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  1. Some reasons to keep breast feeding an older baby/toddler
  2. Extended breastfeeding
  3. Welcome to Infant-Led Feeding & Weaning
  4. Breastfeeding after 12 months
  5. Demand Feeding
  6. Please Read: New Forums for Gentle Parenting
  7. Are you feeding AGAIN?
  8. Demand Feeding and the Medical Profession
  9. Demand Feeding and the Medical Profession
  10. Demand Feeding and "Excessive Weight Gain"
  11. Demand Feeding and "Excessive Weight Gain"
  12. EBM How Much?
  13. Irregular feeding times?
  14. Breast refusal/fussy with position
  15. starting solids
  16. Infant-Led Weaning from the Bottle
  17. Dream feeding
  18. Infant-led breastfeeding and returning to work?
  19. Infant-led feeding and returning to work
  20. Supply running low?
  21. Article: Breast is best for my son, 3
  22. This may be a really spaz qn, but...
  23. Can it be done??
  24. Article: Suck On This
  25. Breastfeeding Manners
  26. DP told me to stop BFing!!!
  27. Why so obessed with the number of feeds?
  28. breastfeeding goals
  29. SO proud of myself for breastfeeding!
  30. what I love about breastfeeding
  31. Who has waited beyond six months to introduce solids and why?
  32. big babies and solids
  33. was told by gp to start bub on solids at almost 5 months
  34. CEO's of baby formula charged
  35. BF whilst co-sleeping..leaking issues?
  36. Formula Companies Pushing Toddler Milk
  37. any suggestions - white spot
  38. not feeding normally
  39. Have I created a boobie monster?
  40. Bear Ad - BAnned in NZ
  41. over night feeds
  42. Need recipes to keep breast milk going
  43. how long to BF
  44. Bubs looking around a lot during night feeds!
  45. Protecting Babies In the Philippines
  46. Surely not weaning herself yet??
  47. Lactivism
  48. I made it to 14mths before she weaned!!!
  49. Pleeease don't drop any more feeds!
  50. What's going on??
  51. I'm a hippie, control-freak, earth-mother man!
  52. Jewish perspective on breastfeeding...
  53. True Story: My daughter the BF militant......
  54. Gastro, lactose intolerance and breastfeeding
  55. Needing some reassurance...(sorry kind of long)
  56. pinching the the other nipple whilst breastfeeding
  57. breastfeeding 18 months & beyond
  58. Bit nervous/guilty about ttc #2 while b/f
  59. Do you think this is freaky?
  60. ABA's suggestion on complaining about formula advertising
  61. Big Woo-hoo For Us - Bf For 1 Year!!
  62. qn about tandem feeding
  63. Demand feeding / dropping feeds ?
  64. I so dont understand this..... scheduling?
  65. WooHoo - infant-led breastfeeding until 12 months, we made it!!!
  66. For those of you who have breastfed beyond 12 months...
  67. Breastfeeding & pregnancy
  68. Argh - it begins
  69. Borrowed a great little book from the library about bf...
  70. Happy birthday and congratulations
  71. Milk Drying Up?? What happens??
  72. Demand feeding a newborn
  73. HELP!! Not sure what is going on...
  74. Mums BF for 2nd, 3rd or more times
  75. Looks like we're finished
  76. He wants to feed as often as every hour and sometimes more
  77. Another woohoo for us - passed my Mum's bfing achievement with me!
  78. So what now?
  79. Made it to 2 years!
  80. b/f in pregnancy and tandem feeding
  81. How can breastfeeding be seen as normal if....
  82. Hot Milk free lactation consult
  83. When to replace breastmilk??
  84. is he weaning/ is my supply going?
  85. What bfing influences did you have?
  86. Ideas for introducing cows milk
  87. Such a shame I'm an exception!
  88. Love BFing - but need more sleep!
  89. Commenting on the flavour
  90. What foods to avoid
  91. Can't believe this
  92. Totally strange comment about bfing
  93. BF - Lack of Support
  94. extended bfing the norm
  95. Biting
  96. Expressing at uni - secret women's business?
  97. help
  98. Just about to express for the first time..have a few question!
  99. How do you know if they're weaning?
  100. Something I thought I would share...
  101. Running out of milk
  102. Formula code slammed by parliamentary committee
  103. How long??
  104. Mummy's "breastfeeders"
  105. He's stopped bf at 10.5 months...
  106. Great Book!
  107. Is there some way to change the routine???
  108. Would just like some reassurance
  109. crying during breastfeeding
  110. Refusing the boob
  111. providing solid out and about handy tips
  112. "Breastfeeding Welcome Signs"
  113. ideas on electric pumps???
