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  1. What does the tooth fairy do at your place?
  2. Good games for Friday Night Family Night??
  3. Help! 8yr olds advanced questions!!
  4. Welcome to School Aged Children & Teenagers
  5. What to get an 11yo boy...
  6. So I guess that tactic backfired
  7. Are they ready for the S.E.X talk??
  8. Teenager - Bad Grades - Leave School Early?
  9. good present for 6yo girl??
  10. Bed Time?
  11. Nine Year Old Boys
  12. Another Twist In The Saga
  13. 13yo's Freedoms: DH & I disagree: HELP!
  14. Bed times?
  15. Yasin's new train
  16. Low Self Esteem
  17. VCE ... need some info
  18. need an idea for a 13 birthday party
  19. how much does
  20. Should I let her stay over???
  21. 13th birthday HELP
  22. My 10 y/o neice refuses to eat!!! help!!
  23. Does your child have an imaginary friend????
  24. My Baby HATES himself ...
  25. Growth Hormones for a Nine-Year-Old
  26. I dressed myself today.
  27. Natural consequences or bad mumma?
  28. How Do I Balance My Needs With DSD's?
  29. Growing Pains
  30. Need help with a gift for 10 year old boy!
  31. Very concerned
  32. Mud!
  33. Delinquent DSD And Stupid House and Annoying DP - V Long Vent
  34. Fighting at the dinner table
  35. He Really Wants A Puppy.
  36. The BEST school hol activity EVER (who would've thunk?)
  37. Fainting
  38. She's growing up!
  39. 6 year old. Advice?
  40. Girl Germs??!!
  41. sex education in schools
  42. Ever had a conversation like this?
  43. Anyone with a 4 year old daughter....?
  44. Loft Beds?
  45. my little lady is 10
  46. 6 YO bed time??
  47. Nurturing Talent
  48. What a little bossy boots!
  49. How old to start losing baby teeth?
  50. VCE subject question....
  51. Mum I want a side ponytail...
  52. The Ad With The Funny Dancing
  53. (Drama unfolding) Nintendo to school - yes or no?
  54. Head Lice
  55. What is with all the hard decisions today????
  56. My first born is officially taller than me
  57. Who Needs Fashion Mags...
  58. Inspirational Books For Teenagers
  59. Contraception for Under 16s - Is Parental Permission Required?
  60. Cheap fun activities for school holidays?
  61. Leaving children home alone, what's the legal age?
  62. My little Princess!
  63. My 6yo talks TOO much
  64. The Unteachables
  65. Milk - too much?
  66. Yay! I did something right!!
  67. How many hours?
  68. Lying! Arrggghh
  69. Non Stop Questions!
  70. Time for the talk... not the sex one!!!
  71. The sex talk
  72. I tried out smarting him :/
  73. Ds 2 has had a rough day
  74. My oldest son got punched in the face :(
  75. HELP small gift for 9yo boy and 7yo girl, ideas?
  76. Self esteem courses?
  77. Birthday Party Ideas
  78. Is he just being naughty or is it Puberty?
  79. Bedwetters roll call!
  80. Imaginary friend?
  81. Clothes shopping for girls
  82. Age Appropriate Movies (opinions please)
  83. UTI in preppy
  84. Birthday present for 4yo boy?
  85. thanks for your input DS.
  86. My DS is ALWAYS sick
  87. sleep for pre-teens
  88. how do i explain things to my daughter??
  89. Should I take her to the dentist?
  90. Corns in a 5yo???? Has anyone else had this????
  91. Sweet 16 :)
  92. Teenagers: Pocket Money If They Have A Job?
  93. How old was ur dd when they got af?
  94. Grrrr... Teenagers and Bathrooms
  95. does your 6-7 year old use a booster seat?
  96. Teenager - Would You Leave For A Weekend?
  97. Her first ever pimple, natural treatments?
  98. Year 10 Results & VCE
  99. When do boys start to LIKE being clean?
  100. Desperate Help with Dobbing 5 yr old
  101. Kids fighting driving me insane!** Long vent**
  102. Eating Disorders
  103. Pocket money
  104. 16yo niece staying over with 17yo boyfriend......
  105. Farts
  106. Kids Helpline launches a new website
  107. Too young to be left alone at home for an hour or two?
  108. Does anyone else's 3 yo pick fights with other children?
  109. Puberty starting?
  110. Face book at 7???
  111. Favourite kids' toys
  112. Nasty mummy took aaaaalll the toys away...
  113. What happened to my babies?
  114. The baby/newborn stuff is easy peasy...
  115. DS or DSi
  116. oh he is so sweet!
