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  1. The Cost involved with IVF
  2. FSH Injections story
  3. New IVF test may double success rates
  4. Recovery /Time off work- How much for IVF/ ICSI?
  5. New To Ivf
  6. IVM - In Vitro Maturation
  7. Gonal-F/Puregon & spotting/bleeding
  8. 7 day short OCP IVF cycle and/or Monash IVF?
  9. IVF after ectopic pregnancy
  10. Tests because of failing to implant
  11. Embryo grading question
  12. First IVF Cycle
  13. stim cycle - AF still not here?? help!
  14. Please post your IVF Regime and Results
  15. No sex = IVF???
  16. Possible IVF first timer
  17. Scared- first IVF cycle
  18. Starting IVF
  19. do u do it, or does dh do it?? injections
  20. Day 3 Transfer 5 cell embie, any chance at all?
  21. Success with FET?
  22. dtd and trigger shot?
  23. No Symptoms FET
  24. HRT FET any advice???
  25. NK Cells / Frozen Cycle under Dr Gavin Sacks
  26. Do you use TTC Vitamins??? (IVF)
  27. Recovery time from egg collection
  28. IVF ICSI - Bio-Chemical Pregnancy
  29. NATURAL V's CRINONE....day 6 Frozen Blasties.wats better!!
  30. FSH Dose for Antagonist Vs Pill Down Reg
  31. uh oh- I took synarel late..problem?
  32. 28th cycle failed - any hope?
  33. Do you modify your exercise during IVF cycles?
  34. EPU Questions
  35. Progesterone Pessaries during long term TTC
  36. super to pay for IVF??
  37. How many cell Embryo on ET Day???
  38. First IVF Cycle Cancelled....Devasated
  39. Back to square one...cycle cancelled
  40. IVF & acupuncture - easten suburbs
  41. IVF & Anti-depresants
  42. About to start our IVF journey . . .
  43. how many b/t with your natural fet ?
  44. Anyone doing a FET in June?
  45. 2nd IVF
  46. Newbie questions to ivf
  47. What happens with an FET?
  48. What to expect - IVF appointment Thur
  49. HELP!!! AF Question after First IVF *TMI*
  50. full cycle after fet
  51. What makes an embie stick?
  52. Acupuncture and IVF
  53. another IVF first timer- over 40 and looking for advice from others in the same boat
  54. Accupuncture and ICSI
  55. Looking for reassurance- OHSS
  56. # of cells when transferred
  57. My first unsuccessful IVF :(
  58. Try to improve DH's sperm or go straight to IVF?
  59. Failure to Reach Blastocyst
  60. Andrew Orr, Dr of TCM & Brisbane IVF
  61. IVF boost cycle
  62. U/s and bloods tomorrow (first IVF cycle)
  63. New here and new to IVF
  64. IVF for the Financially Disadvantaged in Gold Coast
  65. Embryo Transfer
  66. Sydney IVF - experimental drug to make embie stick!
  67. First timer starting puregon tomorrow - any advice?
  68. ewcm/stim cycle
  69. Q for people that have had OHSS
  70. Hrt fet
  71. ohss/syneral and af?
  72. AF after stopping progesterone
  73. IVF Egg Question (Fresh vs Thawed)
  74. A few Thaw cycle questions???
  75. Monash and Medicare Refund
  76. How active should you be post transfer?
  77. Newbie - need ICSI and confused - please help with some questions!
  78. First post, first FET
  79. Uneasy Feeling after 7 days after FET
  80. Help needed - ICSI vs normal IVF??
  81. Day 2, ready to try again! :D (2nd FET)
  82. Will the Medicare rebate being removed make a difference to you?
  83. IVF - Now trying for baby #2
  84. IVF sceptic? Looking to hear from others with similar experiences.
  85. How long is the wait to start IVF?
  86. Has anyone had problems with transfer?
  87. The Results of our first IVF appt- would love input from Sydney IVF users
  88. treating corpus luteum during IVF?
