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  12. any opinions on the name Sia for a girl?
  13. German(ish) Boys Names
  14. How would you pronounce this?
  15. boys names starting with J
  16. Honest opinions please
  17. A B C names?
  18. 3 possible first names for our little man. Need help with middle names.
  19. How would you spell _______ for a girl?
  20. HELP!! Stuck on final name choice.....
  21. Louis or Lewis??
  22. Lola - Honest Opinions???
  23. Struggling with a girls name!!
  24. Do you know anyone with the names West, Gage, Drake or Cruz?
  25. Declan and ??????? Help we need boys names!
  26. Unusual / Uncommon Baby names - help me create a list!
  27. Amelia or Emelia
  28. Amelia or Emelia
  29. Help with spelling for girls name...
  30. Hermione
  31. Help Need a boys name....
  32. Elisse?
  33. Flower Names
  34. Sholeh
  35. boys names
  36. Our first round of names
  37. Is it too popular?
  38. Boys names are going to be a struggle- any ideas?
  39. First name Willow, middle name ???
  40. Red names???
  41. what would they have been named if..........
  42. Name doesn't "sound" right?
  43. nicknames for Olivia?
  44. Nickname
  45. Girl's names
  46. Boys names that go with Mackenzie
  47. Any ideas for boys names that do with HOSE?
  48. Quinn - for a girl?
  49. unsure what to do about middle names
  50. It's a boy - help !!
  51. Evander?
  52. Girls middle name suggestions with Ruby...
  53. Maybell??
  54. curiousity is getting the better of me
  55. Which Name?
  56. Leyton Flynn....
  57. No One Pronounces the name correctly!
  58. spelling
  59. What do you think?
  60. Is Chelsi too similar to Charli ???
  61. HELP! Need a boy?s name! First and middle!
  62. Girls names that start with a M...?
  63. 36 weeks pregnant and still no NAME!!
  64. Got 5 names but like them all...
  65. Old Fashioned Names
  66. Opinions on names
  67. May Have Decided What do you Think?
  68. Hmm
  69. Evander?
  70. boys shortlist
  71. Girls Shortlist
  72. Need help with names - only 1 week to go!
  73. Any boys names suggestions?
  74. Boys name in urgent need!
  75. Calling all creative ones!
  76. Who likes Jaya?
  77. Poll - Pick your fave, a bit of fun!
  78. Need help with middle names - DH & I can't agree.
  79. Down to 2 names for our little prince
  80. Who likes Onyx for a girl?
  81. Backwards name finding!
  82. Girl's name to go with Anna
  83. What do you think of these names...?
  84. Need a middle name - help please!
  85. Finally our shortlist poll - pls vote
  86. Girls name to go with siblings Oliver & Gracie
  87. Final 3 - what do you think?
  88. how would u spell......
  89. I love Amelia Rose and Alice Rose but cant use these names, suggestions please
  90. Aurelia
  91. Heres my shortlist of girls names from your suggestions, what do you think?
  92. I really like the name......
  93. Boys names: please vote!!!
  94. Nervous about name choice
  95. Qiana or Qiara?
  96. What do you think of these names? Rate from favorite to least.
  97. What do you think of these names?
  98. Can you please choose one name that u think is sounds the best from my list?
  99. Help with less common girl's names please??
  100. Which combination sounds better?
  101. Help suggest girl's first name.
  102. help me rate the names AND choose ONE and ONLY ONE that u think sounds the best
  103. Baby names issue????? Opinions please!
  104. Help me choose one from the two choices?
  105. Ok a weird one...
  106. Name for 3rd boy
  107. Which one sounds better? Isabella or Isabelle?
  108. Coming soon and still no name!!!
  109. Boys Names!
  110. We still don't have a boys name picked out
  111. Just for fun! :)
  112. How would you pronounce...
  113. Is it really okay to name child same name as someone you know?
  114. Nicknames as full names??
  115. Baby Names Getting Crazy - Article
  116. Second guessing our name pick - HELP!
  117. Do you know kids with these names?
  118. Middle name ideas?
  119. Irish Names
  120. What do you think about....
  121. Undecided on baby girl name ? please help
  122. 9 weeks to go and no names!
