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  1. Guilt!
  2. Being Responsible for Our Feelings
  3. Byron Katie/Eckhardt Tolle/Buddhist Philosopy and self responsibility
  4. Thankyou for adding this section to the forum!
  5. Master Key System
  6. The MasterKey System - Week 1
  7. Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ : Daniel Goleman
  8. What Aspects Of Emotional Intelligence Do You Need To Work On?
  9. Are You Keyhole Judging? (An Edward de Bono inspired scenario)
  10. Preventing the early sexualisation of our children
  11. Social Intelligence
  12. Honesty and openness about motherhood
  13. Humility: Good Thing / Bad thing?
  14. Laziness
  15. Those Who Take Complete, Unconditional Responsibility For Their Own Lives.....
  16. growing the compassionate bone
  17. Help Me Find Grace, when I'd rather run & hide...
  18. A brilliant book...
  19. Time for change
  20. core values
  21. Do you look outside your square?
  22. Finding me again
  23. help me find acceptance of body love
  24. Positive Affirmations to get through today... help me please???
  25. One of my favourite tips!
  26. One of my favourite tips!
  27. The search for validation...
  28. For those trying to overcome low self-esteem
  29. Another relevant performance tip
  30. Today I quit being an emotionally withdrawn person
  31. Making friends??
  32. Do you have expectations for your children?
  33. Do you feel like you missed out?
  34. The Power Of Now
  35. Better to be innocent or cynical?
  36. Where does our responsibility end/begin?
  37. Love and Gratitude
  38. How did i become SOOO impatient????
  39. What attributes about yourself do you need to work on?
  40. How do you meditate?
  41. I think I want to become a hermit.
  42. No more... All mothers please read!
  43. I'm finally about to cut the Obstetric umbilical cord
  44. How do I stop these negative feelings?
  45. Dr John Demartini
  46. 2010 - reassessing my friendships/emotions (LONG...)
  47. I give up!
  48. Miracle Prayer - The Miracle Year
  49. Letting Go - The Soul's Path
  50. The year that was....
  51. Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourself
  52. help me be a glass half full person!
  53. Differentiation/Holding On To Yourself
  54. Why are some ppl so...
  55. I hate my body...
  56. What's the reality of pressure?
  57. Silent expectations
  58. Motivation triggers
  59. "With Choice Comes Responsibility"
  60. Teaching children gratitude
  61. Hit by the ugly stick
  62. I am too much like my mother...
  63. Separating The Person From The Act
  64. Insecurities..
  65. How to follow my own parenting philosopy with grace
  66. Does parenting really matter?
  67. Separating how I parent from how I was parented
  68. Made me cry for the first time in a while!!!
  69. Passive Aggression... Why?
  70. Further to the passive aggressive thread
  71. Partners with ADD - forgetfulness etc
  72. DP''s Ex - What Would Be An Emotionally Mature Way To Handle This?
  73. Grandparents????
  74. Breaking down to who we really are...
  75. Can't get rid of this feeling
  76. Hindsight's a B****
  77. Balancing your mind
  78. Embracing sensuality and the physical self
  79. Abusive DH
  80. confidence and being in the moment
  81. why can't I love myself?
  82. Positive doings and wellbeings
  83. Your temple...when do we stop and draw the line?
  84. What EG & D related books are you reading at the moment?
  85. Looking for some others opinions... when you give more by not giving...
  86. Something I wanted to share...
  87. what do you do for yourself??
  88. What do you do to retain your identity?
  89. Regrets - do you ever really get past them?
  90. Does your appearance reflect who you are?
  91. How do I overcome the fear..
  92. 'The Secret' - Fact or Fallacy?
  93. When do you stop being compassionate and just start judging?
  94. Can people really change?
  95. How do you let go of the hope that always leads to disappointment?
  96. violence and cheating is a part of every marriage
  97. Branson, Robbins & More - Sydney in Sept - who's coming?!
  98. dont beleive talking to brother will benefit anything.opinions, similar stories,pls
