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  1. Thanks Kelly
  2. Please feel free to introduce yourselves!
  3. Phone keeps track of the kids
  4. My baby started preschool today
  5. who has?......
  6. ARRRRGGGHHHH @ taking medicine
  7. 5yr old clearing throat bad habit
  8. Teenagers
  9. A story to share...
  10. testicles ????????
  11. Sick or something else?
  12. Dealing with teenagers?
  13. Who has Kids !!!
  14. Anyone with TeenRagers ??
  15. hair removal
  16. Does this sound wierd to anybody else??
  17. What would you have done??
  18. out of control !!!!!!!
  19. Little Girls!
  20. tricky time with 12 year old daughter
  21. Older Kids Behaviour
  22. Whats the deal with MSN chat???
  23. discharge in pre teen girls? May be TMI (sorry)
  24. Boys Doing Chores
  25. Is it just a boy thing?
  26. Welcome to the Teenager General Discussion Forum!
  27. Birthday Invites and Pressies
  28. OMG sheis growing up.....
  29. HELP
  30. What should I do?
  31. 6 yold DS Driving me crazy
  32. Using Knife and Fork
  33. Opinion please...
  34. Sleep issues with 7 year old
  35. 11 yo issues?
  36. Nasty Friend
  37. Mean terrible Girls
  38. Our little girl's losing her first tooth!
  39. Painting to classical music
  40. For those with Stepchildren
  41. Punishment for yucky AF habbits
  42. Older Sibling Threatening Unborn Baby...HELP?? pls
  43. She wants to leave school at 15
  44. Child Articles on BellyBelly
  45. I'm devastated!
  46. Gifts for 6 year olds?
  47. New bub and 7 year old
  48. Grade 6 graduation present
  49. Is this normal? Am I a prude?
  50. Pen pals
  51. Contraception query
  52. Cleaning under foreskins
  53. Dealing With Death
  54. Anyone with a 13-14yo who would like a pen pal?
  55. to young for periods
  56. my house is boring
  57. Suggestions on what to give for sneezing/hayfever
  58. Helping older stepchild feel ok about our new baby
  59. Confused is sister lying??
  60. Implanon for 16yo
  61. At what age did you child run their own bath?
  62. What to do with my teenager
  63. Age appropriate chores...
  64. A Poem...
  65. my 13yo keeps getting headaches
  66. Shyness
  67. How do you answer this?
  68. Head Lice
  69. Mother's Intuition ? ? ?
  70. Food choices
  71. No Surgery
  72. Yr 12 Graduation Gift
  73. Help with 8 year old
  74. DD worrying me!
  75. Desperately need help with 5 year old behaviour
  76. internet junkies
  77. Help! No idea for a pressie!!
  78. Happy Birthday My Big Girl!!!!
  79. Bee Sting Allergies
  80. Acid reflux/heartburn in older child?
  81. HELP with 7 year old not eating ANYTHING!!
  82. Best learning materials for kids
  83. Games & Activities for 4-6yr olds?
  84. Starting prep, am i being crazy?
  85. Mathemagic Maths power or others ?
  86. bad dreams
  87. weekend activites
  88. party help needed
  89. pre teen probs
  90. Child Access Laws. Need info badly
  91. Sleep walkers
  92. Sleep walkers arise
  93. Girlie magazines for 14year old boy
  94. Hair Pulling
  95. Diets for kids
  96. Alcohol
  97. Facial Piercing and School
  98. wobbly tooth....
  99. Fussy Eater
  100. Stranger Danger Vs. What to do when lost
  101. Happy Birthday Jessalyn!!!!
  102. 13th birthday party ideas..
  103. 10yo DD's birthday. What pressie?
  104. ADHD information
  105. hi wondering if i could join this group
  106. My idiot son...........
  107. Is this a bit harsh? comments from Teachers most welcome
  108. Bikes: Did you have one as a child? Do your kids?
  109. How to explain the birds and bees?
  110. Is Noah in love ??
  111. *sniff* my boy is growing up!
  112. 11yr Nephew - question
  113. The 'A to E' reporting system in schools
  114. Explaining Death to an 8 yr old
  115. Dylan......
  116. Change in 9yo DD attitude... Could it be due to my PG?
  117. please help me understand my dd
  118. Not sure how to best deal with this...
  119. Ideas for storing DD's artwork/schoolwork
  120. New age stuff
  121. B'day present help (14yr old)
  122. What can your 4-5year old do
  123. Teenage Girls and sex
  124. Nighttime
  125. Do you allow
  126. Legal
  127. Changes
  128. Board?
  129. Teenage Boys and Growth Spurts
  130. But no one else is going!!!!!!
  131. The Boyfriend
  132. missing money
  133. $10,000 loan for an 18 year old??
  134. ideas for my brothers 16th birthday!
  135. Weight loss natural treatment
  136. WDYT of this invitation??
  137. How Do I Let Go ...
  138. DSD not using sanitary protection
  139. sleep overs
  140. Is this normal 15 yearold behaviour? tmi
  141. boyfriends...AAH!
  142. Daniel Morcombe - every parents nightmare
  143. Her first concert tonight WAAAAHHHH!!!
  144. Is this normal?
  145. Teenager and Porn
  146. teenager girl chat
  147. DD driving me nuts (long sorry)
  148. Homework Schedule??? How to organize...
  149. My daughter is a sponger
  150. this made me a bit teary
  151. Maybe I'm overprotective
  152. Hairy legs
  153. What are your 13 year old daughters in to?
  154. The Princess Diaries....
  155. Would you allow it or not??
  156. Parenting advice please :)
  157. Talking to 15yo niece about alcohol... need advice...
  158. DSD's Mum - Should I Just Give Up?
  159. Need opinions/backup
  160. She keeps wagging school.
  161. She made it to the formal, looking stunning!
  162. Aww Geez...what do I do??????
  163. How much freedom for a 16.5 year old DD?
  164. 17 is so much better!
