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  1. When did you start maternity leave?
  2. When did you go back to work?
  3. maternity leave and your super - motor vehicle insurance
  4. When to tell your boss
  5. Full Time Working Mummy here.... any others??
  6. DH sacked for adopting a baby
  7. Had to Resign from Job as Not Entitled to Maternity Leave
  8. Anyone know about Paternal Leave?
  9. How do you Dad's go with work after bubs?
  10. Okay fess up
  11. Just a question
  12. Whats the best way of finding out about maternity leave?
  13. Parental Leave Entitlements: An overview
  14. Resigned from work
  15. Government Payments etc...
  16. part time work while on maternity leave????
  17. Work at home?
  18. Up to 38 weeks?
  19. I am not an invalid, I am just pregnant!
  20. TTC while looking for a job
  21. ttc while trying to start a business
  22. Taking less hours... can she?
  23. Routine in the mornings....where do you start???
  24. Help - medical required before new job offer and pg!
  25. I think I should quit
  26. When do I have to make the deicison to go on Maternity leave
  27. Dealing with those who do not understand
  28. Daycare costs
  29. On Dr. Phil now - Stay at Home Mums vs Working Mums
  30. Should I tell an agency I'm pregnant?
  31. Active Jobs and Leaving Time
  32. work from home mum
  33. Letting work know ASAP...
  34. Benefits?
  35. Going back to work after baby
  36. Legit working from home ideas?
  37. Child Care - Waiting Lists & Fees
  38. How do you announce it?
  39. Questions to ask day care/child care centres
  40. Anyone tried a share nanny or 'mother nanny'?
  41. Questions about how to become a Nanny or Babysitter
  42. Home Businesses.....
  43. Help, I'm facing a dilema.......
  44. starting new job
  45. Worrying about this when i really shouldn't...
  46. FULLTIME MUM - Wants to return to work after long break.
  47. Ok Career Change.......
  48. Any teachers out there?
  49. Breastfeeding and work?
  50. in a quandry...
  51. Workplace discrimination
  52. Going Back Part-time & I'm Excited!
  53. Returning to work & childcare
  54. Not sure about returning to work
  55. paternity leave for DH/DP?
  56. Pregnancy and Work
  57. Telling Work Related Contacts
  58. Got a job!!
  59. Feeling like I am 1st year apprentice
  60. Temp Work??
  61. job gone while on maternity leave
  62. Doctors Appointment Rights
  63. For those of you that work from home...............
  64. Maternity Leave Letter
  65. Ebay Stores??
  66. Returning to work soon and totally freaking out!!
  67. Combining annual and maternity leave?
  68. Welcome to Maternity Leave & Work After Baby
  69. Anyone else sharing care with DH?
  70. Going back PT/FT while DH/DP stays home with bub
  71. Work not to sure what to do????
  72. resigning whilst on ML
  73. Have to Resign
  74. Maternity payment
  75. Promotion
  76. Expressin facilities
  77. What do you do about child care?
  78. will my baby cope without me
  79. family assisstance
  80. New Job New Pregnancy
  81. How long to work??
  82. Question for those in Education/teaching
  83. Please tell me I will want to go back to work!!
  84. Could I take this on?
  85. Working 3days at work and 2 days at home
  86. The budget and how it affects us
  87. Do you miss work or being a SAHM?
  88. Childcare at 12months
  89. Childcare dilemma & whinge
  90. childcare question
  91. nursing home work
  92. Studying mummies
  93. UMAT??
  94. Accrued Annual Leave payout ?
  95. Maternity Leave - need help!!!
  96. Doctors Appointments.. sick or annual leave?
  97. Job!
  98. What stuff do you have for childcare?
  99. Question
  100. Travelling to work
  101. fake it til you make it
  102. Physical jobs and Pregnancy
  103. Setting up a business
  104. Really enjoying work when I didn't think I would!
  105. Please share your story!
  106. Family Day Care..anyone do it?
  107. Like work hate making her sick
  108. How to tell DH he's got himself a SAHM
  109. Maternity Leave - Help No Position At Work For Me Anymore
  110. Sitting at home today.....got offered a $30p/hr job !
  111. When did you/are you taking Maternity leave?
  112. Job interview fashions
  113. Time to go!
  114. Just started a new job ... when should I tell??
  115. Mat leave and returning to work - opinions pls?
  116. What to do
  117. Discussing part time options with DH
  118. Returning From Mat Leave early?
  119. Now they need me...
  120. not sure what to do!!
