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  1. What brand of breastpump do you use?
  2. Milk banks..would you use one?
  3. Dairy and Grain Intolerance
  4. Teaching baby to use a cup
  5. Not enjoying breast feeding...
  6. Preparing nipples for breast feeding.....
  7. breastmilk and antibiotics
  8. Breast implants and breast feeding
  9. Helping Your Milk Come In
  10. Breast Feeding AND Formula Feeding
  11. Breastfeeding twins
  12. Foolproof migraine relief when breastfeeding?
  13. Does breast size matter?
  14. Starting Solids and Constipation
  15. Article: Breastfeeding Protects Mum From Diabetes
  16. Welcome to The Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding & Solids forum!
  17. General anaesthetic and feeding?
  18. Expressing for child care
  19. birth control and breast feeding
  20. Breastfeeding and Ceasareans
  21. How do you know when your breast is 'empty'?
  22. Advice on relactation - Please help
  23. Update on relactation
  24. Inverted Nipples
  25. Nipple rings and breast feeding
  26. Aldomet for HPB in breastmilk
  27. Breastfeeding routines...
  28. Nipple Vasospasm
  29. Article: Breastfeeding Mums Given Wrong Advice Last 40 Years
  30. Treating a cold while breastfeeding
  31. Antibiotics and breastfeeding
  32. What was the Activite recipe for boosting supply
  33. Nipple Shields
  34. Milk Intolerances / Lactose intolerance
  35. Raspberry Leaf Tea and breastfeeding?
  36. dreading breast feeding and a inverted nipple
  37. If you had no breastmilk, would you use a breastmilk bank?
  38. Electric Breast Pump
  39. Karicare Toddler Milk
  40. Burping & Falling Asleep at the Boob
  41. Cloth Breast Pads
  42. Anyone had a breast reduction and still breastfed?
  43. Breastfeeding and dieting
  44. Ideas for baby food - no wheat or dairy
  45. Argh sore nipples, oral thrush
  46. Tandem feeding
  47. Side effects of Fenugreek/Blessed Thistle?
  48. Breastfeeding tops /tanks..?
  49. Baby with Lactose intolerance and BF
  50. Why are nipple shields so bad?
  51. Question re Fenugreek etc...
  52. Breast feeding after a reduction???
  53. Breast feeding with Implants?
  54. Does milk supply diminish if pregnant?
  55. Extended breastfeeding
  56. TMI-question about nipple piercings and bfeeding
  57. Starting baby on meat
  58. Breast surgery (reduction) and BFing
  59. When did you introduce wheat?
  60. Dummies and breastfeeding
  61. Crystalised Ginger Question????
  62. Safe Cold Medications while Breastfeeding
  63. 7 Month Old Routine
  64. Egg Yolk
  65. How much milk should I be able to express?
  66. Seafood and breastfeeding?
  67. Breastfeeding & Contraception
  68. What do you think is the biggest barrier to breastfeeding In Australia?
  69. When did you stop boiling drinking water?
  70. Why cant some women breastfeed?
  71. Hating breast feeding and feeling so guilty....
  72. Comments about breastfeeding in public
  73. anyone have some easy recipes???
  74. Solids
  75. OUCH !! I think I have mastitis. Why cabbage leaves???
  76. advice re my dairy free diet and bfeeding
  77. Solids have got me baffled
  78. Herald Sun Article by Robin Barker "A formula to exploit anxious mums"
  79. Formula Feeding Mothers get less sleep
  80. Article: Convenience to blame for poor breastfeeding rates
  81. Belly band for nursing?
  82. is there anything i can do in preparation?
