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  1. Welcome to Buying, Selling, Renting & Relocating
  2. Two approvals how do i choose?
  3. Have you made a Sea change from a big City?
  4. Sth Side - Nth Side
  5. Hastings Vic, Apollo Bay Vic
  6. grrr dodgy rental agency!!!!
  7. Moving interstate... all opinions needed!
  8. ?? for property managers??
  9. Good home builders
  10. What is an 'owner-occupier estate'?
  11. property split in Vic
  12. Eviction History?
  13. Sharing my good news
  14. How much mortgage debt is too much?
  15. build or buy?? Advice and experiences wanted please
  16. Please send us good luck vibes......
  17. Arrrrh! Pests and bugs in our rental!
  18. Covenants..
  19. Bank costs re: selling & buying a house/mortgage questions... I am clueless!
  20. body corp and rates?
  21. help me figure out if this is a good option..
  22. Extra Space Or Nicely Renovated?
  23. Best place for low income loans?
  24. Building a new home and the cost? Extras? Please help!
  25. what does this mean?
  26. When to get a loan
  27. argh, confused, overwhelmed and over it!
  28. Kit Homes
  29. Pre Purchase Building Inspection Perth
  30. Do they all lie?
  31. share your stress free moving tips !!
  32. does this sound a bit fishy... or does it happen?
  33. Real Estate - Brisbane Southside
  34. Removalists
  35. How easy is it to get a mortgage right now?
  36. Investing in property
  37. Any Real Estate Agents on here?
  38. What made you live where you do?
  39. Tell me about Tasmania... why do I feel so drawn to it at the moment?
  40. First home buyers grant?
  41. Feedback on Crib Point... please?
  42. We move soon - and no BB for a week!!!
  43. Inspection reports GRRRR
  44. Moving (on a tight budget) - tips please!
  45. Advice: moving house before or after baby is born?
  46. Help! The house we are renting has white ants in it! I dont know what top do...
  47. We need a rental THIS WEEKEND!
  48. how does one do it??
  49. I'll Never Have My Dream Home...
  50. what % of you income fortnightly is rent/mortgage?
  51. ran out of gas what now?
  52. when is the first repayment?
  53. Buying/Selling - Is This Possible?
  54. Renting in Launceston
  55. Your Buying/Selling Stories...
  56. Curious - Rental amounts
  57. changing a house design
  58. Coffs Harbour
  59. Carpet cleaning when moving .... DIY or Hire a Professional
  60. Inspection Reports
  61. Centrelink Question re: renting house and mortgage
  62. Northern Territorians past and present...
  63. Send me "SALE VIBES" please!
  64. Our turn to ask for some vibes...
  65. The house smells of dog! Will the smell come out? Should I still apply for it? Help!
  66. Homeowner to renter
  67. Nambucca Heads / Hyland Park
  68. How much are your rates?
  69. I need a Geraldtoness!!
  70. Have you moved from city to country?
  71. Landlord query? Tenants rights
  72. Shepparton, Vic
  73. omg our move is all turning to mush!
  74. Move to Geelong??
  75. what is it with real estate agents..
  76. Please cross your fingers for me!
  77. 12 more sleeps.... and i am soooooo lazy
  78. Would you buy your childhood home?
  79. should we fix now?
  80. building v buying pre-existing
  81. rent $ cross over when moving?
  82. URGENT: single mum seeks rental in Perth
  83. Where should we live in Melbourne??
  84. Accom for a few weeks that wont send me broke?
  85. Baby on the way and moving house
  86. Would you ever consider...
  87. Sydneysiders - pro's/con's about your suburb?
  88. relocate - 3 options ... whats the best one ..HELP ... decision need soon ..eek
  89. Moving house - how to?
  90. Anyone ever EXTENDED their current house?
  91. possibly our new home.... would you buy it or not?
  92. Any experiences with Self Storage in Brisbane
  93. Please please please, lots of positive vibes needed!
  94. which would you do... bush or city (both within 20 mins of work)
  95. Property management fees
  96. How long did it take to buy a house?
  97. Moving to Kalgoorlie
  98. Help! how to get more money from the bank?
  99. What happens if??
  100. Should I sell to free up some cash??
  101. Anyone been Gazumped?? or have Gazumped??
  102. RTA equivelent in NSW H
  103. Melbourne Removalists
  104. to buy or not to buy that is the question
  105. buying a house, find out extension not council approved....
  106. Wanted: Spare room in Launceston
  107. Local Removalist recommendation - Mid north coast
  108. Advice please.... separation.
  109. We just bought a house!!!
  110. Credit history report?
  111. Short term loans for rental bond
  112. Given the choice, which would you accept?
  113. landlords want to install a pool.. whats our rights as tenants?
  114. bond dispute and small claims court
  115. URGENT How to help toddler adjust to moving
  116. where to begin with extensions?
