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  1. What's wrong with condoms after birth??
  2. Breastfeeding and conception
  3. spotting
  4. there gotta b something else!
  5. Welcome to Contraceptives
  6. Over it *vent*
  7. Book - Hormone Heresy
  8. Non-hormonal contraception
  9. Diaphrams
  10. Condoms Breaking
  11. Breast feeding as a contraceptive "Vent"
  12. Cloth Pad & Menstrual Cup Discussion Thread
  13. Shorter Periods
  14. bleeding still post baby!!
  15. Still Spotting?? TMI
  16. Return of that time of the month...
  17. How long...
  18. A list of all available contraceptives ad side effects, please add anything I miss
  19. zoloft and your period?
  20. Periods while breastfeeding
  21. when to start the pill after a miscarriage?
  22. Bottlefeeding & Return of Period?
  23. Mid-Cycle Bleeding - HELP
  24. periods @ 6weeks and still breastfeeding??
  25. Longer cycle
  26. Essure birth control
  27. It's finally back!!! - but what's going on?
  28. After your period came back was it regular?
  29. Will it go back to normal
  30. contraceptive
  31. Mid cycle bleeding or short cycle
  32. 2 bleeds within 3 weeks
  33. Heavy Periods (tmi)
  34. Spotting 1 week before AF
  35. No period? Normal?
  36. bottle feeding and no period
  37. Missing 3 Weeks and Counting
  38. What do you use??
  39. AF Appeared but have concerns
  40. Are clots normal
  41. ok I'm new to this
  42. Really bad cramps?
  43. Yes? No? Maybe? What is going on?
  44. Okay any ideas? Short cycles
  45. AF returning?
  46. low dose OCP recommendations
  47. Any ideas on what is going on with AF- *warning TMI*
  48. What Colour should it be??
  49. Norimin
  50. Natural pain relief for period pain
  51. AF returns - extreme nausea
  52. Severe pains - like labour pains almost
  53. Question about af; warning TMI
  54. Essure-anyone heard of it before?
  55. Loss of sensitivity
  56. Did you..
  57. a little paranoid *TMI WARNING*
  58. What the blazes is going on with this period?
  59. Where oh where has she gone?
  60. Im going crazy...please help!! (tmi alert)
  61. PMT
  62. Anyone Else Have Two Periods In One?
  63. Taking a break from ttc. So what contraceptive??
  64. I want my period
  65. PMS
  66. is there a contraception that is .....
  67. Where is AF???
  68. Yoo Hoo AF where are you ??
  69. New contraceptive...
  70. Should I be worried?
  71. Anyone else experienced this???
  72. Home Pregnancy Tests
  73. Changes in cycle length
  74. Changes in cycle length
  75. need a little advice
  76. Worrier needs advice!
  77. How heavy is TO heavy bleeding??*WARNING TMI*
  78. holiday and AF
  79. looking for some feedback...
  80. what should i use??
  81. should i be concerned? TMI
  82. Umm, what to do, what to do...
  83. Aweful Period Pain... HELP?
  84. Just wanted to share....
  85. PMS & return of AF
  86. how do you plan for it?
  87. what should I take?
  88. sweats??? (TMI)
  89. Early Menopause???
  90. Where art thou my least favourite Aunt? Lots of questions, Alan maybe?
  91. different contraceptives
  92. Contraception and breastfeeding
  93. How soon after having a baby can you get your period?
  94. Wierd periods
  95. How long after having last depo provera shot...
  96. Period Question
  97. When did you get yours?
  98. bad period cramps... no Af???
  99. Bleeding after AF????
  100. Weird Period Help
  101. First AF and Breastfeeding
  102. erratic period behaviour...
  103. Something is wrong with AF....
  104. what could this be? (TMI)
  105. What do i do?
  106. non existent af
  107. Yet another AF question...
  108. Still no AF....
  109. Mirena or Tubal Ligation? Advice please!
  110. Where has my period gone?
  111. I hate AF!
  112. Evening primrose
  113. hormone lvls
  114. LAM and formula top ups / relactating
  115. How long does it take for AF to return?
  116. chances of being pregnant?
