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  1. Discipline methods for young kids
  2. Wondering if there is any other families that have children with behaviour problems?
  3. How Much More ....
  4. Welcome to Challenging Behaviour
  5. Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
  6. My toddler son hits people
  7. Imaginary Friend & Bed wetting
  8. What do I do?
  9. Feeling like a cant cope anymore
  10. Need help with the foods that can affect behaviour
  11. ADD/ADHD Your opinion on medicating - long
  12. My daughter....vent... chatter please
  13. My "quirky" daughter
  14. I don't know what to do
  15. Misbehaving Son Almost 4y/o
  16. Don't know what to do * Update*
  17. At a loss today....
  18. Help neede with naughty 2 y/o.
  19. Should i take her to see a psychologist?
  20. Hitting, biting, pinching...
  21. What would this mean?
  22. How did you react..feel........
  23. Rough housing - hitting - were do you draw the line???
  24. Why are my girls like this-I need some serious advice
  25. Getting there but still need help
  26. but its only 9:10am..*sigh*
  27. HOw should I deal with this? (6 yr old not listening)
  28. Almost 9 and STILL picking his nose!
  29. tourette syndrome 'ts'
  30. What is she doing???
  31. my "spirited" DS
  32. Tourette syndrome
  33. Help us get over her fear?
  34. A spoon full of sugar...
  35. OMG- it just freaked me out...
  36. HELP - is this real fear or procrastination?
  37. Im fed up, about to loose it and on the verge of tears!
  38. Willingness of another mother to let her live there!
  39. What does she do now? (Long)
  40. ODD
  41. feeling abused by adult children
  42. Why does my child do this?
  43. 4yo driving me NUTS!
  44. First Panic Attack...EVER!!!
  45. 5yr old suddenly defiant and totally changed personality - i don't know what to do
  46. I really don't want them to spend the holidays in their rooms but...
  47. Lack of appreciation reached breaking point...
  48. 11 yr old argues with everything i say.
  49. draining ungrateful older kids, do u keep trying to connect or do u distance urself.
  50. he just screams!!!!!!!!
  51. Oppositional Defiant Disorder- ADD-Mild Autism
  52. Very Angry 7yr old...
  53. Need Help - 4 yo
  54. Will this ever end I cant take the fighting anymore
  55. Miss Brianna
  56. Sleep walking?
  57. 5yo & addiction, is it possible?
  58. Royal Far West
  59. Challenging??! That doesn't even begin to cover it!
  60. Other people's kids in your care, how do you handle it??
  61. Not sure whether to encourage this behaviour or not
  62. Ever so moody 9yo - what did you do
  63. anxiety in children
  64. We are at a total loss of how to handle this
  65. 6 year old playing up at bed time...
  66. 10 year old DS and HOMEWORK!!
  67. 3 year old jealousy!
  68. When is it time to seek counselling?
  69. wdyt? children's behavior
  70. I've started the meds... Advice please? (ADD/ADHD)
  71. **Warning: Distressing** Insights into child mental illness
  72. im pulling my hair out
  73. Foul mouth!
  74. VENT: my child talking about suicide on Christmas Day
  75. I know the cause to my little ones behaviour :)
  76. Blatant refusal
  77. Time Out
  78. Food aversion
  79. Dealing with sooking & whinging
  80. At what point would you take a child to a doctor re behaviour?
  81. Finding an occupational therapist?
  82. Dealing with the hypochondriac
  83. 6 yr old seeing things.. Freaking us both out!
  84. Gentle parenting for a teen.
  85. 8/9 year old girl behaviour
  86. What would you do?
  87. Not sure what to do.
  88. Reading in bed
  89. Easily upset 7 year old boy
  90. I don't know what to do anymore...
  91. DS likes to test me!
  92. Sleep Issues.
  93. 4yo with possible ASD - please offer some advice
  94. Struggling: possible 2nd ADHD diagnosis
  95. Tips to help DS sleep
  96. I don't know what to do.
  97. 6yo & ADHD
  98. Dealing with aggressive behaviour
  99. adhd or naughty
  100. Online learning/apps for 4yo ADD
  101. 7yr old with ADHD - been suspended from school :(
  102. 9 year old DD with sudden anxiety