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  1. Victorian Birth Statistics - What's Happening During Birth
  2. How's this for a woman-friendly Ob... (exaggeration)
  3. Ricki Lake Birth Documentary: The Business of Being Born
  4. Stop the Maternity Rot! The Government needs OUR HELP!
  5. Victorians who want to make a difference to birth (renumeration involved)
  6. Should c/s rates be published? Naming & shaming...
  7. What can be done to change the system?
  8. Belly Belly statistics?
  9. Birth Film In Bairnsdale - East Gippsland
  10. So much for birthing 'choice'!
  11. Hypnobirthing
  12. Welcome to Birth Activism
  13. Dilemma...ethical perspective?
  14. Important homebirth petition!!!
  15. Hospital policies = unnecessary intervention
  16. 7.30 Report TONIGHT on ABC - Birth Segment - Thurs 26th
  17. Homebirth on the 9am show TODAY
  18. VIC Maternity Hospital Performances - VBAC, Induction, C/S, Tearing... Interesting...
  19. As many as 12% of women in UK home birthing - 30% in The Netherlands
  20. Maternity Survey in The AGE online
  21. a question about choices
  22. Birth Rights Rally in September: Who's Coming & Co-ordinators
  23. A choice I may never have
  24. Should Homebirth be banned?
  25. Birth Rights Rally - VIC
  26. Birth Rights Rally - NSW & ACT
  27. Birth Rights Rally - QLD
  28. Birth Rights Rally - S.A., N.T., TAS, W.A.
  29. The response to my email to the Greens Party about outlawing homebirth . . . what the
  30. Current situation for Homebirth
  31. Please forward this template email to GetUp! to help save midwifery...
  32. A letter to Nicola Roxon, Health Minister...
  33. An important message from the Maternity Coalition
  34. Pre-rally BellyBelly Breakfast Meet-up
  35. Homebirth Issue: Letter from Clare Bowditch
  36. Song to Nicola Roxon.... check it out!!!
  37. IMPORTANT: Enquiry into midwifery changes
  38. Responses from Peter Dutton / other Liberal MP's about home birth
  39. Just for 2 seconds can we focus on the big breakthrough in womens maternity care
  40. MP Alex Hawke speaks up in support of birth choices! Yay!
  41. Just ONE MORE LETTER... before August 6th.
  42. Question re homebirths & the 2010 thing...
  43. GO GREENS!!!! WoOOooO hOooOOoO!!
  44. Voices being heard - keep it up!!!
  45. Will Qantas stuff up affect numbers at Sept rally?
  46. Don't want to start a war-confused about Steve Fielding speaking at home birth rally
  47. Canberra birth rights accomodation?
  48. Whats planned for WA?
  49. Baby steps as hospitals delvery a helping hand to home-birth push
  50. Canberra Rally flyers and bumper stickers available
  51. devastated... :(
  52. Two weeks until the Canberra Rally - action to take in the meantime
  53. National call to action re Homebirth ? Contact your Labor MPs in the next 2 weeks!
  54. Opposition minister agrees to meet us in Canberra!
  55. National Call to Action re Homebirth - 1 week left to contact MPs!
  56. **ROLL CALL for Rally in Canberra**
  57. Trying to make it to Canberra...ideas? lol
  58. URGENT - From reading this, I think the homebirth issue might be fixed....
  59. Big Shout out to Birth Rights Rally people today!!!
  60. What an advocate!
  61. Want to get all activism-y about this - who's with me?
  62. "I think sometimes ignorance is bliss"
  63. a totally different reaction
  64. Birth Choices Rally In Bunbury
  65. Rally outside Rudd's office, Monday 9 November
  66. Birth Rally in Werribee, Monday Nov 9
  67. Krudd says he's unmoved by our rallies - what next???
  68. Last chance to stop private midwifery legislation - please help!!!
  69. Changing our language - better ways to empower ourselves
  70. My Letter to the Senate
  71. Great tool!!! Autosubmit a template enquiry submission online!!!
  72. Last thing to do for maternity reform before Christmas - Submissions due 11 Dec!
  73. My submission
  74. Great article/research paper about midwifery led care
  75. My submission to the Senate Committee
  76. Ok, now mine - submission to the Senate Committee
  77. Hear the live broadcast of the Maternity Amendments Hearing - THIS THURSDAY 9AM!!!!
  78. My Ob said WHAT?!? website.....
  79. Any update please?
  80. SA rally (all other states too!)
  81. Pregnant with controversy: Nursing Review Article
  82. Another bad statistic case for homebirth :(
  83. Whos going to the national protests tomorrow? Rudd will be in Melbourne!!!
  84. Q&A on ABC - Ask your birth questions LIVE!!!
  85. Hey facebook, what have you done?
  86. URGENT: Q&A on ABC again TONIGHT - please submit your questions!!!!
  87. The Truth About Telling the Truth: For Truth Tellers (birth/baby)
  88. New Australian Birth Doco: Throwing Out The Lies With The Birth Water
  89. Any Melb people in or near the seat of Corangamite (near Geelong)
  90. Australia Votes for Birth Choices (who to vote for, for birth choices)
  91. Got Twitter?
  92. Melbourne women!!!! This morning - CBD - press conference!!!!!!
  93. Friends of the Birth Centre Sunshine Coast
  94. Babies by the dozen but medic says home birth too risky
  95. Birthrights - Hard Labour in Hungary
  96. URGENT - Senate Inquiry re: complaints about midwives - closes Thursday
  97. Threat to HBAC in Australia - Investigations Underway - Please Help!
  98. Syndey protest rally 19th October 2012
  99. Australian College of Midwives released a revised position statement on homebirth
  100. Home births: it?s time to broaden the focus of the debate
  101. research on benefits of experienced, known caregiver??
  102. VBAC and Waterbirth
  103. How do you feel about 'assumed consent'?
  104. What is Patient-Centered Maternity Care?
  105. I wish homebirth was illegal
  106. Freedom for Birth premiers 20th September
  107. Childbirth Rights on The Fringe - An Interactive Forum
  108. Induction and C/S aren't always bad
  109. Stop Human Rights Violations in Australian Maternity Care - petition
  110. Childbirth Rights Rally - Melbourne 27th June 2013
  111. Mercy Family Birth Centre set to close
  112. Trust Birth conference, Sydney, September 20 - 22
  113. Childbirth Rights Rallys - Melbourne & Sydney
  114. The Rights of Childbearing Women
  115. Greens wanting your view on Maternity Care in Australia
  116. Sat 15 March.Brunswick, VIC Childbirth Rights
  117. Collecting Stories of Abuse in Childbirth for Human Rights Commis