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  1. spirit
  2. OBE
  3. Have you had a negative experience....
  4. Do You See Spirits?
  5. Channeling
  6. Friends
  7. I still can't believe this...Guardian angels?!!....
  8. Have you ever felt the touch of spirit?
  9. Before Birth
  10. Guided
  11. caught on camera
  12. Your children and abilities
  13. What do you think of
  14. Advice needed please
  15. Reiki or crystal healing?
  16. Do you ever hear voices?
  17. Welcome to the Metaphysical Forum
  18. Messages in the mirror
  19. a question for soul
  20. Why does the spirit take on a human form?
  21. Seeing The Future
  22. Does Anyone Believe In...
  23. The higher self
  24. Auras
  25. Runes
  26. The Celestine prophecy
  27. indigo/crystal children
  28. So many dimensions to THIS website!
  29. Ishmael
  30. Day of Change?
  31. DS seeing ------
  32. trying to be patient
  33. Mental Health and Metaphysical
  34. Psychic experiences
  35. Telepathy?
  36. Psychic abilities in children
  37. Are there crystals to help infant sleep?
  38. Feelings of Being Pregnant
  39. 'Corner of the eye' moments
  40. Suggestion to make a nicer energy in a room
  41. Anyone know about angel orbs?
  42. Was this Dad?
  43. The Solar Eclipse, Friday August 1, 2008
  44. How can I find a reliable psychic?
  45. Full Moon reading, August 16, 2008
  46. Need help.....
  47. Negative feelings
  48. Getting Back to Basics
  49. Sarahs guardian angel
  50. TTC and Oracle card potential surprise.
  51. Dreaming
  52. Okay....
  53. Am I Psychic?
  54. Feeling the energy ???
  55. Totem Animals
  56. What would you make of this?
  57. OMG!! A ghost in our new house??
  58. Does the universe hate me
  59. Animal spirit orbs/visions?
  60. Meditation for the womb
  61. house clensing?
  62. Strange orb
  63. Feathers, birds and corner of the eye moments!
  64. a bad experinece/ a good experience
  65. Charmaine Wilson
  66. My 1st house clense experience
  67. psychic reading
  68. Probably Nothing
  69. See through person!!!
  70. Pendulum says yes
  71. Do you think dreams mean anything?
  72. Has anyone been told ........
  73. Psychic readings in Northeast Victoria
  74. Tell me what YOU think?
  75. Melbourne Psychic/Clairvoyant
  76. I kept seeing a person today!
  77. Mediums in vic
  78. House reading anyone?
  79. how do i connect to him?
  80. Weird Dreams
  81. My bubs Great Grandfather!
  82. Bright Blue flash of light?
  83. I'm seeing a medium- Patterson Lakes
  84. The "gift" - how do you know you have it?
  85. Healing
  86. how accurate are dreams??? what does this mean?
  87. Flat Line
  88. Hearing talking/conversation when no one is there?
  89. IS my baby seeing someone?
  90. My dad
  91. The Metaphysical Support Group
  92. Numbers - anyone know the meaning of this?
  93. What does this mean? Am I being sent a warning?
  94. Rainbow Children
  95. Are you 'kind of' psychic or you are fullstop!?
  96. Sharing my energy...
  97. Any idea what this orb is?
  98. Can Anyone "See" Where My Watch Might Be?
  99. My dad...
  100. Energy Drains?
  101. Can anyone help me find something? :)
  102. is this one of those signs i always hear about?
  103. john edward
  104. "Odd" Feeling...
  105. 09/09/09
  106. 'psychic' dreams
  107. Feng Shui
  108. Spiritual healer
  109. Just coincidences or something more?
  110. Suggestions for a great psychic in Brisbane please!
  111. can anyone help me out?
  112. Weird Dream
  113. what do you laides think of this??
  114. Do you think you can stop a premonition happening?
  115. Who is talking to me?
  116. Nice or Nasty?
  117. Ghost stories
  118. Please help me find my precious memories!!
  119. the role of a psychic??
  120. is there any messages i need to know
  121. Spirits on Halloween?? (no not the alcoholic type)
  122. Anyone heading to the Mind Body Spirit Festival?
  123. What does seeing a MAGPIE mean ??? .........
  124. a cool weekend!
