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  1. May I ask without causing an uproar???
  2. Religion
  3. Welcome to Your Spirituality & Religion
  4. Which religion do you follow?
  5. The popularity of religions
  6. Thankyou
  7. Religion #2
  8. Has your spirituality impacted on your birthing/parenting decisions?
  9. Born Evil?
  10. Scientology
  11. Your Spirituality & Religion Guidelines
  12. Atheism/agnosticism?
  13. Please pray for my friends
  14. when you need to pray
  15. Atheism/Agnosticism General Discussion #1
  16. Religion and Global Warming
  17. Reincarnation
  18. I need your help ladies please
  19. organ donation and your soul
  20. Saying Grace
  21. Fertility & TTC Symbols
  22. Questions about christenings/baptisms
  23. Christening In A Garden ???
  24. Your Children
  25. Indigenous Cultures
  26. Satanism question
  27. Akiane Kramarik
  28. "rules" and ethics in satanism
  29. How about this for a radical idea?
  30. Need some advice on a church to visit...
  31. How do I go about..
  32. Can you help please!!!!
  33. Invisible Mum
  34. Is Dad there??
  35. No rain 21st May please
  36. Does our Consciousness continue in Heaven?
  37. Question about DD and religion
  38. The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love: (No Kidding!)
  39. Self-determination/free-will V's predestination/fate
  40. Baby Different Religion to Parents
  41. issues with life, issues with death
  42. Sin, what do you think?
  43. Is hope a sustainer of human life?
  44. Anyone else a WYD pilgrim?
  45. Fasting
  46. What is the role of suffering?
  47. When your beliefs are different to family/friends...
  48. Upsetting Family with your choices What should we do?
  49. Do You Think The Bible is Literal or Allegorical
  50. Religion education for children
  51. He is watching me
  52. Jehover's Witness question
  53. Angels
  54. Where can i find a simple book on catholocism?
  55. Humanism
  56. The Story of God
  57. Artificial Intelligence and Spirituality
  58. Finding Feathers
  59. Holy Numbers
  60. catholic godparents
  61. Why do bad things happen to good people?
  62. Angel Signs, or losing my mind ??
  63. Can you say some prayers...
  64. Thoughts, responses, critiques... (free academic chatter please!)
  65. Gift Idea for Baptism of 7 year old.
  66. Book Discussion: "I Don't Believe In Atheists" by Chris Hedges.
  67. Reincarnation and children
  68. Need help from someone with a "third eye"...
  69. The Retreat - ABC TV on Sunday night??
  70. Why do i keep dreaming of him?
  71. The Golden Rule
  72. A poem to help those who are grieving a loved one
  73. Naming Day
  74. Thank you for re inspiring me
  75. References to circumcision in religious text?
  76. A friend who has 'the gift'...
  77. Debate - Raising your kids with religion
  78. Dreaming of my babies?
  79. Nostradamus & 2012
  80. How Do You Detach From The Lure of Materialism?
  81. Do you believe in evolution or what your holy book says?
  82. What is your proof of God?
  83. Finishing well
  84. God's Intervention - ***WARNING - GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING CONTENT***
  85. Proof of God.
  86. If You Were God Would You Prove Yourself?
  87. Our soul
  88. Losing a baby and faith??
  89. teaching Prayer to kids & night time prayer
  90. Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously
  91. Jehovah's Witness'
  92. Seperating history and religion
  93. Celebrating the feminine? Looking for spiritual help.
  94. Funeral
  95. Finding a faith?
  96. Can you choose Destiny?
  97. Tomorrow is the day!!!
  98. What do you believe in - and why?
  99. Finding it hard to believe
  100. Where is God's place in your world?
  101. Mind Body Spirit Festival
  102. I feel like I should be teaching them about God, taking them to church but Im lost...
  103. Shadow ghosts/people
  104. Urgent Prayer Please!
  105. Prayers & Candles & Positivity for George *Wednesday Updated*
  106. Christmas time for non-Christians
  107. Conversations with God
  108. Please keep them in your prayers.
  109. A house on fire..
  110. JW - Door knocking - how does it work?
  111. Prayers and well wishes for little William
  112. Druidry recognised as religion in UK
  113. Bubs in church....
  114. Something interesting to ponder...
  115. What do u tell ur children about god n ur religion??
  116. A thought on death - might upset/offend some
  117. pray, light a candle, dance under the clothesline naked
  118. Need some thoughts and energy
  119. What do YOU think?
  120. Glads
  121. Energy during Mensus
  122. Calming prayer
  123. I feel anxious...
  124. Can you have a look at my photos
  125. If you happen to be the praying type...
  126. To the Gods of Children's Sleep
  127. Curious about death & mourning
  128. Crystals and positive affirmations
  129. Negativity towards Islam
  130. Why is karma often described as a female dog?
  131. Is there a place for me?
  132. Reincarnation
  133. Dreams.....
  134. Looking for prayers for my sister's newborn
  135. Your own Mortality - Does it worry you sometimes?
  136. Can someone please explain the Catholic view on drinking and gambling??
  137. Christmas: non-Christians and atheists...Do you 'celebrate'?
  138. So what exactly is the difference?
  139. Do you believe in retribution in the afterlife?
  140. Prayers, positive thoughts and light for dory and RB
  141. What religion?
  142. Door-knockers
  143. The Bible and Homosexuality
  144. Bless the JW's
  145. PLS READ - Group prayer/thoughts tonight
  146. PLS READ - Gp prayer for Glenny, Charlie & family - Friday 11am
  147. Dreaming and Aboriginal spirituality
  148. Prayers for my cousin :(
  149. After life?
  150. Please pray, or just send some love...
  151. Prayers please for new mum in ICU
  152. Please, please pray for my nephew
  153. seventh day Adventist doorknockers.
  154. Interpreting dreams?
  155. Genuine question about Aboriginal culture...
  156. Do you believe in visualising events so they will happen?
  157. Agnostic mums and dads of children at school- I am after some advice!!