  117. contraception
  118. Breastfeeding - Contraception AFTER 6 months
  119. Using Breastfeeding as contraception
  120. I think its time....
  121. WOOHOO I just got AF!
  122. conception same day as implant removal
  123. Essure ... any stories?
  124. Spotting and breastfeeding
  125. Confused about period after D&C
  126. Should I ring the doc?
  127. af 3 weeks apart
  128. Implanon or Mirena..... please explain to me whats involved etc
  129. YAZ - opinions please? (Good & Bad)
  130. Oh help - the absolute pain!!!
  131. paragard vs mirena
  132. unsure if bleeding is normal after birth
  133. WTF??
  134. Thoughts and ideas needed - *big TMI*
  135. Discomfort leading up to period
  136. My first attempt
  137. copper coil / contraception for oldies
  138. Norimin
  139. HELP! Period pain meds and breastfeeding???
  140. Extreme hormone ups and downs around AF
  141. Contraceptive of Choice?
  142. Can someone explain???? Im confused!!
  143. AF 2 weeks late, not pregnant! HELP
  144. Migraines now at both AF and Ovulation
  145. what are the chances??
  146. PCOS Tips for a newbie PLEASE HELP
  147. breakthrough bleeding/spotting becoming a common occurance
  148. Confused...
  149. first period after loss
  150. breakthrough bleeding, pos m/c?
  151. AF & backache
  152. I miss not having AF!
  153. help - first period A/B or something else?
  154. ouch my hoo hoo hurts!!!!
  155. 23 day cycle?
  156. A contraceptive that won't make me want to throw myself off a cliff?
  157. So how late have you been
  158. Cloth pads while out/working? And diva cup experiences?
  159. Help
  160. Whats going on?
  161. Very heavy AF with alot of clotting but also TTC
  162. Whats Going On??
  163. I Need Some Advice... (TMI)
  164. Cycle changed from 28 days to 35
  165. period is late
  166. Need AF advice - pill or something else
  167. O'ing twice in one month , possible ?
  168. So hypothetically speaking...lol
  169. Should I go and see a doctor?
  170. PTI - Heavy AF and clotting
  171. Menstruation, Your Period and Ovulation After Baby
  172. Why has my AF been brown spotting for the last 3 cycles?? (TMI content)
  173. could be preg? spotting? birth control?
  174. So CRANKY!
  175. not quite sure??
  176. How common is pregancy while on implanon?
  177. Am I the only paranoid one?
  178. So, when does AF come back???
  179. AF off an on since xmas...
  180. when did u get ur second period after baby?
  181. AF doing weird things
  182. menorrhagia - extreme bleeding during menstruation
  183. ovulation more painful than AF....normal???
  184. Confused about Tubal Ligation after seeing OB
  185. whats it mean when its getting shorter??
  186. Contraception & NFP questions
  187. Cloth pantyliner questions
  188. sharp stabing period pain....
  189. The dreaded two headed monster ...
  190. Uterine Cramping? Causes?
  191. Weird Period
  192. AF late
  193. Mini Pill - Can it be trusted?
  194. Period Pain All Month?
  195. oh where, oh where has AF gone, oh where, oh where could she be?
  196. AF Already?
  197. Early menopause or peri-menopause, anyone?
  198. AF 5 days early, heavy *heavy* bleeding, clots, and now...
  199. Contraceptives...
  200. Whats going on with AF **(poss TMI)**
  201. Possible AF returning whilst bfing...Symptoms
  202. Wild Yam as contraceptive?
  203. heavy period (Warning - waaay tmi )
  204. Learning about yourself from your menses
  205. pregnant on the pill????could be a little tmi
  206. AF 5 weeks after baby? (TMI)
  207. DOH :(
  208. Irregular period help...
  209. *TMI* strange AF- some insight please?
  210. Whacky cycles?
  211. So, anyone else kind of like having their period???
  212. Contraception and Depression?
  213. opinions please! I could really use some advice
  214. Your cycle after prolonged BF?
  215. The First Period After a Miscarriage
  216. I can't believe I did that (TMI)
  217. tell me about the nuva ring...
  218. She's BaaAAaack!
  219. Is it normal to have a different cycle length each month?
  220. Managing OTT heavy periods - advice pls??!!!
  221. Tender breasts
  222. Need help before going to the doctor this arvo - Period pain
  223. was not expecting so much PAIN
  224. Is this normal?
  225. Well hello AF!
  226. UGH so annoying!
  227. Very heavy AF - sorry TMI
  228. Weird period pains/ symptoms this month... advice?
  229. Spotting and Nausea 1wk before period due ... Has anyone experienced this ?
  230. What Pill?
  231. Starting the pill on time
  232. Period becoming somewhat kinda normal
  233. Contraception when your Single
  234. Irregular cycle length or pregnant again?
  235. Really weird - late - period
  236. Please Help- My period has come 2 weeks early??!
  237. the WORST cramps
  238. A dumb question about AF
  239. iPhone cycle apps...