  117. Think My Where To Live Dilemma Is Solved!
  118. Renting tips?
  119. How do you know you're getting a good tenant??
  120. Help me move!
  121. Hypothetical. How much is a good neighbour worth?
  122. Mail redirection?
  123. Tennent rights
  124. anyone who brought a house in VIC this year?
  125. Finding out who your neighbour rents through?
  126. Researching a new suburb to move to?
  127. Sunshine, Melbourne - Suitable for family with Kid?
  128. Rent/lease breaking help
  129. Any builders, home renovators etc questions re urban edge homes and appliances etc
  130. Fencing?
  131. Stupid real estate!
  132. buy me a pony.....
  133. Kit Homes???
  134. Auctions - any tips?
  135. Good area/small house vs [email protected] area/bigger house??
  136. Going to look at a house to rent today! Wish us luck...
  137. Building a new house
  138. Hmm.. which option would you go with?
  139. Is a dishwasher tax deductable?
  140. would you give Notice to remedy breach??
  141. Landlord selling with 5wks left of contract
  142. A question from my DH
  143. Investing in Land
  144. Tenants rights around open houses...
  145. no permit on garage???
  146. Subdivision Of Land Then Building - Anyone Done It?
  147. Move House, Stay or Rent - Plan No. 103
  148. Kit homes? anyone have one??
  149. Tell Me About Living in or Around Frankston, VIC?
  150. Wyndham area?
  151. Can you get a home loan without a deposit?
  152. Any tips for moving with a 9mth old?
  153. Private Lease Agreements - Questions for Landlords
  154. Moving Interstate- any tips???
  155. Moving boxes
  156. If the property manager wants you to maintain the garden...
  157. Bendigo anyone??
  158. Change of address
  159. Well blow me down, we're moving to Alice. Need advice on selling, moving, g/sales
  160. Hoping to move out and start renting
  161. Woodend for toddler and teenager?
  162. House hunting in south-east melb
  163. bowral, southern highlands house hunting
  164. Maidstone VIC?
  165. Removalists in Syd South-West
  166. Notice to vacate question...
  167. Buying our first home
  168. I think there is going to be a **** fight!
  169. Talk to me about bond/rent assistance..?
  170. looked at a unit today..tell me what u think
  171. Breaking a lease
  172. Bridging Finance: Please Explain
  173. Moving to a Different State..
  174. What am I forgetting?
  175. We are selling our investment property - any words of wisdom?
  176. Costs involved with investment properties
  177. Help with rental application.
  178. We're doing it
  179. Sydney: Lurnea/Casula/Holsworthy/Wattle Grove
  180. Packing/Moving - Your Tips
  181. What can I do here? Will they let me do this???
  182. Investment properties
  183. HI nowra anyone?
  184. Melbourne Living - Anyone Else Getting Sick Of It?
  185. Do you imagine living where you are forever?
  186. Refinancing a mortgage
  187. Moving across NSW! Any tips??
  188. How do we put our unit up for rent?
  189. Has anyone had a project home built?
  190. Books on property investment
  191. pet bond
  192. Selling stuff on eBay - how does it work?
  193. We're moving to Sydney and I need your help please!
  194. What would you prefer?
  195. Buying a first home...hints and tips
  196. Help...what to pack???
  197. Buying a newish car - Kia Rio, Nissan Tiida or Hyundai Elantra?
  198. so i put an application in for a house today...
  199. A few Q's for those who've built
  200. tell me about the dandenong ranges
  201. Has your rent gone up? Do I expect too much??
  202. how does it work?
  203. tell me about Leongatha & surrounds!
  204. Wish us luck!!
  205. I hope she's a nice one - RE
  206. house near an electrical substation, opinions?
  207. Has anyone done a Group Self Build?
  208. What's a fair price for this rental?
  209. Thoughts on moving to sunshine coast
  210. I need to send this ASAP - opinions please!!
  211. Where does the wind take us?
  212. Rental/Bond Question: Is This Fair?
  213. Is this normal practice??
  214. Rent Applications online??
  215. Agents Costs? Does this sound reasonable?
  216. Tell me about.. Noble Park....
  217. Who would you rent it out to?
  218. Packing with Children
  219. Former landlord hassles
  220. To sell or not to sell
  221. Talk to me about buying a home!
  222. How does buying by private treaty work?
  223. Help- been given $1400 excess water bill. Can this go on bankruptcy?
  224. Landlord wants to sell, but wont let us leave
  225. To turn your home into an investment property? To do or not to do? Opinions needed!
  226. 2 Kids in a 2 bed house and visitors? Have you done it? How?
  227. PropertySMS?! WTHec?
  228. If we rent our house out for a couple of years...
  229. Is it worth it? Self Managing Rental
  230. GYMPIE girls....i need your knowledge and wisdom !!!
  231. Need advice on landlord responsibilities in regards to TV reception and aerial please
  232. Do you RENT or OWN your own home?
  233. Carpet or polished boards in a rental property?
  234. Boys and the Beach....
  235. Tenancy Tribunral - have you done it? (NSW)
  236. Renting and getting things fixed
  237. Why do they have to do this to us now?? :(
  238. Oh My...
  239. A different agency came to value the property we are renting?
  240. Buying Vs Renting?
  241. Costs of moving interstate, is this to little or to much?
  242. application acceptance vibes needed
  243. those who had a mortgage already and built another new house...