  125. Understanding Dreams ... Where to get resourceful info about dreams i have ??
  126. It seems we have a house guest.....
  127. memory and seeing
  128. Bright White Flashes
  129. Please I need help!
  130. Where is my mobile phone?? *blush*
  131. Global Mass Meditation December 5, 2009 1111 days til the end of Mayan Calendar
  132. I have no hpt, so tell me, do u sense any double lines for me soon?
  133. Anyone know of a good psychic in Adelaide
  134. what can you "See"
  135. I think my mum might be keeping us company at the moment...
  136. my ipod
  137. psychic readers in melbourne
  138. My MIL is here
  139. Can anyone see where it is????
  140. some of my dreams have come true
  141. DS1 spirit sensitve?
  142. Something 'touching' my feet ... Does anyone experience this too ??
  143. Help! Our 3yo has thrown a house key! (can you see where?)
  144. How do I 'tune' into specifics?
  145. Is it just a coincidence??
  146. What do you think? Pg or AF?
  147. Disturbing dream - what does it mean?
  148. HELP PLS!! Can anyone "see" where i may have lost my engagement ring
  149. Help, my bracelet is gone!
  150. Please help with a dream i had last night
  151. How do you find a psychic?
  152. Any ideas as to where...
  153. Help can anyone see my credit card?
  154. I'm on the lost item bandwagon.
  155. Could really use some help...
  156. Help with this reoccuring dream please? thanks!
  157. recurring dreams... another one!
  158. Could my dreams mean my baby is a girl?
  159. Is it possible???
  160. Mario and his baby quest
  161. More lost items!
  162. any good psychics north brisbane?
  163. Door closing????
  164. Not sure what I'm asking, but can you help?
  165. Does this have a meaning or is it just messing with us?
  166. Was it meant to be?
  167. Predicting things!
  168. Haven't been 'visited' in a while ...
  169. DH lost his wedding ring ...
  170. Can anyone see?
  171. Car Accident Dream ...
  172. weird dream
  173. Do I believe the fortune teller?
  174. Dream..What does this mean?
  175. wierd number/time thing
  176. Why do i dream about him?
  177. any experiences with this psychic?
  178. Just feel weird today.
  179. Connecting with spirit guides?
  180. pregnancy dreams? should i not read into it too much?
  181. Where can it have gone?
  182. readings
  183. Can anyone see?
  184. Pumpkin Dream?
  185. Can anyone help?
  186. Metaphysical reads...
  187. What 6th sense
  188. I think we have a visitor
  189. Please help me!! I can't find it anywhere!!!
  190. Cyclone
  191. The Crows....
  192. Is it wrong...
  193. All my stupid dream threads ...
  194. Dreams
  195. is it unethical?
  196. Does anyone believe in ghosts?
  197. Ok... Now i'm confused
  198. a few questions!
  199. how do you really know?
  200. can anyone see them?
  201. Can anyone 'see'?
  202. What does this mean?
  203. De ja vu
  204. Coming to terms with the universe...
  205. What can you sense about my situation? Good or bad?
  206. dream interpretation
  207. Don't get it ...
  208. Feng Shui in babies nursery and pot plants
  209. Hahaha. How's this for a special 'skill'??!!
  210. A huge week!
  211. My nana visited me, i think
  212. Please HELP with my manifestation!
  213. TK1999 needs your help
  214. TK1999 needs your help again
  215. Can you 'see' where my mobile phone is?
  216. does this dream mean anything?
  217. Our Baby's Soul
  218. Lady Beetle Infestation?
  219. falling dreams
  220. Two nights in a row!
  221. DD Says she saw the door handle turn this morning ..
  222. Missing USB internet dongle!
  223. Talking ghosts
  224. Missing Licence
  225. Oh where oh where can they be????
  226. please help y mum shes lost........
