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  2. Clamping the Cord...
  3. Third Stage of Labour - Naturally?
  4. how long is the cord?
  5. Cord Blood Storage/Donation
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  19. Decision re cord clamping and placenta - some opinions??
  20. WHAT???? Shoulder Dyslocia???!!
  21. What are normal ranges for fetal heartrate
  22. Did your partner want to cut the umbilical cord?
  23. Retained Placenta
  24. Lots of questions...
  25. Please answer my delivery qus!! Abt to be first time mum.
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  28. delayed cord clamping and epidrual
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  30. My poor friend
  31. Storing Cord Blood - Your experiences
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  33. How did you cope with contractions?
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  35. Benefits of a physiological third stage????
  36. How long?
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  38. fibroid -third stage management
  39. So where's your placenta?
  40. 3rd Stage Questions
  41. length of third stage
  42. Physiological vs Managed Third Stage
  43. Bonding stage
  44. Babymoon at home - how did you prepare?
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  46. Early Clamping Of Cord May Interrupt Humankind's First 'Natural Stem Cell Transplant'
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  50. confused (and a little bit of a vent)
  51. TMI: post-birth hygiene down there...
  52. Introducing baby
  53. ?placenta accreta
  54. cord blood banking
  55. Will I have another PPH?
  56. What worries me...Retained placenta, have had two out of three....
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  58. Did you have a Babymoon?
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  60. Planting DDs Placenta
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  62. Welcome to The Third and Fourth Stage of Labour
  63. Best position?
  64. Cord blood banking- which company did you use?
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