  244. Moving Monday, not much time left HELP
  245. ending a lease- what to write in letter?
  246. ok, so has anyone ever bought or sold through an Auction????
  247. tips for packing
  248. not happy jan
  249. 100% Home Loans - thumbs up or down?
  250. how does it work?
  251. Housing Estates On Farmable Land... Does this worry you?
  252. How hard is it to get out of a lease?
  253. Anyone know much about the area of Jannali, Sutherland Shire NSW?
  254. Residential Tribunal - Going on Friday
  255. tennant dispute with property manager...on what grounds can a lease be ended?
  256. House Appraisal?
  257. OMG pushy real estate agents!
  258. Officially on the market!!!!
  259. How much are advertising fees normally?
  260. Brisbane & Gold Coast suburbs where would you recommend to live ??
  261. removable wall stickers
  262. Can Anyone Tell Me About Mildura?
  263. Need some goodluck!
  264. Got the house!!!.. need help with some questions ??
  265. What do you look at when inspecting a house at an open house?
  266. need advice!! what are your thoughts?
  267. How much notice do we need to give our tenant?
  268. Who has built?
  269. Negative gearing for dummies....??
  270. Quarterly Inspections - to what extent do you clean?
  271. Fingers crossed please!
  272. ikea delivary sydney
  273. what do i do, pay rent or wait a little longer??
  274. Hints and tips please
  275. Where do you start when building?
  276. What do I do??
  277. Internet Listings for Properties
  278. Really quick question about a hot water system
  279. We are (finally) on the market...
  280. Settlement being postponed
  281. Moving interstate - Who did you use?
  282. Could you/have you moved from a gorgeous house to a 2 bedroom unit?
  283. Demolition.
  284. Setting your reserve.
  285. HELP! Need some rental advice when there is no property manager
  286. Open Inspections.... [email protected] Vent
  287. de-cluttering/packing heeeeelp. please
  288. Tell me about building your house.
  289. What's your favourite city in Australia and why?
  290. Any tips on moving with 2 young children?
  291. what is rockhampton like?
  292. 60 days notice
  293. We've found a house!!
  294. Self storage Wangaratta help please!
  295. How much extra work/$$$ is a pool?
  296. renting and digital tv
  297. Moving interstate but I have some questions about removalists
  298. DIY moving
  299. Having a bit of a freak out!!!
  300. Need some opinions
  301. Anyone on here work in real estate? Could use some advice please!
  302. Does anyone have any experience with the St George 'Family Pledge' option
  303. Negotiating a deal?
  304. Confused again - borrowing power and deposits
  305. 1st home buyers grant.
  306. Bank meeting - What to expect? And does my HECS debt make a big impact?
  307. Bendigo area what's it like to live there ?
  308. 2 settlements in one day, how do you move?
  309. Removalist recommendations
  310. We have an offer
  311. Is this unprofessional or is it just me?
  312. How do they decide which rental application to accept?
  313. When they assess your home loan application...
  314. general pest control DURING a tenancy
  315. Tips & Tricks for selling
  316. Tell me about ...
  317. If you owned a rental, would you bother....
  318. What insurance company has the best Landlords insurance cover?
  319. Keep your fingers crossed for us....
  320. Did i just do something really stupid? Having a mild panic attack!
  321. I cna't believe it! Things are going right for us!
  322. Do I have a choice?
  323. packing boxes/cleaning as you go
  324. What??? Our new house has rats!!
  325. Writing a letter to the realestate.. HELP!?
  326. Villa Unit Versus Unit In Multi-Storey Block - Pros and Cons
  327. Moving....but dont know which way to go! need an outsiders opinion :)
  328. Buying before Selling....Crazy????
  329. Real estate advice/opinions sought.
  330. Anyone have a mortgage on an investment property but rent where they live?
  331. we are home owners!
  332. This sucks!!!!
  333. Making an offer on a house. I need your haggling advice/experience PLEASE!
  334. Tell me all you can about kit homes?
  335. How much room do we really need? + straw bale houses
  336. Moving o/s?? Have you done it and where?
  337. Are you better off saving a big deposit or diving right into a mortgage?
  338. Buying a cheap house to holiday in/renovate, suggestions for location in Victoria?
  339. Rental house repocessed by Bank, does my friend still have to clean carpets etc...
  340. Moving. Have stalled. Need help.
  341. Where to start - buying land and building
  342. Would it be better to have settlement before or after the baby is due?
  343. What do you do to keep warm in winter?
  344. How big are your childrens rooms?
  345. Renting... tell me this is normal!
  346. Would you move for better internet?
  347. Buying land - a couple of questions
  348. Moving interstate....help!!
  349. Centerlink bond loan?!
  350. Possible Relocation - Brisbane to Canberra