  114. Pregnant and breastfeeding :)
  115. question about breastfeeding education
  116. Positions to BF in and education
  117. Are two feeds enough?
  118. Some lessons from the animal world...
  119. 7 months how often
  120. Bitting
  121. BF pain
  122. Resources for gentle weaning?
  123. Colouring hair and breastfeeding
  124. How much, how often?
  125. Sore breasts post weaning
  126. Tips for returning fertility
  127. Length of b/f relationship & your circumstances
  128. Confused about feeding timing
  129. Please tell me it gets easier!
  130. can you overfeed a baby?
  131. I had to have a little cry
  132. Yes, another Mum sad to say goodbye to BFing
  133. Should I wean? My Heartbreak
  134. Fulltime work and B/feeding routine
  135. Bloody Hamish!!
  136. Have boobies... will travel
  137. Debate
  138. Any opinions on Cows milk at 10 months?
  139. My little girl is weaning herself.
  140. We've been exclusively BF for 6 months!
  141. Introducing a bottle
  142. Tips on weaning
  143. How come my almost two year old suddenly wants MORE feeds?
  144. Dropping a BF
  145. Have I said the wrong thing?
  146. I have forgotten how normal bbs feel!
  147. helping her self
  148. A little weaning may be in order?!?!?
  149. Bed time feed??
  150. How often and when...info overload...
  151. Almost 2 week old feeding CONSTANTLY - normal?
  152. Will he ever wean???
  153. DVD Baby-led weaning = introducing solids method?
  154. cows milk for 8 1/2 month old?????
  155. ABA ad - you're not alone....
  156. Breast refusal, or dropping a feed?
  157. Small milestone reached...Yey
  158. When is it okay to introduce water?
  159. Fabulous breastfeeding Clip on you-tube
  160. happy and sad......
  161. My goodness it goes fast!!
  162. A breastfeeding support salute
  163. 'Demand' feeding an older baby??
  164. More feeds....
  165. Weaning with full bbs?
  166. Infant led weaning
  167. Baby-led solids: Where on earth do I start???
  168. Any Suggestions?
  169. Here I am.... pondering the end....
  170. Breast feeding success stories
  171. Oh the guilt... to start solids or not?
  172. Solids at 6 months...??
  173. Please, please wean DD!
  174. Feeding on demand vs routine
  175. Breast friendly bottle teats?
  176. How do you stop?
  177. How am i going to cope?
  178. Any cosleepers here?
  179. The end of an era
  180. A big sleep then lots of feeds...
  181. Woohoo! Two Weeks!
  182. BF bub - reflux after starting solids?
  183. What should i do? Please Help!
  184. Should we express milk when weaning?
  185. Crazy GP, BFing toddler and yeast infections!
  186. 12 weeks!!!!
  187. 5 Months Tomorrow!!! Woo Hoo for me too!!!
  188. weaning
  189. Goats milk.
  190. Thanks so much! 12 weeks bfing
  191. Vegetarian Breastfeeding?
  192. Celebrating 2 years
  193. Weaning older child
  194. How to increase breastmilk after baby has weaned
  195. cutting out night feed and maintining your supply
  196. Selfish question - breast and weaning
  197. Wedding, honeymoon and breastfeeding
  198. Is this normal?
  199. Bras?!Weaning.
  200. Doing a happy dance - THREE MONTHS!!
  201. ready for solids or just a growth spurt??
  202. Yup, I just couldn't wait...
  203. Night feeding and tooth decay
  204. Feeling sad........
  205. I've fulfilled the WHO recommendations
  206. Breastfeeding while pregnant
  207. Weaning - not by choice though VENT
  208. Weaning from the last feed?
  209. Weaning and Bras
  210. Getting fitted for new bras after weaning
  211. Pattern of Returning Fertility
  212. I think he is weaning
  213. 6months
  214. Nursing Manners
  215. Thoughts about night weaning...
  216. feed time all over the place - whats going on?
  217. 2nd round of Mastitis in 3 weeks!!?!?
  218. New to solids - how much is enough?
  219. I always knew had to wean now... but ...
  220. Is my 7mo weaning? Or breast refusal?
  221. Solids Question
  222. Feeling sad about weaning :(
  223. It has come to an end
  224. Demand feeding at 11 months
  225. 19mths still feeding a lot
  226. What's going on with my 10 month old?
  227. Six months!!!!
  228. Baby led attachment?
  229. Need advice - returning to work in two months!
  230. Weaning / cows milk advice please
  231. It's almost over!
  232. My little man has weaned...
  233. 1 formula feed for BF bub
  234. Biting while BF
  235. Weaning and night feeding
  236. Not drinking during the day, catching up during night
  237. Can someone please tell me we're doing ok???
  238. How much are your 2+ year olds breastfeeding
  239. Peanut butter
  240. All the baby dolls come with bottles.
  241. Feeling sad
  242. Breast Crawl... what is the point?
  243. EBM Refusal
  244. Not sure if it's a BooHoo or a WooHoo...
  245. Back to Normal?
  246. do all bubs wean themselves eventually?