  83. Want to increase BM supply
  84. oral thrush
  85. Giving the bottle away
  86. Clicking and fast let-down
  87. When should I drop the "rollover" feed???
  88. How do you know if milk drying up?
  89. STILL won't take a bottle/sippy cup..I'm tired of dumping EMB and expressing...
  90. Is it ok to give a BF baby one formula bottle a nite?
  91. BF/FF/Solids question
  92. Flat Nipples
  93. World Cancer Research Recommends Breastfeeding to Prevent Cancer
  94. How to treat a Milk Blister on Nipple?
  95. Sneaky formula companies
  96. Showing interest at 5 months...
  97. what is a dream feed?
  98. Should I be expressing?
  99. Nursing Necklaces
  100. 3 week old on cows milk!
  101. B/F and an operation
  102. my BFing sister wants to be my egg donor - when can we expect her fertility 2 return?
  103. EBM and Microwaves
  104. Do you think that you were adequately prepared?
  105. Did exercising effect BF or your supply?
  106. Sneaky ways for fruit and vegies?? - Help!
  107. Solids - Homemade VS Store bought cans...
  108. Choosing not to breastfeed
  109. Ingredients of formula...
  110. Insect repellent & breastfeeding
  111. Breastfeeding to formula feeding help
  112. Glass feeding bottles
  113. Weetbix?
  114. alcohol and breastfeeding?
  115. Antihistamines and BFing?
  116. What foods affect your breast milk?
  117. Is breastfeeding making me fat?
  118. breastfeeding and periods
  119. HELP! weaning and painful breasts
  120. Freezing Baby food?
  121. is four months too young?
  122. Breastfeeding an adopted baby.
  123. Spotting while Breastfeeding?
  124. What do you use to puree food?
  125. Infant Formula Manufacturers Again under Ethical Cloud
  126. Best time to drink camomile tea to help wind in bub
  127. Cabbage Leaves
  128. Raising your child as a vegetarian; your experiences?
  129. Breastmilk contains stem cells
  130. Panadol and Breastfeeding
  131. Pea Pods nursing pads
  132. What's The Deal With Solids And Iron?
  133. URGENT- Nuclear Scan and Breastfeeding
  134. starting solids / my parents driving me nuts!
  135. Storing sterilised bottles & pumps
  136. Yipppeeee... first step to in-public BFing confidence!
  137. Light Headed When BF
  138. Pureed Food Unneccesary
  139. Early findings about link to obesity & formula
  140. Breastfeeding Necklace
  141. Dizziness and Bfeeding?
  142. Expressing before birth?
  143. Worming the family....but not me
  144. Flat nipples - what can I do next time round
  145. How much milk to express??
  146. Warm milk and sippy cups?
  147. Please Contact The Baby Food Companies re 4 Month Labelling
  148. Nipple preparation
  149. Will 11 month old need EBM at daycare?
  150. freezing baby food
  151. when to try peanuts?
  152. 7 Months and still not having a bar of solids
  153. The MOST embarrassing b/feeding thing ever - how would you react if it was you???
  154. Starting solids early
  155. Antibiotics for mastitis?
  156. Beef Jerky
  157. Unimpressed with Heinz
  158. Let the weight gaining stress begin *sigh*
  159. How to feed EBM to 3 week old?
  160. How long to keep breastmilk in fridge?
  161. Possetting? Is it a sign that finally he is getting enough?
  162. tomato's
  163. Number of feeds at 6 months?
  164. breastfeeding and tattoos
  165. Starting solids - no poo!
  166. Creating a Fussy Eater???
  167. BM and eye infection
  168. Yeast Free Diet for eczema
  169. Lactation Cookies - Do they really work?
  170. smoked salmon? baked beans? - when can they have these?
  171. Breastmilk Storage Bags ??
  172. Baby Led Solids
  173. Starting solids? - Baby Led Solids Chatter
  174. Planning on Breastfeeding... do i still need to buy bottles etc?
  175. When did your period return whilst breastfeeding?
  176. 2 year old refusing to eat!
  177. Introducing Cows milk?
  178. Giving babies water?
  179. 7.5 month old refusing solids
  180. Fish Fingers - Ok or *really* bad?
  181. 5 months really too early for solids??
