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  1. Welcome to Bills, Budgeting & Finances
  2. Your BEST tips for saving money......
  3. Bargains & Sales!!
  4. Who is your home and contents with?
  5. Do you buy all your food at the supermarket?
  6. weird electricity bill
  7. help with chosing a savings account
  8. help choosing a credit card provider
  9. Need help with debt.
  10. Breaking Contract when no longer have coverage - anyone had any success?
  11. TAX question - depreciating a computer
  12. Choosing Between Zurich And Suncorp Life Insurance??
  13. coles online delivery
  14. Teach me about credit cards
  15. What Home Loan "Deal" Do You Have?
  16. This is the right track to take, yes?
  17. How much is your redraw?
  18. Tell me about your budget!
  19. Tell me why declaring bankruptcy is bad
  20. Foreign currency trading anyone?
  21. Cheap & easy meals?? Budget Tips??
  22. how much for postage?
  23. Do you have a car loan?
  24. Your debt- Where Are You With It?
  25. Investments....do you have one ???Do they make you feel uneasy ???
  26. Confused...stimulus package (again) ATO Q
  27. Long service leave payout info.
  28. How much does it cost to set up baby?
  29. Need ideas - how to reduce grocery bill
  30. Any1 with BankWest - for transaction, c/c & homeloans? or is there somewhere better?
  31. Someone explain to me how CU's are actually cheaper?
  32. Business Banking
  33. Who is your car insured with?
  34. What are your financial goals?
  35. $900 Stimulus (sp) money
  36. Court challenge fails: Bonus $900 to go ahead
  37. Does anyone know 100% for sure who gets the Ruddy bonus??
  38. Share your budget tips and advice...
  39. How much is your electricity bill?
  40. Simulus/ Accountant Q?
  41. Cheapest electricity and water company
  42. My phone bill is MIA!
  43. Urgh.. how depressing...
  44. No Debt but no Savings..anyone else?
  45. Q re: tax return
  46. Water bill.. is ours too high?
  47. paypal fee's???
  48. Delivered Fruit and Veg in Perth
  49. My money, Your money
  50. Debt Agreements
  51. ? a tax question
  52. Groceries: How Much Do You Spend Per Week
  53. Would you borrow from your home loan equity so you could afford to do a degree?
  54. How do you keep your grocery bills down?
  55. Aussie Farmers Direct??
  56. i need HELP!...
  57. car loan with bankwest??
  58. Savings & Loan?
  59. Qantas Frequent Flyer
  60. Just saved $140 on comprehensive car insurance!!
  61. Tip for saving money on Insurance
  62. Private Health Insurance and Tax??????
  63. Claiming Chiro on Tax?
  64. Do you ask permission?
  65. Tax and dependants question?
  66. IMPORTANT! House and Contents Insurance - Please Read
  67. Is this rediculious for an accountant fee??? please help
  68. Tax question on spouse income
  69. what software/program do u use to budget?
  70. Financial yr and RFB??
  71. So, DP wants to declare bankruptcy..
  72. budgeting help!
  73. Paying Bills and Being on Leave
  74. Can I get a refund if I dont have a receipt?
  75. Property Investing 101 - need a lesson or two!
  76. Free budget program
  77. How do you do yours???
  78. Preparing for a tax claim
  79. Hypothetical Financial Question
  80. tax money
  81. Mortgage Holiday.
  82. Which Telephone Company (Landline) are You With?
  83. I have some of hot water pump questions...
  84. Private health-any one cancelled/cut back on it?
  85. Highway Robery
  86. How can I pay into a Suncorp account???
  87. Credit ratings....
  88. how do you all do it?
  89. Seperate bank account for baby arrival???
  90. Cash Loans?
  91. Is ur Homeloan Fixed or Variable????
  92. How much do you budget for w/ your water/elec/gas bills?
  93. whats your super fund?
  94. Need budgeting tips before the mortgage starts
  95. Term deposits
  96. SAHM's - what do you do about your super?
  97. Planning finances for new baby
  98. REGO in QLD
  99. Tips on saving $$$ on groceries
  100. What's your average gas bill?
  101. Does anyone use or has used Budget Direct insurance?
  102. car insurance.. rating
  103. Budget Holiday Tips.
  104. Monthly pay...help me get used to this!
  105. A (very late) tax question
  106. Converting a principle home to an investment home
  107. How do I find a really good accountant???
  108. Do you have this problem with Net banking?
  109. Spring cleaning finances
  110. Contents Insurance
  111. 'Extras' on contents insurance...
  112. Your child's bank account
  113. Is it just me or do you get suspicious too??
  114. where to start? house deposit.
