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  1. Coeliacs disease
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  27. Preventing eczema
  28. Dermaid cream took my nail polish off!
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  38. Washing Powder question - these new 2x concentrates
  39. Painrelief other than ibuprofen
  40. HELP PLEASE soy? who is or isnt using it? i am getting some very negative feedback!
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  44. UREGENT question regarding natural colour 160b (Annatto)
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  49. Just a whinge really, I need to vent about the food DS CAN"T eat!
  50. Was it the eggplant or the sea salt?
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  52. sinus
  53. THink we are going to do the Elimination Diet - any tips?
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  61. Calling all Coeliacs!
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  63. Penicillin Allergies
  64. Gluten free?
  65. GAPS diet help
  66. Wheat and Dairy Free diet and not allowed soy either, anyone else??
  67. Fructose Intolerance, Lactose Intolerance??? I don't know help
  68. Mushroom allergy anyone?
  69. Calling on glutten free experts!!!
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  71. Contamination? Glutened?
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  73. Salicylate-sensitive bub and breastfeeding
  74. Gluten Free Pantry Staples List.
  75. Full on elimination diet
  76. Yeast free
  77. Elimination diet - Questions
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  79. newly diagnosed coeliac (DS1 - 16yrs old)
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  87. Flatulence!
  88. Zyretc question
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  90. Soy milk allergy as well as dairy? Advice pls :(
  91. Sunscreen allergy
  92. Egg free cake recipe
  93. Itchy rash, how to work out what may be causing it?
  94. Mozzie bites
  95. Reaction to Cabana
  96. Dairy / gluten intolerance and headaches?
  97. Is Lindt 70% and 85% chocolate dairy and soy free?
  98. Can intolerance give fever?
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  101. Dairy/milk protein intolerance (baby).
  102. Cat Allergy
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  104. itchy eyes cause of hay fever or allergic wine?