  89. Weird blood results on medicated cycle
  90. CD1 - Wohooo!!!!
  91. Physicaly & emotional costs of IVF
  92. FET HRT Info .... Please Share
  93. Long Down Reg - Got AF - when to take the pill?
  94. unexplained infertility & ivf
  95. Keeping fertility help a secret?
  96. Non-city patients doing IVF
  97. Argh...
  98. About to start IVF
  99. HELP! 2 FS' with 2 different treatment plans
  100. Follicle numbers...please help
  101. Urgent question about pessary and ET..
  102. embryo quality
  103. Nausea after EPU
  104. IVF Subforum
  105. Stopping Progesterone for 24hrs post transfer
  106. Back to back stim cycle
  107. How are you affording IVF
  108. future of IVF
  109. FET - Natural or Medicated???
  110. How far along am I?
  111. Down & Out = First Cycle + Two Week Wait + Bleeding
  112. endo surgery or ivf
  113. antagonist cycle, 1st IVF
  114. Luteal phase spotting and IVF success?
  115. IVF Sydney or IVF westmead?
  116. Success with low Antral follicles and low Anti mullerian?
  117. Any Low Responders had IVF Success?
  118. Starting IVF
  119. Low hcg question
  120. Time off work for IVF
  121. FET: Only one Day 3 frostie - hoping will survive to transfer?
  122. Low responder - 1 Egg on 450 Gonal?
  123. New member on 2nd round IVF
  124. IVF and breastfeeding study...
  125. Egg storeage
  126. Success with 7 cell day 3 embies
  127. BFP, BFN, BFP, BFN what's happening
  128. Here we go again
  129. Has anyone had success with slow growing or a 4 cell embie on a day 3 ET
  130. Help with PGD, just triggered for 2nd cycle and FS has given option to cancel
  131. Help - do you tend to have the same number of eggs each stimulated cycle.
  132. Will they cancel this cycle???
  133. Third Attempt at IVF
  134. FET cycle
  135. improving egg quality
  136. pcos and icsi..pls help???
  137. IVF PGD genetic reasons - 1 embryo tested ok only to be lost during prep for transfer
  138. 1st IVF cycle - what to expect?
  139. single female trying ivf
  140. Assisted hatching and embryo glue
  141. Waiting for period to come after Zoladex and Depro injections!
  142. What dose of Gonal F were you on for your first cycle?
  143. Where to find info on IVF for a non-IVFer
  144. Freaking out! EPU and stitches?
  145. have started bleeding after positive blood test is it normal
  146. Looking for hope!- avoiding OHSS
  147. First Scan Date
  148. First Cycle of IVF - Newcastle HIVF
  149. uterine fibroids
  150. How many IVF tries?
  151. Just starting ICSI
  152. Other operations during or around IVF cycles (eg wisdom teeth)
  153. Flying after egg transfer??? Anyone know if it's okay?
  154. to continue or not to continue???
  155. Wait times to get started...
  156. Positive stories please...
  157. How to tell how much if left in a Puregon pen
  158. new at this!
  159. How many follies at first scan?
  160. Is there anything you can do to prevent chromosome abnormalities?
  161. Natural FET starting today...
  162. AF arriving mid TWW during first IVF
  163. Progesterone levels during 2ww
  164. TTC 2yrs and first IVF cycle
  165. What to expect at first FS Appointment
  166. Starting IVF...Cyst question
  167. Not pregnant blues, any advice?
  168. HRT Side-Effects
  169. How did IVF affect the length of your cycle?
  170. Waiting to start IVF....AF still not showing
  171. First IVF Cycle - Few Question's.
  172. Feeling lonely
  173. IVF & Human Growth Hormone (Saizon)
  174. So bloated I could cry!
  175. What are our chances and when do we start with QFG?
  176. Functioning at work
  177. Love Belly Belly
  178. Tests, checks and scans during an IVF cycle - what should I be asking for?
  179. Egg Retrieval - Local versus General Anasthetic
  180. Coeliac and infertility
  181. How many embryos?
  182. How soon after BFN IVF cycle to wait before FET?
  183. Any advice welcome....
  184. Do you be positive or nagative???
  185. Any pains?
  186. IVF For Dummies
  187. Fluvax prior to FET??
  188. Anyone had experience with the Colorado Protocol?
  189. Some people are heartless!!!
  190. twisted cervix?