  117. Am I doing the right thing?? Could turn into a looong vent!
  118. What started your tween/teens tantrum today?
  119. Do you allow your kids to say...
  120. Desperately need help...can a 7 year old get af??
  121. Taking a child to a Psychologist?
  122. Gifted Kids Support Group
  123. DS protected me, so proud
  124. Are 7 and 8 year old girls into Disney Princess?
  125. DD's getting AF how did you cope? What to do to prepare?
  126. My sister has moved back home after almost a year now..
  127. cradle cap on a 5-year-old?
  128. Teen Drama Queen - Is It Because She Thinks She's Boring?
  129. What Should I Do About This One???
  130. Am I expecting too much?
  131. 12 & 14 act like 5yr olds - how to discuss with mum
  132. DSD's School Report/VCE
  133. should i go to her engagement?
  134. Facebook and your kids
  135. Does your DS like to cook?
  136. Talking about death and killing
  137. DS is so worried
  138. Does your DD talk about whats happening?
  139. He really is a young man now
  140. Talking about Death/dying
  141. and the worst mother award goes to..
  142. teenage kids can be so cruel and oblivious to parents realities of money and health.
  143. Anyone with a child that needed speech thrapy at school?
  144. PLEASE HELP I think DD8 has some sort of eating disorder
  145. bad school report not doing homework what would you do
  146. VCE And Part Time Job - What Do You Think?
  147. How do you entertain a 9-year old boy??
  148. How do I deal with this situation
  149. I think I just bribed DS
  150. Pollakiuria
  151. Choosing A School: Anyone Else Think This Is Dumb?
  152. Adult Kids - Do/Should They Still Pay Board?
  153. My boys having a heart to heart
  154. Fess up! How much do you "help" with their projects?
  155. Suddenly overly worrying about DS
  156. Tell me about self harm (cutting) themselves
  157. Puberty..when did it start???
  158. 13 Yr old Niece being secretly VIDEO TAPED.
  159. Diet and sickness
  160. Mobile phone...
  161. A proud teenager moment, yeah
  162. 17yo DSD Wants Rental Place - How Feasible?
  163. What you do when they bring 'those' kids home?
  164. 10yr old DS bedtime??
  165. DSD Potentially Moving Out To Friend's And Friend's Parents House - Could This Work?
  166. How much food is enough?
  167. dental clinics in primary schools
  168. Teenage DSD vent
  169. Advice please! - Horrid nephews
  170. Um...When did the roles reverse??
  171. Carrying through a threat
  172. Bedtimes for 7 and nearly 5 year old.
  173. My 12 year old nephew....at a lose.
  174. At My Wits End
  175. Changing a child's name
  176. Simple Science experiment for grade 6
  177. DS12 won a bike at school
  178. Now I know what DD9 meant by "I can control her"
  179. Larger gap between siblings
  180. DS will be presented with his bike on Friday
  181. so proud of my son
  182. Is it just a phase girls go through?
  183. Ooops, I made DS15 smell pretty
  184. need help with my 13 yr old niece
  185. Clothes for an 8yo
  186. Over the school holidays already
  187. DD9 just choked on a mint
  188. DS15 has scabies
  189. One of the kids is sleepwalking!!!
  190. Geelong Show - what a day
  191. What do 5-12 yo like?
  192. Kids can be so cruel
  193. She wants to change her name, has anyone done this?
  194. How long do their shoes last?
  195. "I'm hungry"
  196. Never felt so helpless
  197. My DD is turning into someone I don't like
  198. Do you think this is over the top?
  199. When should tweens be able to try tampons???
  200. I wish I could be there for her tomorrow :(
  201. Talking to Girls about the Facts of Life.
  202. Dealing with Negative Self-image?
  203. A question of great importance. Please help me if you can.
  204. Burns and scarring
  205. ABC3
  206. Is DD9 starting puberty?
  207. Are girls clothes on the small side this year or is my DD getting fat???
  208. Back to school - Yeah
  209. I am the meanest Mum ever!!!
  210. Long haired boy!
  211. Need some advice for DS12
  212. Proud of my daughter!
  213. DS12 got his glasses today
  214. Role-reversal play with DD9
  215. "Letting go"
  216. What chores do your older kids do?
  217. Predmix
  218. I knew this was coming but at 12???
  219. 'But allll the other girls are....' *rolleyes*
  220. Unsure about present DS13 received for his birthday
  221. The tooth fairy...
  222. DS (aged 6) swallowed a marble
  223. Road and carpark safety/age questions?
  224. Name 3 things to be thankful for
  225. Funny things they say :)
  226. School or home school
  227. Teething necklaces for big kids?
  228. Overweight 12 year old
  229. Too young for coming of age book?
  230. 9 year old obsessing over her weight WWYD?