  115. Green Slips??? Who does cheap ones out there??
  116. Impending redundancy :( Ideas please?
  117. Pixi Photos - Has anyone been able to bargain them down in price?
  118. To fix or not to fix?????????????
  119. Borrowing against Super... Single Mother friendly lenders
  120. How long should a bank dispute take?
  121. I need a super fund, what do i do?
  122. Should i or shouldnt i
  123. Who Pays?
  124. How are you doing on one income???
  125. Superannuation
  126. Did you find two to three cost much more $$?
  127. First Home Buyers
  128. Bankruptcy or no Bankruptcy??
  129. How did/do you come to accept money the way it is???
  130. Need some mortgage busting advice...
  131. Do you have life insurance?
  132. Feeling Crappy About Your Finances? You Need More Money - Is That True?
  133. Monthly Pays
  134. Baby costs
  135. Savings club....
  136. How will the power price increases affect you?
  137. Superannuation - nominating beneficiaries
  138. Water while renting
  139. What do you splurge on weekly or monthly?
  140. New car or 'refurbish' the old one?
  141. Creditors- why are they so cruel (long)
  142. money still tied up with the global finacial crisis..
  143. Currency exchange help!
  144. Credit Reports
  145. unpaid bill and credit rating
  146. where do we stand
  147. Car Repairs and Money Problems
  148. What do I do to get comprehensive insurance?
  149. 2 jobs and tax...
  150. What have you done with your super?
  151. Electricity Bill ...OMG!!!
  152. childcare rebate question
  153. Can they do this?
  154. Oh Crap!!!
  155. Anyone broken a mobile phone contract early?
  156. freaking, freaking wtf!
  157. How weird is this?!
  158. I'm missing something...
  159. Personal Loans for Single Parents
  160. Insurance (car) cover notes..
  161. Does this seem a bit odd to you?
  162. how much do you pay for water??
  163. Taxable income - is it earnings to EOFY or payments til EOFY
  164. Origin Energy
  165. ETrade and Playing the Stockmarket.
  166. Debt Consoldiation
  167. Bank fees....
  168. Novated Lease, help me understand how this works...
  169. How long do i keep it for?
  170. Where do I look for a better credit card deal?
  171. How much will I pay 4 cheapest mobile phone?
  172. Power Companies in Qld
  173. Employer Not Making Super Contributions...?
  174. Car Insurance - Who are you with.
  175. DH wants to break our fixed rate loan home loan...Can anyone give me advice?
  176. Has anybody ever been in this situation? Help!!
  177. Centrelink payments and still living with DH
  178. Necessity of Private Health Insurance?
  179. Are we the only ones struggling? Feeling very alienated and lonely here
  180. Casual teaching and Family Tax Benifit A & B... or unemployment?
  181. can someone give me a rough idea?
  182. Mobile Phone Cap plans
  183. How much are your Mortgage Repayments?? Mortgage Vs Rent...
  184. Wedding Budget
  185. Do they look at you in a bad way?? Advice re a finance company
  186. I have made the call, now what
  187. Who is a good credit card provider?
  188. Budget...Give me yours...I wanna stop the casual spending!
  189. How can we get out of debt?? Any advice?
  190. getting ahead in life
  191. Single Income parents- advice?
  192. How on earth does someone spend $7500 on iTunes?? **PLEASE READ EVERYONE**
  193. Why do I feel so guilty about spending money?
  194. Internet phones? BoB? iinet?
  195. ATO and change of name?
  196. Tell me about your landline phone service...
  197. Weekly Living expenses
  198. I wish I was seeing things...YIKES!
  199. Tax deadline?
  200. What sort of things do you claim back on tax??????
  201. Gas Bill
  202. HECS info for Tax return
  203. SAHMs - Do You Still Make Super Contributions?
  204. Tax questions about institute fees
  205. etax pre-fill option
  206. HECS debt
  207. Life Insurance??
  208. Budgeting Software - I used to use MS Money but that is discontinued
  209. Tank Water & Gas Bottles
  210. What did you do when preparing for a baby
  211. Budget Templates
  212. Strange transaction on my account statement
  213. How cheap can you live?
  214. need a small business financial advisor..
  215. Want to know where you tax refund is up to?
  216. Fox Symes or similar- experiences?
  217. combined income + HELP debt repayments
  218. Please tell me about YOUR Private Health Cover
  219. I will be freed from the shackles of QuickBooks!
  220. How do you do it? budget and bills?
  221. Direct Debit for Bills
  222. C'link payments & baby bonus
  223. Lump Sum payment for FTB- C'Link
  224. Redundancy, FTB Part B & Baby Bonus??
  225. heeeeelp! lol
  226. please help, convince DH no more my money/his money
  227. Time limit for merchant debiting card
  228. how did you/how would you do it or any tips/suggestions
  229. Ambulance Cover via Health Insurance ... OMG did you know this ?
  230. Christmas Gifts for family - What do you spend?
  231. Novated Car Leasing
  232. Garage Sale
  233. *heavy sigh* here goes nothing
  234. How do you become a cash family?
  235. Retaliation shopping! Are you guilty of it?
  236. Car Insurance advice.. I think they are being a bit unfair
  237. how can i change my way of thinking to better the bank??