  191. anyone done an FET this week? at QFG?
  192. IVF and> 38 years old
  193. Taking the IVF Road.....I think???
  194. Can anyone HELP!!!
  195. E2 LOW (estrogen levels) early in their cycle
  196. What to Expect???
  197. Newbie
  198. Natural cycle??
  199. Number fof scans during the stimulation phase of IVF
  200. Anyone like to join me in 2ww? Transfer 17/6/10
  201. Newbie, need to chat to people who can relate
  202. Pelvic pressure/tightness on Puregon
  203. Anyone else done a HRT assisted FET cycle?
  204. Luteal support during IVF - clinic differences?
  205. Synarel - why do you need it?
  206. Hcg and progesterone levels
  207. Considering Growth Hormone - your experiences ?
  208. venting.. first cycle and need hugs already!
  209. opinions on follies/growth
  210. IVF and DH works away???
  211. ivf question
  212. on CYMBALTA and hoping to commence another lot of IVF
  213. Acupuncturist in Adelaide - recommendations ?
  214. Do i do another cycle?
  215. Waiting for the Blood Test What to feel
  216. Positive Pregnancy + Low HCG levels
  217. First ICSI Scheduled!!!!
  218. Ivf cycle cancelled
  219. I think I've stuffed up my IVF cycle :-(
  220. How did you choose your clinic?
  221. When will A/F arrive?
  222. Who under 35 TF 2 Embrios first IVF Cycle?
  223. Did anyone have cramps in very early pregnancy with IVF
  224. failed first cycle and have some questions
  225. Is it safe to travel?
  226. Just starting out - a few Qs
  227. q's about back to back stim cycle
  228. 1st Follie scan... What day did you have yours?
  229. ivf after previous eptopics
  230. 1st cycle - 13 eggs fertilised
  231. IVF ICSI for 44 yo
  232. Cetrotide and Nausea
  233. ET deed is done!
  234. Spotting in luteal phase-IVF
  235. Diet whist doing IVF?
  236. Foods that may help?
  237. Had ET today, had 2 Morales Embryos transferred. Anyone had success with the same?
  238. Anyone waiting for an RPA Hospital Nurse appoint?
  239. Blastocyst verses Day 2 transfer
  240. FET natural cycle over 38
  241. Poor FSH responder -> what would you do, 1 or 2 transfer?
  242. Does pineapple help with implantation?
  243. I'm new! Going through ICSI for the very first time
  244. First IVF failed - 40 years, 3 eggs, 2 matured, 0 fertilized - any others out there
  245. Sperm count and motility
  246. How did you feel after you'd started injections???
  247. Is there any hope or will it be cancelled???
  248. Antibiotics 6 days before transfer?
  249. Couple of questions
  250. Advise please - Lap yes or no??
  251. Antagonist Cycle
  252. Transfer today... as few questions (or worries :-)
  253. Natural FET
  254. First IVF Cycle
  255. ivf first timer + sudden huge increase in oestrogen levels while taking synarel
  256. Advice on eggs, sperm or embryos to use down the track...
  257. Any advice on how to cope when friends tell you they are pregnant?
  258. First ICSI cycle & stress!!
  259. IVF or keep trying???
  260. How long?
  261. How many embryos dropped off between initial fertilization to transfer date?
  262. Detox
  263. Blood count - nutropenia?
  264. laparoscopy?