  121. At full time work and I hate it
  122. Don't want to go back
  123. I got a JOB!!
  124. Maternity leave notice
  125. What to do....?
  126. Any ideas
  127. Its time to talk to the boss...
  128. Promotion opportunity lost
  129. a hard decision but I think the right one
  130. Back to work
  131. Can they change my job while I am on maternity leave?
  132. Teachers-when to take leave???
  133. can you be made redundant whilst on maternity leave?
  134. Supervisor
  135. what is the earliest i can leave?
  136. What's life like with a baby???
  137. sick leave
  138. Annual Leave
  139. FT work = ? what time Mum???
  140. Resume help please!
  141. Study or work while preg?
  142. The cost of going to work
  143. How long did you stay at work before giving birth?
  144. Maternity leave - NOW they tell me!
  145. What-to-do depression
  146. What's realistic for time off when you have own business
  147. Work thing - do you think this is too ambitious?
  148. Returning part time
  149. Re/ Entering the workplace
  150. Applying for a new job while on Maternity Leave
  151. would it be so bad to be a SAHM?
  152. Less than 12 months with employer?
  153. What are my rights?
  154. Maternity Leave or Quit???
  155. Working and Breastfeeding
  156. maternity leave rights
  157. sneaky sods
  158. Going part time after bubs born
  159. Paternity Leave
  160. Work wants me to go to casual just before I go on maternity leave
  161. PT work bad for mums?
  162. Maternity Leave... I'm confused.
  163. Mixed Thoughts About Maternity Leave
  164. Do u still accumulate holiday pay and sick pay while on maternity leave?
  165. working while on maternity leave
  166. yah!! 6 days left!!
  167. Maternity leave rights if on contract??
  168. Teachers??
  169. Was alright about it. Now I feel bad.
  170. Pls help. Dont know what to do
  171. Problems at work after returning from maternity leave (long)
  172. any ideas to keep boredom at bay whilst on maternity leave
  173. Has anyone tried a work @ home program? (long)
  174. Working from home & baby
  175. Rude lady at work
  176. Do you still get Maternity leave pay if you are planning not to come back?
  177. How early can you start maternity leave?
  178. Working After Having Bub *Complicated*
  179. Work/ Maternity leave and returning to work issues (could be a bit long!)
  180. feeling let down
  181. Is this right / fair?
  182. Am I being unreasonable??
  183. Not liking work as a reason for TTC
  184. Returning to work when you have a baby with seperation anxiety
  185. new job offer & little bubs
  186. Its about time
  187. Back to work??
  188. Leaving work is going to be sooo hard......
  189. Opinions please - how to approach boss re: full time to part time work after baby?
  190. When to tell them im Pregnant again - Im currently on Mat Leave
  191. Work Stuff Around
  192. Ive been offered an awesome job but am 4.5 months pregnant.
  193. Disabiity Support Workers- When Did You Take Leave?
  194. Work in busy environment - regular headaches
  195. Paid Maternity Leave - Melbounre
  196. Returning back to work :-(
  197. Thinking about getting a job - is this crazy?
  198. Workplace breach - Help!
  199. Not stopping working, completely...
  200. How does maternity leave work???
  201. Full Pay or Half Pay??
  202. When did you stop work expecting your 2nd child?
  203. Job interview tomorrow - should I tell?
  204. To go back or not go back-that is the question
  205. Get Up Petition
  206. how to tell the boss
  207. Am I crazy???
  208. Why did you return to work?
  209. Accepting a promotion but knowing you will be on maternity leave when it starts...
  210. I'm torn, no idea what I should do.
  211. When did you start maternity leave?
  212. New Government Maternity leave sheme- what does it mean for teachers
  213. work/2nd job/centrelink...
  214. what to do - the eternal question
  215. help! ive been misled!