  240. Super heavy period with Implanon *WAY TMI*
  241. Any idea what could cause this?
  242. Periods after weaning. PCOS related?
  243. Went to a new dr for the pill
  244. Can the pill stop your period?
  245. Oh Where For Art Thou AF
  246. Still waiting for AF, is this normal?
  247. *TMI* Tampon falling apart - has anyone had this?
  248. Well my little girl is now becoming a lady......
  249. LOL, feeling a bit innocent! *TMI WARNING*
  250. What else can cause late period?
  251. No Period, BFN ~ WTF is going on with my body?
  252. Light spotting 7dpo - what's going on?!
  253. Replacing implanon
  254. Bloating
  255. Ovulation Pain
  256. Where is it??
  257. AF Problems
  258. Wow - I think this is a woo-hoo!
  259. Cloth pads with mooncup
  260. Tubal ligation -Period- PCOS
  261. AF finished, in so much pain
  262. A TMI cycle vent! WDYT?? (LONG)
  263. Do tampons have an expiry date?
  264. Bleeding post IUD removal
  265. Was your AF return regular?
  266. Constant spotting
  267. Confused *Warning TMI*
  268. welcome back af, maybe!
  269. Unusually heavy AF - need some advice please
  270. Remind me - what is counted as Day 1?
  271. AF question
  272. How Long to Get AF back after weaning/
  273. Tell me why diaphragms are ace...(or not)
  274. Tampon recommendations (needed tonight)
  275. Does anyone use a diaphragm??
  276. Contraception options
  277. AF...can it be all over the place?
  278. Low body fat percentage = no AF?
  279. Upping feeds = loss/late AF?
  280. Is this normal if you stop pill mid cycle?
  281. Into the uterus thingy?
  282. Whats up with AF?
  283. BF, the mini pill and AF...
  284. Spotting after weaning and mirena removal
  285. Oh please don't tell me this is my new cycle
  286. Is this normal, or should I be worried?
  287. Naprogesic and weird period related stuff....
  288. Unsure if normal? (A bit of TMI)
  289. Missed AF due to stress... now what?
  290. Mega bleeding..Mini Pill or still loss?? HELP!
  291. Interesting Info On AF
  292. contraceptive councelling, what do i NEED to know??
  293. Do you wear your daggies or goodies?
  294. Is this AF?
  295. help
  296. would love to hear from anyone who has had a cervical eroption
  297. Normal after a m/c?
  298. No More Babies. What Contraception?
  299. Metformin but not TTC?
  300. Non hormonal contraceptives????
  301. Anyone had AB's affect AF?
  302. Withdrawal bleed Q
  303. Post baby, really really really hormonal before cycle - is this peri-menopause?
  304. Should I be concerned?
  305. Still going after 2 weeks!
  306. Depo injection has failed :-(
  307. extreme ovulation..may be TMI..
  308. How soon after baby did you go onto contraception and what did you choose?
  309. AF back at 8 weeks PP :(
  310. Ever measured your menstrual loss? Careful if you're squeemish.
  311. I turn into a psyco
  312. what do you do?? (way way way TMI)
  313. Tell me about spotting...
  314. Unprotected sex, but don't want more babies! WWYD? (warning, waaayyy TMI!)
  315. Period after miscarriage
  316. Question: Irregular periods after regular periods...
  317. ? re period return after baby.
  318. What would happen??
  319. Levlen and skipping periods
  320. AF and painful bowl movements..... normal? possible TMI
  321. What if I stop the pill mid cycle?
  322. implanon removal and CM (TMI)
  323. What's going on with my menses?
  324. Pre-AF symptoms
  325. Period and aging
  326. Menstrual cramps help
  327. DH is convinced I'm pregnant
  328. Is this normal? *TMI*
  329. Strange blood loss
  330. first AF after bubs really really light? or not AF?
  331. Bleeding 1 week b4 period due
  332. Heat Packs for Periods
  333. Contraception after pre eclampsia and high blood pressure.
  334. Help?
  335. One fallopian tube.
  336. mid cycle spotting..
  337. A Little Confused....
  338. Describe Your Pain
  339. Hormone headaches
  340. Pms changes
  341. Anyone undergone endometrial ablation?
  342. Really heavy bleeding TMI warning...
  343. Cost of a Mirena? and breastfeeding after a general?
  344. Its hurts!
  345. Crazy heavy first AF after bub.**Way TMI!**
  346. Painful period, never used to happen
  347. *TMI* Weird and what the?
  348. Where to from here?!
  349. Super duper heavy AF...help!
  350. Early-onset Menopause?