  265. Trying to gain a positive attitude
  266. Has anyone had a positive outcome?
  267. How do you use the chat rooms???
  268. IVF Bill
  269. Need to vent...Anyone had mood swings or other side affects from Synarel?
  270. 2 IVF cycles, too many eggs,OHSS, nothing to freeze
  271. First cycle IVF/ICSI, and I'm feeling really scared
  272. Freezing eggs and ovarian tissue
  273. Egg pick up next tuesday!
  274. Step By Step ICSI.... What Is It?
  275. what to do?
  276. Does Synarel delay AF!! Waiting waiting and nothing?
  277. Lap to remove Endo...how long before you can start ICSI?
  278. How does a second transfer work?
  279. How long after chemical pregnancy did it take to get your period again?
  280. 3rd round ivf/icsi & not feeling positive
  281. Hassles and Frustrations with IVF process
  282. Elonva: New Drug to possibly replace the first 7 GnRH agonist injections
  283. Thawing of embryos for FET
  284. Getting my body ready for IVF
  285. When do you discus number of embryos to be transfered?
  286. LH Surge advise PLEASE!
  287. Please help, its for a friend. Kinda urgent
  288. IVF timing advice
  289. ivf claim back option and no safety net claim
  290. Nervous and excited - taking part in a study ...
  291. Please help - crinone question and fear of miscarriage
  292. Inital checks before starting IVF
  293. Can anyone help?
  294. 2ww sucks!
  295. Embryo Transfer
  296. the pill prior to cycle...
  297. IVF after a c-section - how long to wait?
  298. Help anyone else had slow response with FSH stimulation then had success with cycle??
  299. Pessaries vs Crinone
  300. Ovidrel injection!
  301. for my SIL 16dp2dt
  302. Anyone else had these sorts of numbers and had IVF success?????
  303. NK Cell testing? Where to get it done and how much is it?
  304. Growth Hormones? Anyone used it and had success?
  305. A question on behalf of a friend
  306. Success Stories IVF with ICSI Antagonist cycles????
  307. help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pcos
  308. lucrin
  309. Honest answers please
  310. Returning to BB
  311. Newbie - Just found out we need IVF
  312. VENT - a nonsensical, IVF vent
  313. Microarray Testing
  314. IVF Information/advice westmead clinic
  315. did you test before your 2WW was up??
  316. Transfer of a little "frostie" - from WA to the East Coast
  317. Donating embryos to research
  318. IVF in Brisbane - costs?
  319. Any tips to help with FET success?
  320. Pineapple juice? accupuncture? IVF egg collection pending. Help??
  321. Help - wtf is going on with my response to puregon?
  322. Thaw cycles...Can anyone help with some information??
  323. Mucus in uterine cavity --- Why?
  324. Progesterone Pessaries - your dose and how often?
  325. Chinese herbs for progesterone?
  326. How can i HELP??
  327. Do you have to have a break between cycles???
  328. Cetrotide starts tonight
  329. Day 5 blast transferred had already fully hatched
  330. who decides?? 2day/3day/blast
  331. IVF or ICSI! Any one got any opinions of which is best?
  332. having a debate with myself...
  333. Go for it?? Or wait another month??? Please tell me what you think & help me decide
  334. ICSI - Low Ovarian Reserve & Poor Sperm quality - DHEA
  335. IVF FIrst Timer
  336. 100kg+ & IVF/ICSI
  337. Need good medical excuse for work! Help!
  338. WANTED: anything & everything to aid FET implantation!
  339. Breastfeeding & FET
  340. ICIS - Low Ovarian Reserve - Acupuncture??
  341. Can someone share the IVF 'schedule' with me...
  342. IVF Newbie ?
  343. ICSI - started Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs.
  344. Kind of urgent question about Ovidrel Trigger, cramping and ovulation....HELP NEEDED!
  345. Consecutive Natural FETs...
  346. Something i found online about TWW and IVF that hit home because its so true....
  347. down regulation cycle
  348. secondry infertility and IVF
  349. Cramping- When and how bad?
  350. I need to know everything!...