  123. What do you think of ......
  124. What sounds better?
  125. Names like these?
  126. What are your thoughts
  127. Arthur
  128. Need options for a girl
  129. what do you think of......
  130. Oren boy or girl?
  131. What do you think of the name....
  132. Is this really so bad?
  133. Suggestions pleaseeeee !!
  134. Boys name opinion
  135. A middle name for Lily
  136. what do you think of this name?
  137. Thoughts on Lou Lou...
  138. Which one is your favourite??
  139. Amali, Mali, Alani or Imani???
  140. Malese?
  141. Names that kind of rhyme?
  142. Can I do this ?
  143. Pick of 2 girls names...
  144. Baby Girl Names - 2 Choices
  145. Which baby girl name..
  146. Baby boy #5..need advice!
  147. Hit me with your best shot!
  148. Baby boy name suggestions/opnions
  149. Middle Name
  150. "Most popular" names
  151. How would you say...?
  152. Should I change this to suit my mother?
  153. 37 weeks and still no boys name!!!!
  154. help with middle name
  155. Chanel..WDYT?
  156. Baby Girls Name Vs Husband Cousin
  157. Wat do u think of when u c ppl with these names?
  158. The baby formerly known as Little Girl... (photos)
  159. We really like this name but want an opinion
  160. Do you think sibling's names should match?
  161. What do you think of alliterated names?
  162. What do you think of
  163. Its Official
  164. I think we picked the wrong name...
  165. WDYT of Meika?
  166. Seeking opinions on boys names
  167. I think we have it - what do you think?
  168. "Stolen" Baby Names
  169. What do you think of Hayden for a boy?
  170. My boy names - please help me choose!
  171. Naming after a parent
  172. Your Baby's Name.
  173. What do you think of the name Gabriel?
  174. matilda?
  175. Is it ok to use a muslim name?
  176. Which do you prefer and which sounds the best?
  177. Breeze
  178. What do you think?
  179. How many girls do you know called...
  180. Need a middle name please!
  181. Why a middle name?
  182. T names
  183. WDYT of Indianna
  184. What do you think of Milla? Middle name suggestions please
  185. Which Combo do u prefer?
  186. i've picked the same name as cousins baby
  187. help with boys names!
  188. What's your first impression when you see these names? And which combo is better?
  189. Elise Kim or Isabella Kim?
  190. We have chosen..
  191. Abbie or Isabelle..do you have a middle name suggestion?
  192. JL names
  193. WDYT of Lucette ?
  194. your opinion on isaac or izak
  195. Unusual name for a boy
  196. Donna
  197. Donna
  198. 'Elle' names for girls....Opinions?
  199. JL names take 2
  200. What are your reasons for choosing a middle name?
  201. Can we still use these names....?
  202. what happens if someone steals your name..with 5 weeks to go?
  203. Middle name for Kai
  204. Spellings and Alternatives to Elissa?
  205. Cant think of anything!
  206. Dale for a girl???
  207. i think we have decided...
  208. How do YOU spell.....
  209. MIddle name for Matilda that isn't Rose or Grace
  210. Eesa for a boy
  211. I need some Boy names, please......
  212. Family "traditions"
  213. please help with decision???
  214. Something in between unusual and traditional
  215. Suggestions ladies
  216. Do you like the name Isobel?
  217. God names (not biblical)
  218. Which combo is the nicest?
  219. The website where you can find similar names??
  220. Its down to two... WDYT?
  221. Please help pick Toby's middle name
  222. WDYT of..
  223. Middle name for Layla
  224. Does this sound silly?
  225. Tallulah
  226. Layla or Leila??
  227. Which do you like best?
  228. What are your thoughts on these names?
  229. Boys names
  231. Are these names too similar?
  232. how do you pronounce?