  216. Australian Maternity Leave Rights
  217. teacher, need help deciding when to return to work
  218. Severance pay?
  219. Hi all - working while pregnant??
  220. Legislation
  221. Same Boat
  222. Won't be eligible for Mat. leave
  223. How to deciede whether to go back or not
  224. Any one go back to work early to get out of the house?
  225. Public sector nurses in Vic - please advise.
  226. How early is too early to go on maternity leave?
  227. SA Teachers Mat leave
  228. Paid Maternity Leave
  229. how to make DP let me stay at work longer?
  230. fit to work letter from doc?
  231. Wanted: Stories About Leave & Pregnancy, VIC & NSW
  232. going back to work soon...
  233. am i selfish?
  234. Theory and practice of returning to work
  235. maternity pay
  236. Tips on going back to work?
  237. Government Paid Mat leave 1st July 2009
  238. Morning sickness at 25 weeks and maternity leave...
  239. Is work contacting you!?
  240. Partner's leave restrictions
  241. Haven't told my boss!
  242. leaving work early- maternity leave
  243. Thoughts about my mat leave
  244. When I return to work...
  245. Return to work - part time or freelance?
  246. Not quite 12 months work and bubs is on the way
  247. Anyone else going BTW soon?
  248. Quick Question About ML..
  249. Can I lose my job?
  250. Your occ and when did you go on ML?
  251. back to work next week GULP!
  252. Maternity Leave and No 2?
  253. Return to work... but how many days should I do?
  254. work is making things so difficult
  255. Mat Leave - what does your work offer?
  256. Applying for a job during pregnancy
  257. Baby Bonus
  258. HELP!
  259. Not sure if this is in the right place,annual leave vs sick leave
  260. Mat Leave Vent
  261. Thoughts?
  262. when did u/are u leaving work
  263. Any Advice? Work is trying to screw me out of redundancy
  264. Help on deciding when to finish up...... for all you experienced mummas out there
  265. advantages - maternity leave at full pay or half pay?
  266. Anyone Else Waiting???
  267. Paid Maternatiy Leace update via "GetUp" Coalition now considering topping Labour.
  268. help me justify leaving early lol
  269. Well, I've done it
  270. Maternity leave letter help
  271. Union Workers Entitlements
  272. Returnig to work
  273. About to start Maternity Leave
  274. Maternity leave for casuals.
  275. returning to work on monday and expressing
  276. DH's work abolishing paternity leave - is that even legal?!
  277. Just started work and just found out I'm pregnant! Advice?
  278. HELP!!!- Advice needed please!!
  279. Expressing and Work?
  280. Going back to work.
  281. I'm really worried about this....should I be?
  282. NURSES!! when did you go on m/l??
  283. I WISH I could stop work!
  284. How & when (how many weeks) did you tell your work you were pregnant?
  285. Ideas to stay at home?
  286. Were you allowed to use your sick leave?
  287. paid parental leave
  288. how long to take leave again?
  289. How is paid parental leave working
  290. Working Mummies Support Group
  291. Is my dh entitle to leave?
  292. When did you start your maternity leave?
  293. Mat Leave Qld Government temp employee > 12 months
  294. nurses in NSW public health
  295. Maternity Leave Email
  296. Asking to return to full-time job as part-time
  297. How to register for Paid Parental Leave on the Centrelink website
  298. How much is PPL per fortnight after tax?
  299. do job agencies have to offer mat leave?
  300. New job, 6 mth Probation period, and 5 weeks pregnant
  301. Child care rebate whilst on maternity leave?
  302. Subpoena to give evidence whilst on maternity leave
  303. WWYD - changing jobs while on maternity leave
  304. Returning to work full time out of necessity
  305. Change of career - how do you decide what to do?
  306. Freaking out :(
  307. More Centerlink confusion...help please
  308. Paid mat leave from Government while getting paid mat leave from work?
  309. Work entitlements and maternity leave
  310. Returning to work in a few weeks - so a letter to my Daughter....
  311. PPL. Did your employer pay you from your leave date?
  312. What happens to ppl if I quit my job part way through?
  313. Still a bit confused...
  314. Do i have to quit
  315. Returning to work after an extended period of leave
  316. Do I need the birth certificate?
  317. SPD and mat leave
  318. Timing of Dad & Partner Pay
  319. Parental leave for baby no. 2
  320. Weird payment received
  321. Working Mummies Support Group #2
  322. Working Mummies Support Group #3
  323. Single, expecting and need advice