pattern for an infant skirt.... beginner sewing!!
  140. Petticoat Check!... almost finished!!
  141. sewing machine models
  142. Plastic Bobbins
  143. I want to make DD a quilt..
  144. Janome MyLock 744 (Overlocker)
  145. General chat thread for BB girls who like sewing
  146. The last stitch challenge April/May- finishing your wip
  147. Free pinafore patterns online?
  148. Sewing Machine Threads, give me your recommendations please :)
  149. sewing a curtain ... help please
  150. Beginner here - Sewing Machine Recommendations
  151. How hard would it be to sew an evening dress?
  152. Would like to start sewing, where do i start?
  153. For those who were asking about beginners quilting, supplies etc..
  154. Do you need to know how to sew with a machine to quilt?
  155. What have you...
  156. If you were buying a sewing machine for a newbie to the craft; what would you get?
  157. What was your first sewing project?
  158. Tips, tricks and FAQs for Clueless Sewing Members
  159. Ric Rac.
  160. Hemming vinyl?
  161. Material for cloth wipes
  162. Does anyone have a pattern to make a liner for a S and S capsule?
  163. Learning to machine quilt
  164. anyone ever done their own pram liner?
  165. nappy bag patterns
  166. Making baby pj's
  167. Just finished my first patchwork quilt :) so proud!
  168. Which sewing machine do I choose?Please help!!!
  169. Making your own nursery wall art - can you put embroidery/ applique on canvas blocks?
  170. I made a bag!!!!!
  171. Baby bibs
  172. Where/how do your store your fabric?
  173. Placemats for my mum
  174. What do you do with your fabric scraps?
  175. sewing definitions please!
  176. Beginner applique question - re the background square
  177. "slimming" tie dye patterns?
  178. How to pin a dress?
  179. sewing fitted sheets
  180. Quilting help!
  181. Breast Pads
  182. Birthing Quilt
  183. Sewing cabinets
  184. Handstitching
  185. Sewing gifts for friends
  186. I made myself a purse, with the coolest retro fabric
  187. my first sewing project!
  188. Pinafore/dress/skirt pattern
  189. Best way to mount x-stitch?
  190. Baby Sling
  191. Sewing Machine Service and Repairs?
  192. HELP! Janome MC3500 or DC101LE which should I get?
  193. so proud of myself!
  194. Sewing for men
  195. Christmas sewing.....
  196. cross stitch - quilt or quilt cover?
  197. Sewing machine newbie.
  198. How to make iron-on letters?
  199. Where do you get your fabric?
  200. I love my new overlocker
  201. Threading and using a very old pfaff overlocker?
  202. Birthing quilt
  203. What's on your sewing table???
  204. need some one to sew me something =]
  205. what sttich to use?
  206. Ooop,s already mucked up the kit
  207. Amateur sewer after advice.
  208. what is wrong with my sewing machine??
  209. Stupid cotton thread VENT
  210. Janome Myexel 23x
  211. Where to buy cheap ribbon in Melbourne?
  212. Pre washing terry towelling before sewing overlock first??
  213. Sewing machine?
  214. Sewing patterns for dolls clothes
  215. Looking for a new hobby :)
  216. Boy's shorts pattern????
  217. What sewing machine do you use?
  218. Double gathering stitch???
  219. my first quilt
  220. quilt binding question?
  221. Patchwork quilt - advice
  222. Anyone sew on a Pfaff?
  223. quilting kits
  224. Using terry cloth face washers/tea towels?
  225. brother or janome
  226. 1st Sewing machine ???
  227. Shirring Elastic?
  228. using a sewing machine instead of an overlocker
  229. embroidery designs
  230. If you wear or make cloth breast pads I NEED YOU!
  231. Newbie to Sewing...
  232. Need an expert to help me with the parts
  233. Tips for working with tulle please :)
  234. can i actually do it???
  235. I just cant justify it!!
  236. URGENT- Embroidery machine owners
  237. anyone know a good online sewing/craft store?
  238. Advice on making curtains
  239. Newbie Questions!
  240. Woohoo! I made a bib! :D
  241. Is a cutting mat really helpful?
  242. polar fleece for toy stuffing?
  243. Which snap press is best?
  244. I want to buy some fabric!
  245. Is all minkee equal?
  246. Overlocker from ALDI?
  247. What do you use a Jelly Roll for?
  248. Smocking - any tips?
  249. Brother XL 2620 sewing machine
  250. Pinafore & Overalls pattern for baby
  251. what are you creating?
  252. What supplies do I need to get started with sewing?
  253. Appliqu? - first attempt
  254. Good deal, yes?
  255. Finished first quilt!
  256. After a pattern
  257. Where do you buy your cross stitch kits?
  258. Water-proof backed bib - how to make?
  259. A little shameless bragging :p
  260. stains on aida
  261. coloured terry towelling or suggest a better material
  262. Overlockers
  263. Urgent sewing machine questions! Please help...
  264. New sewing machine - please help me choose from these
  265. Anyone looking to do sewing lessons in Vic? Wed 11.30am - 2.00pm in Bentleigh
  266. Santa sacks
  267. Bernina 700D Overlocker Help/Tips
  268. got any left over PUL?
  269. Woo hoooo its finished
  270. suede cloth
  271. Sheesh, what am I doing wrong??
  272. Help Required - Baby Quilt.
  273. Keepsake quilt
  274. Can I dye a kids dress?
  275. fabric glue?
  276. Kids outfits
  277. Grouchy Ladybug - project ideas wanted!
  278. Need help in buying fabric please, for a little girl's skirt idea.
  279. Any recommendations for fun & colourful fabric?
  280. Good, but not too exxy, sewing machine and overlocker
  281. A major call for help!!
  282. I'm making my first SOCK MONKEY!
  283. scoodies!
  284. Overlocker...
  285. Singer 6180 instructional dvd needed!
  286. Where to start?
  287. I finally finshed it :)
  288. Sewing a tube skirt
  289. Maternity sewing pattern recommendations please.
  290. Lots of questions - help with first ever sewing project.
  291. Sewing novice - how to care for machine.
  292. Which machine do I want?
  293. Your favourite seller's of handmade kids clothing?
  294. Iron On Transfers?
  295. Fabric Paint, Applique & Minky Fabric?
  296. Fabric Grain...
  297. Sewing for baby
  298. Sewing Friends... a question about minky material.
  299. tags for clothing
  300. What in your box?
  301. Sewing machine help
  302. Horse fabric
  303. Confused husband is confused - ie, which sewing machine do I buy my wife!?
  304. What's the difference?
  305. Overlocker recommendations
  306. Garment sewing: Looking homemade? Ok or not?
  307. Help with setting myself up to sell what i'm making?