  233. Would it get shortened ??????
  234. WDYT??
  235. Down to the final two - POLL ADDED
  236. wdyt of our choice of boy and girl name-be honest!!!
  237. Variances on names
  238. Middle names...
  239. What do you think of...
  240. Is this name too random?
  241. Tillie
  242. choice of names....
  243. Honest Opinions required...
  244. Last names
  245. Boys names- please help!
  246. Please help with choices.
  247. MN for Indiana?
  248. Which name sounds most intelligent and attractive?
  249. What do you think of these names??
  250. French Like Girls Names
  251. another suggestion!
  252. Girls names
  253. Riley or Koby..?
  254. WDYT of Amber?
  255. WDYT of "Summer"????
  256. Revised List for girls.
  257. Starting or Ending with WYN or WIN
  258. We are down to 3
  259. variations of mary?
  260. Stuck for girls names
  261. Our baby girls name
  262. middle name suggestions please.........
  263. It's not a dog's name...
  264. I've changed my mind
  265. Your thoughts on Kyan?
  266. The search begins...
  267. Baby Boy #2's name...
  268. Girls Names
  269. Do you know any Mackenzie's?
  270. Does it matter?
  271. Taylor - Any strong males w this name?
  272. Boys name to go with Joey and Lilly
  273. Ideas needed for a simply stunning girl's name or a handsome boy's name!
  274. Lilac for a girl ... WDYT ??
  275. Imogen for a name?
  276. General Opinions on our faves?
  277. Haylee/Hayley
  278. Our list for this week!
  279. Middle name for Emily
  280. Need help with boys names
  281. Baby names to go with Thomas and Abbey
  282. Namer's Remorse!
  283. Boy's name 37w preg please help!! Also advice from people with 2 or more kids!
  284. We need a girls name
  285. Thoughts on Alice and Eliza
  286. What are your thoughts on these boy's names?
  287. How did you and your partner decide on a name?
  288. Cole? WDYT?
  289. middle name dilemma
  290. I'm new and need some name help please.
  291. Boy name help
  292. zayla grace?
  293. still no girls name
  294. Iris - honest thoughts!
  295. boys name dilemma please help solve it
  296. Henry?
  297. What do you think of COCO?
  298. Changing my mind now I am PG!!!
  299. WDY think of...
  300. Thinking of a boys name...
  301. Our new list! Please honest opinions
  302. brainstorming baby names
  303. Is this too much of a name?
  304. Your thoughts needed...
  305. Madagasca?
  306. Lady and Laddie names... What do you think?
  307. How To Pronounce This Name..
  308. Strangest pronunciations
  309. Thoughts on names???
  310. Name advice
  311. my kids names??
  312. Middle name for natalia
  313. Cedar or Seda and middle name
  314. Decision almost there
  315. Bodhi for a boy?
  316. How do you pronounce...?
  317. Stuck for Boys Names
  318. Are these names too common?
  319. Boy's name to go with Joey and Lilly
  320. Opinions on 'unusual' girls names
  321. Ladies I need helppp
  322. Please help with names for our little boy
  323. OK - finally - our names...
  324. ACRONYM baby names
  325. acronym baby names part II :)
  326. Which girl's name combination sounds the best?
  327. must make decision
  328. Bible Names
  329. Is one of your favourite names...
  330. Our baby names.. some advice needed
  331. Any ideas on names that can be shortened
  332. Any Suggestions Please!!
  333. Boys names ending in 'er'
  334. Names after famous people/singers/musicians?
  335. Need help with baby names
  336. just blathering on.....
  337. Middle name for Kate????
  338. Indiana Faith...??
  339. name opinions pls
  340. Who's surname...?
  341. Pretty variations of Anne??
  342. Violet or Isabel?
  343. Tell me what you think..
  344. What do you think of this name..
  345. Another strange girl's name...
  346. Please help with a boy's name to go
  347. Girls Baby name
  348. Help on girls names
  349. Looking for kind of different but pretty girls names..... please help
  350. Back to the drawing board for our girls name