  247. What are signs of self weaning??
  248. Should I offer drinks with solids?
  249. Help - BLS & Gagging
  250. Recommended books on weaning?
  251. Solids not going well - 8mths
  252. vent about GP
  253. 1 year weaning and return to work
  254. Is she about to wean?
  255. 9 mth old feeding all night help!
  256. Why wont he take a spoon?!
  257. how often is your 1 year old breastfeeding?
  258. teeth & feeding
  259. Lazy/leisurely feeder?
  260. Time to stop BFing? Need honest opinions ...
  261. Ages of weaning
  262. Advice on Sippy Cups ?
  263. 1 year old doesn't eat breakfast / doesn't tend to eat any solids until afternoon
  264. Infant led feeding and "routine"?
  265. Refusing my boobie! at 10 weeks old :(
  266. Not sure what the go is...
  267. Really short breastfeeds???
  268. Please give me some weaning advice??
  269. 11 week old how many feeds?
  270. How does "demand feeding" fit in with "feed-play-sleep"?
  271. Weaning and making sure Toddler has enough
  272. We seem to be going backwards...and I'm over it.
  273. so proud of her!
  274. Does this happen when they wean? *TMI*
  275. 9 weeks old, feeding 2-hourly in the daytime
  276. Do some babies wean before 12 months?
  277. how long until supply wanes?
  278. stopping expressing
  279. Weaning a 4 year old
  280. I think my baby is weaning
  281. I need some help and advice - my bub won't attach
  282. Weaning at 22 months
  283. How much boobie feeds does 1yr old have?
  284. I need some advice please...
  285. Who can give me some good info on baby lead solids??
  286. Forced to wean
  287. infant led solids, have I stuffed it???
  288. Cut out the night feed - teeny bit of encouragement to do so!
  289. Is it a growth spurt???
  290. Do I or don't I?
  291. 5 1/2 month old b/f and solids question
  292. I think this is the beginning of the end
  293. My baby girl weaned herself
  294. Is this weaning?
  295. Need help - won't stop o/night feeds
  296. Breastfeeding in the land of Ghengis Khan
  297. In what order are solids introduced?
  298. Only likes sweet foods
  299. Not so depentant :D
  300. When do you stop demand/request feeding?
  301. Why are people asking me about weaning already??
  302. Really confused about his feeding :(
  303. Nope he will not wean, and to be honest..
  304. I've started the process...
  305. regret starting baby on commercial baby food
  306. What is the average age for weaning??
  307. My darling baby girl is self-weaning and I'm completely devastated!!!
  308. Weaning, but what do I do?
  309. Weaning and depression
  310. started solids: when will her poos settle down?
  311. First ingestion of solids caused pain and wind - WDID?
  312. 18 month old - want to gently wean - advice?
  313. Question about tandem feeding
  314. What is a good first food?
  315. Is she weaning??????
  316. Does this make me a bad mum?
  317. I think this is it!
  318. Is he weaning??
  319. Positive comments about bfing my almost-4 year old
  320. Last feeds - advice needed please :)
  321. Breastfeeding at 7 months - how often?
  322. Why do they love booby so much?
  323. questions about baby led solids
  324. Demand and supply?
  325. i think my 18 month old uses me as a dummy .. lol
  326. How do I phase out BF gently? Need to get AF back so can TTC
  327. Dropping feeds
  328. How often do babies wean when you get pregnant again??
  329. Breastfeeding Longer Than 6 Months Leads to Improved Mental Health
  330. Do you want your toddler to remember Breastfeeding??
  331. 26 months seems to be my limit!
  332. Now I'm scared about long day care!!
  333. Share your weaning experiences
  334. I think I have to face it....he has officially weaned.
  335. Long Term Breastfeeding
  336. This could be it... *update* This IS it!
  337. I've taken a step back...
  338. 12 months for us!!
  339. Booby boy shows no signs of slowing...?
  340. So does he need cow's milk at lunch time?
  341. When do I drop off night feeds?
  342. Do your parents support you and your parenting approach?
  343. Self-Weaning- What Age?
  344. 2 years and still feeding :)
  345. Just soooo cute
  346. I think we're nearing the end....
  347. How does DH feed DD to sleep?!?
  348. Is there any harm...
  349. Feeling REALY SAD - is he really weaning at 7 months??
  350. 10 months old - weaning??