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  1. Nanny or DayCare?
  2. Welcome! How this forum works...
  3. How soon to enrol in kinder ?
  4. Child care spot- but feels wrong..
  5. Eastmont Kinder anyone?
  6. Hutchisons Child Care
  7. Welcome to the Kinder / Pre-School Chat Forum
  8. Second year of Kindergarten/Deferment
  9. Her first long day!!!!!
  10. Montessori or Steiner playgroups & pre schools Melbourne
  11. Moving to SA - Toddler/Baby support
  12. Long Day Care Newcastle Area
  13. 3 year old going to child care
  14. Is my 3yo ready for pre-kinder? Need advice?
  15. What do you do when they don't want to go?
  16. how long does it take to settle in?
  17. good pre-school Penrith/St Mary's area??
  18. Long Day care or Family Day care??
  19. Any suggestions for Pre-schools in Maryland/Fletcher area?
  20. Montesorri or Day Care??
  21. What are ABC Centres Like???
  22. How much $$$ for Nanny??
  23. family day care/ childcare sentres
  24. Kinder Enrolment for 2009
  25. How much time do you spend with your Kids?
  26. costs- childcare
  27. Preparing DS for kinder/school
  28. Prep Question ?
  29. Child Care in Stonnington
  30. Woo Hoo for family day care mums!
  31. QLD and 'Prep' Schooling...please help...
  32. Need Help Finding Great Fdc, Gc Or Bris
  33. What do kids do in prep?
  34. Childcare - Bentleigh / Bentleigh East?
  35. childcare - DS crying
  36. cost of montesorri
  37. Childcare waiting lists.
  38. Behaviour changes since starting creche
  39. What's the going rate for a babysitter?
  40. Wodonga childcare?
  41. family day care cost
  42. Help Needed. Please
  43. School Trouble Or Over Reacting
  44. Child Care Orientation
  45. when do children start school
  46. Weekend Childcare
  47. What to ask/look for in FDC??
  48. Childcare in Ormeau?
  49. Looking for good childcare centre anywhere from Jimboomba to Acacia Ridge QLD
  50. I think we may have a problem here
  51. child care on the mornington peninsula??
  52. 3 year old Kindys - how to find them
  53. Seeking parents of 3 - 5 year olds
  54. kindergarten teachers: advice please
  55. Help ,how does it all work?
  56. Q for Childcare workers
  57. Daycare Brisbane West
  58. Child Care Recommendation in West Ryde/Ermington Area
  59. Child care recommendations in/around Armadale - WA
  60. Childcare around Doubleview or Nedlands - WA
  61. Child Care - Knox or Glen Waverley area
  62. Accidents at Kindy
  63. Child care benefit - how does it work?
  64. Help for Male Childcare Workers
  65. Son Hates FDC - now what??
  66. How valuable is 3yo kinder??
  67. Reasons child care send your kids home
  68. communication books
  69. independent VS ABC Centres
  70. HELP! Schooling in Perth, Kindergarten to High
  71. sleep at childcare
  72. Working at an ABC centre?
  73. My little boy is growing up!
  74. Suggestions for long day care in North Sydney...
  75. Ocean Shores
  76. Childcare in Blackburn area
  77. Where do I start?
  78. Child Care Centres
  79. Daycare Centre in or near Mackenzie - Brisbane?
  80. Woo Hoo for our Day Care Centre
  81. 3year old having issues with CC on Mondays
  82. Nanny Sharing
  83. Upper North Shore Daycare & Preschool recommendations
  84. I don't feel ready for him to go to childcare...
  85. What would you do about Pre-primary
  86. Child Care Debate on Tonight ABC2 9.30pm
  87. Daycare day increase ..help
  88. Sickness and daycare
  89. taking sick kids to daycare
  90. Can anyone recommend a CC in Canberra
  91. Opinions on Home Day Care Centres
  92. Yoga for pre-schoolers
  93. Bans at Pre-School
  94. Sending a very attached child , from non english speaking background to daycare ?
  95. Daycare Centres in Chatswood & Lane Cove
  96. day care??
  97. TV at Childcare?
  98. Weekend Child Care
  99. Yikes, no percentage!
  100. when do kids start kinder
  101. Another child with hands on my child!
  102. Family Day Care - your experiences?
  103. Cost of Pre School
  104. any reviews on fuji international kindy
  105. is it cruel to put ds trough separation anxiety
  106. Daycare provider presents
  107. Childcare for young bubs (5months) whats your experience
  108. Putting my 3 month old into childcare
  109. I missed my lil man today :-(
  110. kindergarten sunshine coast
  111. Should I or shouldnt I??
  112. childcare availability? what if we can't get the whole week?
  113. Childcare in Perth
  114. What did you look for when selecting a child care centre?
  115. Should i send her to Kindy?
  116. any reviews on the following childcare places?
  117. Childcare in Sydney CBD or around Redfern...
  118. CC Centres around Sutherland/Engadine (NSW)
  119. She doesn't want to go back!
  120. cost of family day care
  121. family daycare carers
  122. QLD starting ages
  123. Primary schools
  124. need care for one day ????