  231. Gym for school age child
  232. Recurrent abdominal pain in 6yo
  233. Music boxes..
  234. Co-Ed for secondary school?
  235. 10 & 13yr olds left alone all night
  236. Red and white striped stockings?
  237. Small schools?
  238. What will your grandchildren be called?
  239. The toothfairy...
  240. Changing schools next year?
  241. Pre schoolers and genitals
  242. This is a sensitive issue re: sexuality
  243. Age appropriate books about sex.
  244. My baby girl is growing up
  245. So proud of my beautiful girl.
  246. Sad 5yr old...Hormonal changes?
  247. Boys ear piercing
  248. DS wetting the bed still....
  249. World4Kids before/after school care
  250. At what age did you let DD start shaving her legs?
  251. Always wanting to take stuff to school
  252. School lunches
  253. Trampoline recommendations (springfree) for an 8yo and 6yo?
  254. What causes weight gain - other than the obvious?
  255. Well my baby graduated from Primary school tonight
  256. What size shoes do your kids wear?
  257. When does the whinging stop..?
  258. Composite classes...What do you think??
  259. DD's friend is stealing from her
  260. Simply shocked by the way DD's friend is dressed
  261. Am i a prude for thinking its inappropriate?
  262. Prep lunchtime and lunch boxes
  263. Size 3-4 girls undies..black or navy
  264. Help me - 6yo playing with FIRE
  265. Is this normal?
  266. A poem
  267. Electric nit combs...
  268. Rubbish free lunches..
  269. Local hang out place
  270. Do you let on when you're struggling?
  271. Mixed Gender Bathing
  272. Toilet habits (waayyy TMI sorry)
  273. Ideas to increase DDs confidence?
  274. Present ideas for 5 yo godson
  275. Can your school aged child do up their shoelaces?
  276. Do you keep everything that comes home from school?
  277. DSD is in jail - anyone have any positive stories?
  278. December Babies, when to start school?
  279. An interesting quote by Socrates.
  280. Having accidents at school?
  281. omg- my dd just freaked me out!!!
  282. Reading Eggs vs Spellodrome
  283. First bra
  284. School bags and shops
  285. First camp
  286. Bedtime dramas almost 7yo
  287. Uneven breast development.
  288. Primary school concerts
  289. Did I do the right thing re: Lunch for the kids
  290. WA Boarding Schools
  291. Do you do it?
  292. Handling the situation - {ADVICE}
  293. Kids and broken bones - what would you do?
  294. Random question... Do you know anyone involved with DOCS camps?
  295. Kids playing with 'guns'??
  296. Scouts Vs Girl Guides?
  297. DS16 got a job
  298. after a fever
  299. When they won't take medicine?
  300. Kids bath and soap
  301. Fever - 24 or 48 hours?
  302. I am so very angry but more disappointed... advice
  303. Ideas for a very special mummy/daughter day?
  304. Money in DS's account
  305. DD1 has fear of death/ dying
  306. Scary Movies
  307. DS got sacked for being sick
  308. What does your 6 year old girl play with?
  309. Alone in the bath?
  310. athletics carnival. what to wear?
  311. DD11 and &^&%&% taxi driver
  312. When they start to think your embarrasing - what do you do?
  313. Bed wetting
  314. smelly bits!
  315. School night birthday party
  316. How much does your 7 year old eat?
  317. Gynecomastia in pre pubescent boys.
  318. How much do you pay for children's sport?
  319. ED or Clinic?
  320. Music suitable for almost 5 yr old girl
  321. Sex education for junior primary kids
  322. Panadol
  323. My confession...
  324. DD has a lump
  325. Changing Kindys in term 4?
  326. Enrolled - Our first extra curricular activity
  327. costume help
  328. Weet-bix Tryathlon.
  329. Psychosomatic vs physical??
  330. Ear Piercing - where to go?
  331. Prep - How Many In Your DS/DD's School
  332. How to explain what is 'news'
  333. Nick noos
  334. Facebook. What age?
  335. School holiday ideas and projects
  336. Anyone else got a destructo 5yo in the house?
  337. Scared of 'monsters'??
  338. DS 5 y/o drank expired toddler milk??
  339. Product That Will Read Stories to 5yo
  340. For those with children with ADHD - How was your labour?
  341. How much sleep at 5-6 years?
  342. How often does your child get sick?
  343. Moments like these...
  344. Preppie Making Friends With Grade 3s - Am I Being Silly?
  345. Continence nurse
  346. DD5 started Kind and now won't sleep at night
  347. How do I let her be a big girl?
  348. How long for friendships to start in kindergarten?
  349. Explaining death
  350. DD8 CONSTANTLY lying...