  227. I'm sensing i am going to die soon.
  228. I want to connect with my Dad...help, anyone?
  229. Maz.. is there someone in my house?????????????????????
  230. What could this be?
  231. Now, I'm feeling as if I'm being watched
  232. Anyone who knows about this sort of thing........
  233. Want to know what is in store for me, how do i find out?
  234. Can anybody tell me...
  235. Do we have a specific Angel?
  236. Gabriel Ray Child?
  237. Help me find my car keys?
  238. Who can actually do it? (see the future/past)
  239. DD dreams
  240. What the heck was this?
  241. DH wedding ring!
  242. Seeing the same numbers
  243. It's a horrible feeling
  244. Having trouble with the spirits in my house...
  245. Need help finding....
  246. Please... i need my car/house keys.. where are they?
  247. Help me Decipher my Dream!!
  248. Now I have a dream q!
  249. Untold Msg
  250. My Quan yin Statue
  251. Red light - Stop Sign
  252. Can anyone help me find my degree?
  253. Gruesome dreams...
  254. My latest dream
  255. Bad Karma - long
  256. Keep dreaming that I am pregnant.
  257. WEIRD recurring themes in dreams
  258. A little help needed...
  259. Finding Amber Teething Necklace
  260. Ok Psychic peeps I need your insight..
  261. Can someone please help me find...
  262. Just for a bit of Giggle ... LOL, a bit TMI LOL
  263. I bought a crystal today, now what?
  264. please help me find it??
  265. lost Ankh!
  266. reading help?
  267. Theres a man....
  268. There's a gohst in our birthing suit
  269. Last night * WARNING MAY DISTURB*
  270. Dream - can you work it out.
  271. Goosebumps today
  272. Re-occuring house in my dreams.. what could it mean?
  273. Please help me........
  274. So do you think it will happen?
  275. Could she be seeing...
  276. Woke up today with a 'scared' and 'watched' feeling, what is it?
  277. I did the Adelaide Gaol ghost tour last night...
  278. What happens to spirits when you build a new house?
  279. Something....or nothing?
  280. WHERE are my glasses?
  281. is this a sign?
  282. Can anyone see it?
  283. Weird Dream - Please help me work it out
  284. I've proven myself?
  285. Smudge Stick
  286. I'm having "flashes" help??
  287. Needing some clarification
  288. Seen this pic before.
  289. I get angry.
  290. The ghost at work was on the rampage today...
  291. am i feeling what i think i am?
  292. OMG it's missing!
  293. Can anyone see
  294. Touching!
  295. Dying Dog
  296. When does dreaming become messages from beyond?
  297. Can anyone interpret my dream about my sister talking to me from beyond the grave
  298. Seen a Clairvoyant/Tarot reader today
  299. UK Bankcard where art thou?
  300. :( Scary Dream :(
  301. The door just closed behind me!!
  302. Maz - The freak.
  303. Just had a reading...wow
  304. What's in a name?
  305. how spooky, door keeps closing !!!
  306. earrings appearing ... well that's just spooky !!
  307. I need to decode my dream..
  308. Smells .......
  309. Tell me about Reiki
  310. lost one remote LOL
  311. Horrible dream...
  312. followed by crows
  313. Now THAT was creepy!
  314. Psychics predicting furture children?
  315. Can anyone see...
  316. He's Back ???
  317. What is this?
  318. Where are they?
  319. who is it?
  320. Best Date to marry in 2011?
  321. My keys!!
  322. Any idea where my key might be?
  323. The universe is trying to send me a message...
  324. Breast Pump Handle - URGENT
  325. Is there a 'man' in my photo ???
  326. Lost Identity? ... Moving on from the past? WDYT?
  327. My watch...
  328. Who is it ~ What is it please?
  329. Had the strangest thing happen yesterday.
  330. People who dream life/future?
  331. something Miss T said
  332. Just curious
  333. Any thoughts?
  334. someone just touched me!
  335. Can DD Sense Something?
  336. DD freaks me out sometimes
  337. Can anyone "see" where they are
  338. Voices!
  339. does anyone have a feeling?
  340. Man in the house
  341. Strange dreams in our place last night
  342. Cleansing kids' rooms help?
  343. psychic
  344. Dream analysis - Snakes
  345. Family recarnation??
  346. Pendulums
  347. were could it have gone? it has vanished...
  348. When does the baby's soul enter the body?
  349. never thought I'd post in here..
  350. My dream was a warning!