  125. What does your Pre School / Kinder do?
  126. Childcare options in Eastern Suburbs, Sydney?
  127. Childcare - St. Kilda
  128. Seperation Anxiety - Both of us!
  129. ABC mt martha child care centres???
  130. Occasional Care Options...
  131. Childcare centre where parents can see child all the time?
  132. Change in DD since kindy`
  133. Child Care price ..makes no sense
  134. Helping them settle in?
  135. Melbourne Montessori Schools
  136. Advice pls on Kindy/Preschool in West Subs Bris?
  137. multiple childcare providers
  138. SWiCH at Monash Uni
  139. First day at preschool - mostly the tears are Mummy's...
  140. FDC and Public holidays qu
  141. How Flexible Are (Private) Childcare Centres?
  142. Biting
  143. Advice on good age for socialisation/being with other kids
  144. Qualified Leaders
  145. Childcare Doncaster / Doncaster East area?
  146. Sick from child care centre...
  147. Family Day Care Question...
  148. How did you cope with daycare fees?
  149. Tadpoles Early Learning Centres?
  150. One day a week or not at all?
  151. At what age did your little one start day care?
  152. Comments on Family Day Care?
  153. Is this normal or should I be complaining?
  154. WDYT - FDC lady has baby same age as mine?
  155. What to ask/look for in a Family Day Carer?
  156. community preschools
  157. Pre-prep options in Qld
  158. When do you keep your child home from day/childcare?
  159. Child Care Options.
  160. FDC experiences
  161. A little woohoo and a related question re: FDC..
  162. When your child started childcare was it better or worse than what you expected?
  163. Medication at Childcare
  164. Childcare - Wynnum/Manly/Lota/Hemmant area
  165. Returning to work soon - CC dilemna...
  166. Food At Child Care
  167. Childcare South Eastern Melbourne
  168. ABC Learning Centres
  169. Heritage House Childcare
  170. Heritage House Childcare
  171. HELP!! ABC Centre in Melbourne
  172. Kindy Issues - What would you do
  173. Childcare for Socialisation...?
  174. Daycare Stress - HELP!!!
  175. Taken the plunge - enrolled DD to daycare
  176. Kindy - What age?
  177. Changing Child Care
  178. Should I assume the worst?? (Long - sorry!)
  179. am i nutter or what? preschool/kinder question
  180. Help me understand the new CCTR
  181. Family Day Care - Redland Bay/Loganholme
  182. Occasional childcare, am I being irrational?
  183. male childcare workers - employment barriers?
  184. Preschool/daycare. Need suggestions and advice please.
  185. how do i tell them to stop shortning her name??
  186. Kindy Fundraising ideas?
  187. 2 1/2 year old
  188. sooo frustrated
  189. Starting daycare in May, is it a bad time of year to start?
  190. Starting school
  191. If you didnt have to ..... would you???
  192. Anyone have their child in the following childcare centres in St George(NSW) area:?
  193. Any Family Day Care users out there?
  194. Montessori pre-school observation - what to ask?
  195. Accidents at day care who is resonsible for medical bills? (longish)
  196. What do I do??? (possible tmi)
  197. Is it just a form of Emotional Torture?
  198. Nearly 3 yo hates daycare..help!!!
  199. Tell me about your experiences with family day care!
  200. Woohoo! She didn't cry!!!
  201. To call or not to call?
  202. Childcare - Sunshine VICTORIA
  203. Thinking about FDC..
  204. First day at new centre - boo hoo!
  205. QLD schooling?
  206. Torn
  207. Sydney Day Care
  208. Day care centre vs Family Day care
  209. Legal age for starting Kindy
  210. So torn..
  211. Combined ages in childcare?
  212. Settling in - how long?
  213. Occasional care - how does it work
  214. NSW decreasing carer-child ratios
  215. Montessori???
  216. Hello, some urgent advice please?
  217. lookin for kind help - how to start a carrer at cc
  218. FDC vs Childcare centre
  219. ABC possibly entering voluntarey administration
  220. How much does FDC cost?
  221. Kinder/schools near Randwick, Sydney?
  222. When Would You Transition From In-Home Care To Childcare Centre
  223. Gastro in child care centres
  224. Tearing my heart out... what would you do?
  225. DD and childcare..
  226. Percentage?
  227. VIC 3yo kinder questions
  228. Does anyone know how Kinder Care works in QLD?
  229. Is YOUR ABC Centre staying open?
  230. Taking the plunge!!!
  231. Carina childcare?
  232. Princes Close VS Treehouse -- comments?
  233. Toilets at kindy
  234. Catholic Schools
  235. 3 days till D-Day and i am getting nervous again... a few questions
  236. Concern for my eldest
  237. Going to give day-care a try
  238. Who else has kids starting Prep this year?
  239. Best MCN for childcare??
  240. Mice at day care centre
  241. How can I prepare 10mo DS for childcare?
  242. Using MCN's at childcare Vs Using Disposables - I need your opinion
  243. Tips for nearly 3yr old starting cc
  244. Starting preschool
  245. Questions to Ask for Infant Care
  246. Anyone using family daycare?
  247. long day care - Sydney north
  248. males in daycare or baby sitting??
