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    I am looking to buy a decent quality camera for traveling. I want something that has decent zoom and takes quality images. Not keen on DSLR as I have my old SLR with lenses and always found it too cumbersome for traveling. Also still thinking about upgrading it to a DSLR body that fits with my lenses one day so don't want another.

    Wondering about Panasonic Lumix FZ70 / FZ72 or similiar style cameras.

    Thinking of spending around $500ish.

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    We've got a lumix. Unsure of the model number but it's a great little camera. Takes nice photo's and easy to use. We don't use it as much now because we bought a DSLR but ds1 who's 5 uses and even he manages to take some decent photos

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    We got a Panasonic GF5. It is a 4 thirds camera that you can get lenses for. We got a pancake lens and love the camera. We traveled around Europe with it and also take it hiking so not too cumbersome. Well worth looking at

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