  165. Hello - Newbie here
  166. She's only 15! :(
  167. I can't do this again.
  168. Something I wanted to share with mums of teen girls
  169. Acne
  170. 14 y/o DD and anorexia again
  171. So proud of my boy
  172. MASSIVE double teenager vent
  173. It's all gone wrong
  174. How do I deal with him?
  175. need someone's opinion and someone to talk to (a teenager or young woman)
  176. Am I being too precious?
  177. Going to a funeral
  178. How old for 1st moustache shave?
  179. Cyber Bullying
  180. 2months today
  181. 14yo DD drinking... HELP please...
  182. They break your heart sometimes..:(
  183. Strangers in the house
  184. Supporting a vegetarian child when we are not?
  185. How well do you know/trust your teenagers friends?
  186. So dissapointed, DS14 smoking
  187. anyone know of drama modelling schools agencies
  188. Legal working age?
  189. Protein powder??
  190. Waiting...waiting...
  191. Is This Fair Or Sour Grapes?
  192. Curfews?
  193. My Teen Daughter Is In Boarding School And It's Great... (I'm almost ashamed to say).
  194. Tweenage Girls :)
  195. Who is he?
  196. Does this mean the start of puberty??
  197. P.E.T. Article: What Are the Teen Years Like?
  198. How would you feel? (from a teenagers point of view)
  199. Teenagers roaming the street at night - who's responsible?
  200. DS got his first suspension
  201. Have to get an AVO put on a 15yr old
  202. Please help me to help DS15
  203. Intervention Order Hearing was today, now DS & myself have an order against us
  204. Would you cross the line privacy/trust issues?
  205. Have some evidence, not sure if it can be used in Court though
  206. Elevates? Anyone know what this is?
  207. How do you stay out of it?
  208. The boy has breached the Undertaking
  209. DS15 and his Course - so so proud
  210. Special gift for DS15, need ideas
  211. First day at work experience
  212. Runaway 15 year old
  213. Adjourned Hearing today
  214. Starting Grade 11 next year
  215. Emotional but Proud Moment ...
  216. that's just taking it too far sis
  217. This boy does not give up
  218. First boyfriend.....advice!?
  219. She's ruining my perfect little boy ! Please help, I don't know what to do!
  220. What would you do?
  221. Do you want to share?
  222. Advice: 16yo DD Taking "Liberties".
  223. Repeating Yr9 for 6mths then doing Yr10 for 6mths
  224. Older friends
  225. How did that happen??
  226. Will DS be charged? I can't believe this happened
  227. My 15yr old sister has moved in and i need HELP
  228. Too weird? (TMI)
  229. My brother and his friends got into trouble..[RANT]
  230. He's gone and grown up on me!
  231. *17yo help!*
  232. Found a Bong!!!!
  233. Do they calm down?
  234. DD1 needs help again
  235. Any other supervisor drivers out there?
  236. Large swelling under only 1 nipple DD11
  237. DS16 first experience with alcohol
  238. VENT - We are not responsible parents
  239. He has been suspended!
  240. 8C/6D bras on the highstreet for 13 year old girl
  241. So proud of my 16 year old son right now!
  242. Supervision of teenagers after school - working mums?
  243. What do you do re phones, pocket money etc for teens?
  244. Q: What understandings/rules/expectations re teen behaviour?
  245. Teenage DD
  246. Grumpy, moody, nasty 13 year old boy
  247. Teenager vent (and advice welcome too)
  248. A complete turn around
  249. My baby boy is going on his first school camp
  250. DD1 is off to hospital
  251. DS16 was in the newspaper yesterday
  252. Work Experience - may lead to an apprenticeship
  253. Ear pinning? Any have any experience?
  254. Most outstanding student award
  255. First job interview
  256. To interfere or let it be
  257. Braces? Anyone had them as a child or have a child with them?
  258. Parents sharing ecci's with their teen
  259. Broken hearted boy :(
  260. Paper rounds
  261. Please keep DS's friend in your prayers/thoughts
  262. I'm here for you mum
  263. So DS just informed me...
  264. DD1 was in hospital again
  265. Ear pinning anyone know much about it?
  266. Is she exacerbating her daughter's body image issues...
  267. Need advice re- explaining death to 6 year old
  268. The mobile phone I don't want.
  269. Eyes Brow wax, leg shaves etc Advice?
  270. Tattoos
  271. When to buy her first bra???
  272. 13yr old sister living with me
  273. My parents want my 15 DS to live with them, go to school in sydney. Im fm Melbourne..
  274. Bedridden teenager activities
  275. Starlights livewire teenage program
  276. 14 yo SS and pocket money
  277. How much freedom for a 13 year old ?
  278. Mobile phone and internet rules
  279. DS15 got his first job
  280. DD13 to get a job or not to get a job??
  281. Friends taking advantage (Vent)
  282. DS18 fainted
  283. Insomnia in 11 year old
  284. Menstrual cycle for 11yo.
  285. If you have a DD who is 12yo or 15yo.....
  286. First period...How long should bleeding go on for?
  287. 12yo Girl & light weights
  288. 18th birthday present
  289. Bed times for 7-11 year olds
  290. Teenagers & commitments
  291. Depression and eating disorder in 13 year old stepdaughter