  249. Why do they cry when they see you at pickup time?
  250. Age ranges at long day care - advice please.
  251. Sandgate Daycare
  252. ABC centre enquiry ?? ... Does this sound about right ??
  253. Urgently need daycare mum in Banora Pt or southern gold coast
  254. One day or two for 14 month old in daycare
  255. Child care in melbourne CBD
  256. Anyone used Family Day Care?
  257. Some Advice from fellow Early Childhood professionals
  258. VIC 4yo kinder...
  259. Day Care experiences in Mt Eliza??
  260. 2 different FDCarers at the same time?
  261. FDC ~ North/Eastern Adelaide
  262. CC - what questions should I be asking the centre?
  263. CC - what questions should I be asking the centre?
  264. Crying all day
  265. moving to Panania: any suggestion about Childcares there?
  266. Recommended child care centre in Sydney (eastern suburbs)
  267. Qu for VIC members - 3 yo kinder
  268. I'm jealous.....
  269. Childcare form - need help please - urgent
  270. Kindy ~ WA
  271. Childcare for 1 year old baby
  272. ATTN people in Tamworth and surrounding areas
  273. Help me make up my mind
  274. Child Care Centres - Canning Vale WA
  275. Is this allowed in Family Day Care?
  276. Occasional care
  277. QLD enrolments
  278. Using toilet in Kinder ... How will my 3yr old cope ??
  279. Child Care Centres in Beenleigh/Mt Warren Park Area
  280. Help!!! What pre school for Zavier???
  281. Kinders at Mornington/Mount Martha VIC
  282. need suggestions for child minding in melbourne
  283. Please give me your view
  284. Ccb question
  285. what does your 3 yr old learn at kindy
  286. would this concern u about a kindy?
  287. did i overreact??
  288. Pre-school nursery query
  289. What would you do???
  290. Told to assess my five yr old
  291. When do you keep your child home from childcare?
  292. Childcare in Melbourne - which centre/s do you recommend?
  293. kinder photos
  294. relocating to Brisbane for 12 months, daycare options
  295. Good chilcare centres in Mount Waverley area?
  296. Livid at New Childcare - feedback?
  297. FDC or CC - Northern Suburbs Adelaide
  298. Childcare Recommendations - Brisbane City
  299. So happy with our daycare centre
  300. Tell me about Montessori???
  301. Can u get paid to look after your own kids in family daycare?
  302. DD started Kinder today ... Why do i feel a tad sad ??
  303. Missing payments!!
  304. eek what should I do?
  305. I need help in working this out CCB!!!
  306. Questions to ask when deciding which Child Care Centre
  307. Kinder photo what to wear ?? .. Usual Kinder clothes or something 'nice' for photo ??
  308. 24hr child care centre in SA?!
  309. 1st day at FDC tomorrow....
  310. Missed out on 3yo council kinder :(
  311. re: KU Children?s Service
  312. Do you think 12 months is too young to start (I'm a SAHM)
  313. Giggles Montessori at Wynnum?
  314. Quick can everyone help me decide!
  315. Montessori vs Home care
  316. What to look for/ask
  317. Are they kidding?
  318. Need some legal help...
  319. Recommendations Daycare or FDC - Southern Gold Coast
  320. Creche V 3yo kinder- VIC
  321. Daycare Questions
  322. Private vs. Public Schools
  323. Questions for parents with children in child care?
  324. Talk to me about childcare...
  325. Summer Hill (KU)/ Ashfield (St Johns)
  326. Did you visit your child's kindy before you enrolled him/her?
  327. St. Kilda/Albert Park Kindies?
  328. Recommend childcare centres eastern suburbs sydney
  329. does anyone know how much Montessori "pre kinder" program would cost?
  330. Being a Family Day Carer... the good, the bad and the ugly...
  331. DS missed out on a spot in 3 yo kinder
  332. waiting lists and problems getting daycare
  333. Childcare - narangba qld
  334. Occasional care in Brisbane?
  335. Child Care Benefits.... means tested?
  336. FDC vs CC?
  337. is this fair to a potential nanny
  338. Child care in North Sydney?
  339. CCB/CCTR while on maternity leave?
  340. one day of childcare melbourne, am I deluded?
  341. Increase in child care fees - has anyone heard anything???
  342. How do I handle this one????
  343. Family Grouping Childcare ...WDYT
  344. How do I find...
  345. Code Red Fire Days
  346. These forms are giving me a headache!
  347. FDC in werribee/wyndham vale/hoppers crossing
  348. more childcare q's
  349. Not for profit/Community based child care in Camberwell, Melbourne
  350. Childcare in Canberra