  99. Not Sweating the small stuff
  100. Should you feel this way???
  101. Talking about Pain...
  102. You Are Worth The Time!
  103. Something is missing...stuck in a rut?
  104. Do you need/want a partner???
  105. Feeling so overwhelmed with going out
  106. Science Daily: What You Say About Others Says a Lot About You, Research Shows Aug '10
  107. Work and winning
  108. What would you do? I need some ideas...
  109. Have you experienced this with another woman ??
  110. Men and women and differing communication strategies
  111. Lighten Up...
  112. Deepak Chopra & his fortress theory...
  113. Can someone please explain Jealousy to me?
  114. The concept of 'choice'
  115. Why is it we blame the community and not the people or better yet ourselves?
  116. How do you build up your self-worth?
  117. Regrets
  118. Is this normal?
  119. Do you ever feel like your on the 'outside' looking in?
  120. Warning...huge ramble ahead!!
  121. Anthony Robbins - Unleash The Power Within - Sydney Mar 2011. $99 deposit Gold Tix
  122. Learning To Soothe Yourself When Times Are Tough
  123. Learning how to stop being impulsive...
  124. Acknowledgement Without Guilt
  125. How do you 'fix' yourself? (sorry long)
  126. Shedding my baggage. (Feel free to join me to shed yours)
  127. A brilliant blog for women: empowerment, love, relationships and sexuality....
  128. How do I cut this friendship?
  129. The 16 Personality Types/Enneagram: What's Yours?
  130. After A While... just thought I'd share....
  131. Tomorrow is the first day to the new me
  132. Can you become a "people person"?
  133. Byron Katie on Death and Grieving
  134. Defense: The First Act of War
  135. Dealing with disapointment (not with yourself) - how do you do it
  136. This is great - on being happy and people's judgements. Totally love it!
  137. Just wanted to share :)
  138. I Want To Support Him...
  139. How do you make decisions?
  140. Do you/can you hold grudges?
  141. Forgiveness (following on from Grudge thread)
  142. How do you convince someone not to give up?
  143. Depression and the 6 Human Needs
  144. Why we do what we do and how we can do it better
  145. Your Emotional HouseKeeping.
  146. What's your uptight behaviour?
  147. Taking responsibility for your own feelings
  148. Advice desperately needed - ex boyfriend - how do I just leave it alone??!!
  149. Mastering the Art of Self Love
  150. Judging others
  151. Dealing with competitiveness
  152. Are you a danger mouse?
  153. What qualities do you look for?
  154. I need to stop this emotional rollercoaster!
  155. Starting to freak out!!
  156. Inner turmoil re justifying your lifestyle.
  157. I'm loving Anthony De Mello!!! A collection of his work....
  158. Free 5 Day Online Training - Mood Swings/Sabotage/Holding onto Problems
  159. Fear of dating/trust/being hurt in a relationship
  160. a thought :)
  161. Your ego and relationships - one sided love
  162. How do i not let things get to me :(
  163. i think i've forgotten to smell the roses
  164. Wondering how to change this part of myself.....
  165. Should you forgive?
  166. Who are you.... Really?
  167. Some life lessons/ Turning a negative into a positive
  168. Body Perception
  169. When I am going to get judged, c?mon I?m spoiling for a fight!
  170. No one has walked in your shoes...
  171. Not Something I Was Expecting
  172. Explain the power of positive thinking to me...
  173. How do i tell them no?
  174. Turning it around (bad moods)
  175. What are your regrets?
  176. I want to stop dwelling on things - advice please!
  177. Do you feel invisible sometimes? Or is it just me?
  178. Is Your Locus Completely Exterior To You?
  179. Making friends.
  180. Help with creating a vision board
  181. Emotional Effect of Dreams
  182. 12 Things I want my Children to Know
  183. Bringing back confidence and esteem...
  184. A TED talk you don't want to miss!
  185. The need to feel...
  186. Are you possessive?
  187. How well do you cope with change?
  188. Confidence is so sexy!
  189. How do you process regret?
  190. What is the difference?
  191. Finger picking
  192. Coming to terms with lies
  193. Assertiveness technique...
  194. Mortality
  195. Feeling like you don't belong.
  196. Recharging yourself
  197. You are perfect
  198. 30 mins to find a "proud of you/follow your dreams no matter what" quote!!
  199. Today I am intensely grateful [might be distressing - child health issues]
  200. A life changing event... In a negative way.
  201. Plagued by indecision and something else...fear? Anxiety? I don't know.
  202. Does being selfish make you a "terrible" person....
  203. Feeling enough...
  204. Has anyone sought or considered an Aspergers (or similar) diagnosis as an adult?
  205. How do I become 'me' again?
  206. Do you have a bucket list?
  207. Mini Goals
  208. So anxious and scared
  209. Can you forgive and forget ?
  210. What does your favourite colour say about you?
  211. Article: What is forgiveness?
  212. Argh I can't do it!
  213. Starting to despair. How can I do this?
  214. Starting to despair. How can I do this?
  215. Mod??
  216. Compliments and criticisms
  217. How do you let go of anger?
  218. Work and depression?
  219. Are you ever alone?
  220. Feeling sensitive?
  221. Making peace with 'good enough'
  222. What do you do for 'me' time?
  223. Agomelatine experiences?
  224. Loneliness and what we can do about it
  225. Explaining to a toddler... Help please.
  226. Happiness