  182. When did your colostrum come in? During pregnancy? Or at birth?
  183. How much EBM/FF for your bubba?
  184. Baby yoghurt
  185. One breast more than the other?
  186. Where to buy cheap Feeding Maternity tops?
  187. Lactose Intolerance, Overload or Simply Overfeeding?
  188. Neurofen Plus while bfing?
  189. Wont take the bottle!
  190. how do i teach him to chew?
  191. started on full cream milk...but what happens after 12 months?
  192. What can you do to make your milk come in sooner?
  193. Breastfeeding Singlets - Bonds, Glamourmom etc....
  194. How much throwing up is ok?
  195. Low iron (bfing)
  196. Demazin?
  197. Does Colostrum run out .... TMI sorry!!!!
  198. Mesh feeding bags
  199. When to start cows milk?
  200. Best commercial yogurt
  201. Newbie question - How long do breasts leak for?
  202. Most successful way to increase Breast Milk Supply??
  203. Hair dye and breast feeding?
  204. Can you eat the pregnancy No-No foods whilst breastfeeding??
  205. question about prawns and mercury???
  206. Newborn BF - The first two weeks?
  207. How much sodium is a 'high' amount?
  208. lunch ideas for 1 year old
  209. Dinner finger food ideas?
  210. When can babies start eating cheese?
  211. Do you dream feed? Does it work?
  212. Can my 6mo have normal porridge oats?
  213. When Can I Introduce Peanut Butter?
  214. When did you stop feeding (breast) your baby overnight?
  215. MCHN says NO to BLS until atleast 9-10 months :(
  216. 10 week old, breastfeeding and night waking is it a growth spurt? WDYT?
  217. 1st Birthday Cake
  218. Breastfed baby not gaining weight
  219. Avent Bottle Teat Question
  220. When did you give your little one chocolate?
  221. A good feeding/rocking chair? Recommendations?
  222. Modest public breastfeeding + big bbs
  223. How many bottles at 12 months?
  224. Is 10 months too young for Cows Milk??????
  225. Fish fingers, chicken nuggets etc ok for 13 month old?
  226. New infant feeding advice (re: allergies) from ASCIA
  227. Can Breastfed babies get constipated?
  228. nipple cream
  229. BF and caffeine?
  230. Would you use someone else's EBM??
  231. Would like to BF and bottle feed baby from EBM from word go - how do I do it?
  232. Breastfeeding/colonoscopy
  233. Help me hide vegetables!
  234. Breastfeeding out and about.... or in parents rooms?
  235. When can I try a sippy cup?
  236. What does your 6-7 month old eat for breakfast?
  237. Lactation Cookies.. question..
  238. what bottles????
  239. Marketing of Forumla/ABM: How they break the rules and how you can complain
  240. Does she want solids already?
  241. bit of a vent - MIL and BFeeding
  242. Is it okay to give an 8 month old cornflakes?
  243. So, what's the deal with dairy?
  244. Rafferty's Garden baby food?
  245. Do you wake sleeping newborn to feed?
  246. Establishing breastfeeing when your baby is in NICU/SCN.
  247. How long did it take for your cycle to return after having a baby & breastfeeding?
  248. How Amazing is Breast Milk?!!
  249. Breastfeeding General Chatter #12
  250. what does your let down feel like?
  251. Does your bfing baby/toddler do this too?
  252. MCHN appt now I'm all confused :(
  253. Am i a bad mum for switching to Formula?
  254. Breastfeeding (or lack of) at hospital - debrief...
  255. The Risks of Formula Feeding
  256. Breastfeeding - will a dummy hinder?
  257. How many have or are "Extended/Sustained breastfeeding past 12 months" on BB?
  258. Announcement: Breastfeeding is NOT best.
  259. Breast pump suggestions
  260. 'Trigger' foods for Reflux
  261. New research: Not breastfeeding increases risk of stroke, heart attack
  262. sleeping through and breastfeeding
  263. A logistical question for self-serve breast-feeders
  264. non-ABA breastfeeding classes?