  238. Budgeting software
  239. Can't work out where the $ leak is (part vent)
  240. Donating to flood relief in QLD - having issues
  241. Monthly cost - Family of 4
  242. Tell me about ALDI??
  243. Phone Bills in Advance???
  244. EFTPOS question
  245. FTB B question
  246. DH had work accident, will Centrelink help with finances....?
  247. quaterly child care rebate?
  248. Car Loans - Do's and Don'ts?
  249. I has a dilemma...
  250. are there any accountants here who can help decipher some ATO jibberish?
  251. Does receiving child support affect tax, family tax entitlement etc?
  252. Bingle Car Insurance
  253. Energy Watch
  254. Centrelink
  255. HOw much are your contents insured for, and why?
  256. Help with Insurance question
  257. centerlink help....
  258. Mobile Cap plans Please explain?
  259. what does bankrupcy involve?
  260. thought this was really interesting.. Electricty bills.
  261. Power bill brag!
  262. Trust Funds for your Kids? Anyone?
  263. Your best electricity saving tips please!
  264. Credit Cards? Which one?
  265. What's your average daily elec usage?
  266. FTB and rent assistance question! Help asap!
  267. Children's Bank Accounts... which one?
  268. Would YOU Do This?
  269. Food bill 2A 2C per week?
  270. Optus $79 fusion plan is it good value or recommend a good net/landline plan
  271. Don't you hate it...
  272. Liquid Currency.... BEER!
  273. Review: Dr John Demartini Wealth Seminar 23/3/11 - Awesome!
  274. Funeral/life insurance
  275. Till debt do us part
  276. Visa Debit cards
  277. How can the baby bonus be more than paid parental leave for me?
  278. Anyone in my position?
  279. Would you buy shares in an energy company?
  280. Beware! Cold-calling bank scam!
  281. freaking out about tax!! help!
  282. Business dramas! LONG!!
  283. Q about ABNs at tax time
  284. Please help me sort out my iPhone and Internet plan!
  285. Which internet plan do you have?
  286. Can someone explain this budget to me??
  287. I cant believe it
  288. Stressing out
  289. La Trobe Health Insurance
  290. Tax help??
  291. Tax bill - help!
  292. What did you do?
  293. Private Health and Tax Help
  294. Tax refund for medical expenses??? Medicare statement
  295. Extra's cover - is it worth it?
  296. How do YOU budget?
  297. Everything goes up except....
  298. You're kidding me!! I've spent how much???!!!
  299. Tax question
  300. 2011 Tax
  301. Property Market Crash?
  302. Tax tax tax gah and family $$
  303. calculating rental property profit/loss
  304. Whats better? Babies close together or far apart?
  305. Normal every day bank accounts
  306. Saving for private education
  307. refinancing...would you do it?
  308. Tax and school building fund payments
  309. Help? The best way to choose my electricity supplier.
  310. Dodo electricity
  311. Budgeting for cigarettes..
  312. How do you help and encourage your kids to manage their money.
  313. Budgeting for Baby
  314. CCR to child care centre
  315. Transaction Limit on Debit Mastercards?
  316. Confused about how to do our budget...
  317. Surviving these hard times & budget scares
  318. Insurances and Rates
  319. Income protection
  320. Health insurance - to have or not to have???
  321. Ambulance Cover
  322. Has anyone used the Financial Ombudsman?
  323. Best way of estimating the value of home contents?
  324. Hourly $ ?
  325. Cashflow done!
  326. Paid Parental Leave
  327. Confused about Tax.
  328. Statements from PHI for operations
  329. If I died...
  330. Sickness allowance
  331. Can people be banned from having a credit card?
  332. PHI statements...Claims pending?
  333. How do debt collectors work?
  334. Family tax benefit A - what is the most you can earn??
  335. How to become financially independent from DH?
  336. [ADVICE] DH is soooo bad with money :(
  337. MYOB expert?
  338. storage time for bills etc?
  339. Confused by a phonecall
  340. I need some insurance help
  341. What was your childcare increase for 2012?
  342. Recommendations for health insurance
  343. How much have you spent on take aways in the last 6 months?
  344. Etag questions
  345. Smart meters
  346. Which would you choose - the 'best' school (at a cost) or a better lifestyle?
  347. The Family Supplement - using it to budget for school expenses - realistic or not?
  348. Incorrect invoice - where to go from here?
  349. Budget
  350. Independent life insurance broker - recommendation wanted