  265. 4 month old not happy!
  266. Is this normal
  267. How many BF for 7mth
  268. 10 month old-BF/food/water-how much??
  269. Need some guidance re: BF'ing while pregnant & weaning
  270. What is the best way to do this??
  271. How have you decided?
  272. Weaning Experiences
  273. Returning to work/breastfeeding
  274. Would formula make any difference?
  275. Upset gut question
  276. Juggling solids, bottles & breast...
  277. Help-urgent-travel food!
  278. How do I....
  279. Breast Pad recommendations please- both cloth & disposables.
  280. Help! I think my 6mo is constipated...
  281. Is BFing painful 2nd time around?
  282. Cow's Milk Allergy Missed by 80% of Doctors & Clueless About Treatment
  283. What should my boobs feel like?
  284. Our Weaning Journey
  285. She doesn't eat much? How much should she have? Is this ok??
  286. Daily requirements in breastmilk in the second year (12-24 months)
  287. Not much wee? When to worry? 7.5 month old
  288. Prune juice not for under 9 months?
  289. how much?
  290. Bottle teats - buy new ones?
  291. Anyone breastfeeding and in Canada (or know anyone?) Please pass this on...
  292. Does your LO eat curry?
  293. I was a cow at work!
  294. BFing and contraception
  295. off his milk
  296. Should I be worried, or is this just a normal start to weaning?
  297. BF and introducing solids
  298. Milk-free and wheat-free baby rusks?
  299. Breastfeeding mother in Haiti
  300. Breakfast ideas for a 15 month old?
  301. How many breast feeds does my DD need
  302. My little one has decided enough (or not enough) is enough! Bye Bye BF
  303. addicited to the breast!
  304. Help back to work sooner than expected
  305. What bottles are best?
  306. lump??
  307. Breastfeeding, Dr Seuss style (this is hilarious!)
  308. mixing EBM and A2 milk
  309. One side hurts to feed on?
  310. Weird cycle while breastfeeding?
  311. which bottled water to use for formula while away
  312. Diet shakes + breastfeeding?
  313. Suggestion to get bubs to take a bottle
  314. Just curious - does this mean anything?
  315. Poo and cows milk. Warning TMI!!!
  316. Bottles and Toddlers
  317. No Lumps but very sore
  318. Piercings and breastfeeding
  319. BF after breast reduction?
  320. Breastfeeding newborn with 17mth old around
  321. Has / Does anyone donate their milk to Mothers Milk Bank?
  322. Pinching and hitting breast when feeding
  323. We made it!!! 12 months breastfeeding!!!
  324. Gen Y Embarrased to Breastfeed
  325. Recommended Lactation Consultants on the Gold Coast
  326. So tell me about tandem feeding ;)
  327. Weaning toddler off bottles
  328. Blister on Breast
  329. Breastfeeding and bridesmaid duties
  330. AF Question - not sure where to post?!!
  331. Leaving ~18 month old BFing toddler for a number of days - advice please
  332. The end of our bf journey.
  333. Beautiful Breastfeeding Commercial
  334. Breastfeeding and the gym - which bra??
  335. Bottle Feeding 4mth old
  336. The funny/strange things you have done while having the bub on the boob
  337. Happy 6 months!
  338. colostrum and dry areolas
  339. How much does/did your 16mth old eat?
  340. BFing status on FB - STUPID COMMENTS
  341. Thrush affecting my supply
  342. Nearly 8 month old stopped feeding
  343. Dream Feeding
  344. She's obsessed with my boobs!!
  345. Stimulating a sleepy new born when feeding
  346. Need A Good Lactation Consultant Near Langwarrin....
  347. bfing at a funeral..
  348. Storing Sterilised Bottles
  349. B/F rules - do u wake up baby?
  350. Does Koby *need* formula when at daycare??